My imagination becomes quite active when I am riding around the city, especially at night... back in the days when many parts of Tokyo were new to me when my youthful vigor was more motivated and you could ride around with headphones without getting harassed so much. It was at these times when my imagination would go wild...



Sometimes believing I was in a virtual reality, living mission to mission, with my bike being like the DeLorean was to Doc or this new character in 'Ready Player One'?


If I am going to be a character in some game, then these outtake pictures for a shoot we did for Kode; would definitely be on the mood board: 




Thanks to: 


Producer - Kohei Matsuda

Stylist - Shinya Kuroaka

Photographer - Rob Walbers


Let me talk a bit about a real hero who rode a bike, and claimed worldwide fame back in a time where for someone like him, the odds were naturally set against him, his name Marshall 'Mayor' Taylor:



I was shocked that I'd never heard of him before and came across his story by chance, but like me, the man rode fixed and was definitely not afraid to ride fast, inspiration indeed...



Anyway, don't drink and ride, and check out his story...:



I wonder if the technology we have for our bikes in this age would have allowed me to have a fighting chance against the athletes of that age, imagining how the spectators would have wowed at the appearance of my bike...



I would keep the sticks on too!



Keeping the theme of legacy running, Steven Julien's latest release 'Bloodline' is about all that and then some...


I gotta say this, but it seems that only a few people are really pushing this music thing forward to levels, without killing or destroying the soul, the soul is life itself... the absence of the soul is the opposite, my worldview is biased by this opinion. 
This nuisance is hard to for many to comprehend since the soul I am talking about is something you feel and cannot be learned... it could be said that it is in the blood, hence why Bloodline is such a potent release.
Big up Mr.Julien each and every time...


I have been slacking off my SUP studies recently, which in some ways I am not sad about...definitely do not miss the Jellyfish, imagine starting off your morning by seeing this guy all washed up:

Once again I have to big up N'dea for putting me onto another good thing, this time Alkaline water, get on it people!

Last night at Funktion I got talking to someone from my hometown London who put me onto a movement that I deem important and one that has integrity.


A group ride that is called "Bikes Up Knives Down":



The style of riding reminds me very much of the videos that Encore wheels up on their youtube, which in turn got me thinking about their wheels once again.



This brief video explains exactly why these wheels are so good, with I the most important fact being that the team behind these wheels the people to bring us the carbon fiber bicycle back in 1989:



Today I will focus on the Arctic white wheels :



To me, this wheel goes well with almost any bike but today I will focus on the newly released 'Hombrementary' in matte black... that we gave the Arctic touch too. 



The Hombrementry has a certain feel to it that to me is rugged while maintaining a type of refinement, a bit like anyone you'd call an OG, yes very fitting that this is the brainchild of a real Tokyo OG...



The Arctic wheels really add a certain je ne sais quoi...



The Hombrementry Matte Black & Arctic custom - ¥192,240:



Some other options you might want to think about...


The Sky Blue 'Avenue Lo':



The Forest Green 'Avenue':



The Matte White 'Avenue':



The Bordeaux 'Avenue':



Why not keep it Arctic cool this summer?

It's been over a week since our W.A.C.C - Ride 1, and while the main the pictures are waiting to be developed, I thought I'd give a preview on how the day and night went.


It kicked off with one enthusiastic rider coming through to Diner to get his bike tuned up before the ride, and as anyone who owns a fixed-gear bike knows, when you enter a bike shop, it's really hard to resist the temptation to customize your bike, no matter how big or small. 


The urge hit this rider and he started by shedding some weight off his bike, by way of Diner's original carbon saddle 2



And matching the seafoam green of his bike frame with this soft pink bar tape from Deda...that they decided to call "STD" (wtf right!):



Man was set and ready for the was I...



The ride started off a bit later then planned, due to each rider wanting to get his bike tuned up by way of grease for the chain and air for tires... but we soon kicked off and rode into the night.


Stopping at lights to catch a little breath or some pictures like below:



We were light on number this ride with a total of 5 of us... but still the company was good the roads clear even though the night wind was a little harsh; especially when riding with carbon wheels like mine:



We did just under 12km and took us a little less than 30 minutes... not bad (we could have definitely gone faster).



Since then I have been gathering recruits, so you can expect to see a wider variety of bikes on the next ride coming later this month (details to be announced soon).



In another news, we gotta say a big up to the people at NCA once again, for their latest drop 'SHROOM GANG - NO BEGGIN'



KILLING THEM WITH KINDNESS... check the latest PV for the tape that will be available to buy on 5/11 HERE




Gonna follow this with a custom version of our latest drop... the 'HOMBREMENTARY' that we made in collaboration with our friends at Hombre Nino, and one of the best things about any new bike we make is seeing how they look when customized.


We've started light this time and choose the matte black version with black parts and fitted it with Diner's original 88mm carbon clincher wheel on the rear, a simple but sweet match...



Matte black, a simple yet powerful color that is very easy to work with when customizing...



This bike was posted on Diner's Instagram...



Which led to this lucky fella picking one up:



The rain is a better time than ever to either pick up a ride or customize your current one... so get involved and come join us on the next W.A.C.C ride!

We are proud to present you with a new original bike by way of collaboration with Hombre Nino:





  • PRICE: ¥ 64,000 (w/o tax)
  • 発売日・AVAILABLE: 5/3 (木)・(Thursday)




Hombre NiñoがCARTEL BIKESとコラボレーションバイクをリリース。




Hombre Niño releases a collaboration bike with CARTEL BIKES.
A new style of commuter bicycle that everyone can easily ride; which adopts a characteristic triple triangle frame to further improve its strength!

Further sporting a curved sheet tube to complete this original 700C sized bike, made from Cartel's tried and tested Chromoly pipping. As with all Cartel's bikes, the rear end hub can be set to either fixed or free, by each rider's choice.
Long riser handlebars, shiny white and yellow paint, or choice of matte black. Additional variations of silver or black bike components are included.





This week we have been posting a few custom bikes on the Gram with hopes of getting you in the mood to make some customizations to whatever bike you are riding...(but preferably one of ours!):


For this one, I used

Diner's original 3Spoke.

Their original bullhorn handlebars.

Finalized with Brooks chrome team pro black leather saddle.



This matte black 'Avenue Lo' was a particular simple yet cool custom, that made use of:

Again, Diner's original 3Spoke.

Then this time their carbon saddle 2.

Deda's Mud 35 long riser handlebar.



Then this particular custom beige received a large number of likes on Instagram:

With Encore's Sublime front wheel.

Diner's original 24mm carbon rear wheel.

Brooks mustard 'Colt' saddle...AND

Slender leather grips.



With W.A.C.C - Ride 01 just around the corner, it's definitely time to start getting your bikes into the shape via a simple bit of maintenance...



I wonder if any of you out there in blog land managed to upgrade your crankset? I will never forget the day I got my first SRAM omnium:



Yes, it came in a slightly beat up box, but it was a present after all by the one and only ...rider number 3):




I was and still am so chuffed to have received such a gift, the only thing that was missing from it and that time was the bottom bracket, which I had to make some underground dealings to get my hands on:




So everything was in order, all that was left for me to do was Sram in it ;-)




Which meant at first I had to remove the old crank that was installed:




A crank would be little use without a chain, and if you're going out of your way to install a direct drive crankset, then you might as well get a chain that can also handle a great deal of push and pull, like:




And this particular chain by HKK, comes in gold...made specifically for single speed bikes, providing immense durability and accuracy (yeh chains be slipping out here yo)




How is your chain tension, wheel balance, bearings and such? The only way to know is by taking off the wheel and giving it a good old check:



The parts of your bike that move, you'll want to make sure are clean and are in good working condition:



Then place them back, in a way that they are properly centered, and that your chain has perfect tension:



Next, you'll want to be checking on the condition of your wheels...basically give them a deflate and check to make sure the inner tube is not sticking out in any places (beyond the actual tire):



Next, you will be adding air to the said tire to ensure that it's as hard as a rock!!!



11psi...mane 11psi...



You wanna make sure your bike is always lubed up, by using some proper chain lub:



Usually the most practical to apply the grease to the cog of the part of the chain and slowly rotate the pedals as you apply the lubrication to ensure the entire chain, cog and chainring teeth get there share too:



Finishing off by once again checking to make sure your chain is the right tension:



Finally, it's time to clean up your bike to ensure it looks all sparkly n that.




Btw here is a more detailed outline of the route we will be taking this Saturday...only going uphill once, the rest is all down and flat, let's try and keep the speed moderate ;-)



See you on Saturday?



W.A.C.C - RIDE 01 

DATE: 04/28/2018
MEETING PLACE: The Wall (behind); 106-0013, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 4-2-10
ROUTE: Approx 12km

Start, The Wall; Nishi Azabu
Finish, Hiroo

All riders must have fully working front and rear brakes.
Since we are riding at night, lighting for the bike.
Obey all traffic regulations.
Riders; ride and carry their own responsibilities for any injuries/damage which occurs before, during and after the ride.




Considering we have our first group ride this Saturday, I started thinking about the setup of my bike now and also the previous years, I guess in late 2016 my bike was at its technical peak, having the ability to generate a huge amount of speed thanks to the 52T 'Sugino' chainring...



Once the chainring teeth get into the 50's it means you are hoping to go very fast and is 1/2 of the ratio settings commonly used among Velodrome/Keirin riders...



Speaking of which here comes a movie that talks about the difficulties involved in qualifying to become a Keirin rider it's called 'Gachi Boshi':



Back in 2015, we did a quick trial run from Gaienmae to Kasumicho (Nishi Azabu) and back again, where we had a great line-up of experienced riders:









The first two + their friend ride these menacing Japan built Chromoly frames, and you have might have seen them riding around town - btw rumor has it  that 2) obtained a Nagasawa frame and has built into a complete bike:



The night of that race we did all promise ourselves to not go that fast before setting out...



However, we could not help ourselves and as found ourselves letting it rip down the burning route between Gaienmae and Nishi Azabu, flying past the Aoyama cemetery... I remember getting off to a quick start and thought I had the race in my clasp, until out of nowhere rider 1) whizzes past us all. 



I thought I would be in the running for 2nd place but the climb back up to Gainenmae was not an easy one, after having used most of my power going downhill hill...allowing rider 2) to come from behind to burn me and cruise on to take 2nd place.


This Saturday you might see an appearance from them both, but who knows?

Btw rider 3) was unable to make it on trial race night, but we've ridden a lot together and I still owe a great deal for providing me with the SRAM Omnium that I am currently using on my black steed.



Ah, my black beauty no longer the spring chicken she once was but has never let me down and still manages to leave most behind at the lights.



The real explosive transfer of power being greatly assisted by Diner's original 3spoke wheel, that held in place by our now discontinued carbon forks:



I already mentioned the SRAM Omnium in silver which I actually now own two of...and I can say to anyone who does not have a direct bottom bracket crankset, this could be a major reason as to why I came 3rd. Direct cranksets ensure that all your power gets transferred DIRECTLY to the wheel, hence the name. Miche's Air, Sugino's SG75 and of course Campagnolo's Record Pista create the pantheon of direct drive cranksets that any serious rider would respect.



Steering is also another factor, being able to make tight and quick turns when weaving through traffic is an important part of riding on the road, and the tool that has helped me all these years was Chris King's ultimate solution to the headset:



There are some other parts that I will place under the category of 'Spice'...



For me, that spice comes from parts that help to shed the weight of my bike...


My handlebars - 240grams



My saddle - 95grams



My seat post - ??grams but even lighter than the above saddle




How about you where does the spice on your bike come from?


Let me know or come show us all this Saturday at 19:45...


Always excited when we add new colors to our fleet of bikes, especially for our 'Avenue' which is already doing pretty well with the current Forest green and Bordeaux, not mentioning it's stable matte black and matte white.


However today we are proud to introduce you to the latest addition to the family; the Beige 'Avenue':



The color reminds me of the 90s when this tone of beige was a trend for certain sports cars:



You'll find beige has a natural charm, as well as being easy on the eye and probably a lot of fun to work with when customizing. 



The 'Avenue' is your entry into the world of fixed or single speed bikes, making using of superior grade Chromoly (steel composite); spread across a thin horizontal top tube and around the rest of the frame, giving the 'Avenue' all the charm of a traditional velodrome/track bike, while leaving you with the perfect blank canvas.



The beige 'Avenue' will come with black parts as standard, though silver parts are not out of the question. 



The specifications of the bike are as follows...


WEIGHT 9.8kg 

The Beige 'Avenue' - ¥59,400




The weather is so nice today - one of those days where you wish "it could be like this every day"?


This is actually the perfect weather for riding and part of the reason why I chose this particular time to take W.A.C.C to the next level, with our first group ride.


We're not the only ones who feel now is a good time to be on a bike, we have to give thanks to 'Begin' magazine:



They featured our limited run of dune gold "City Bikes" that we did in collaboration with Bal Original



Talking of which, you might have seen the light custom we posted on our Instagram...this bike is traditional in style but it's still a track bike, therefore, it's only right that we use Brook's leather parts to emphasize that traditional feel:



Using these tanned plump leather grips:



Still loving the step-in frame, easy access for all:



Had to keep the theme going with their honey-colored team pro saddle:



Of course one of the unique details about the"City Bike" is its embossed emblem and cantilever brakes:



For more information give Diner a call:- 03-6427-2745



Our sky blue 'Avenue Lo' was also put to good use by 'Fine' magazine in their May issue:



Look ahead to our group ride I guess one of the important things to start with is mental image training, and a good way is to watch some films and related are some you can check out:


1) Premium Rush - Kinda bait but it's nice to see a bike film getting that over the top Hollywood type treatment...





2)  My personal favorite 'Pedal'...




3) Some super rare local work via T19...




4) Then, of course, there are all the MASH SF bits...









Once again, "the time has come" the worst of the summer heat, will be gone and the roads will once again be open for us to explore our potential and riding styles. What makes they way you ride different from me? OR anyone else? 


What makes your bike special? 


And more importantly what does riding really mean to you?


The answers can be found here...


DATE: 09/08/2018


MEETING PLACE: The Wall (behind); 106-0013, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 4-2-10, 102

ROUTE:  Approx 12km

This is the wall...

  • START, The Wall; Nishi Azabu

  • Nogizaka

  • Akasaka

  • Toranomon

  • Shimbashi

  • Tsukiji

  • Hamatsucho

  • Shiba-Koen

  • Mita

  • Shiro-kane

  • Tengenjibashi

  • Finish, Hiroo

RULES - Which are only here as a rough guideline but you know I am legally obliged to say this:

All riders must have fully working front and rear brakes.

Since we are riding at night, lighting for the bike.

Obey all traffic regulations.

Riders; ride and carry their own responsibilities for any injuries/damage which occurs before, during and after the ride.


All track style fixed and single speed bikes are welcome and I guess any 27" framed BMX that can keep up, but hopefully, you have 700c size wheels!!! 


Remember you can also get one of these now ultra long sleeve Tees... with a special discount

¥1000 OFF W.A.C.C original Long sleeve!!!



If you want to take part or simply are interested then feel free to contact me: 


Since their arrival, Encore Wheels have been proving to be an almost irresistible match up to our fleet of bikes, opening a new dimension of customization that we've been enjoying and sharing on our Instagram for almost two weeks straight now.


This week my personal favorite custom, was of this forest green 'Avenue':



In appearance, it exudes a feeling that is far away from its standard form, which we would describe as being more classically inspired. However, due to the long Deda carbon fiber riser handlebars, that make use of an overhead stem, the bike is given a contemporary feel:



Composite material use is continued by way of Encore's raw 700c; 'raw' because these wheels retain the original matte black color of the carbon fiber material. 



I mentioned in a previous post that Encore combines 7000 series aluminum with injected molded carbon fiber, to produces a stable and well-balanced wheel that also offers superior aerodynamic performance.



A major aesthetic makeover in 3 very simple steps this forest green 'Avenue' is good to go:



A slightly similar yet different custom comes in the form of this Bordeaux 'Avenue', with its standard silver parts giving it a natural air of distinction that really compliment the deep purple of the frame:



Of course, you've noticed the long riser handlebar connection by now? This time coming in silver thanks to the aluminium they are made from: 



All handlebars need grips or tape, you can think of them as having cold fingers that need gloves in all seasons and those gloves will, in turn, keep your hands guarded against the raw metal that heats up in summer and gets cold in the winter.


This time we opted for the plump leather grips from Brooks in black:



And once again we wanted to bring out the color of the frame even more by using Encore's arctic 700c front wheel, an actual personal favorite since its literally is a suite for all the bikes in our fleet: 



Adding to the flare of this bike is Brook's legendary 'Colt' saddle, which has been around since the late 70s and became a popular addition to BMX bikes in the 80s/90s, and after the 2000s when it was re-released, became popular for fixed gear bikes too:



Another simple custom this time in 4 steps!



Alternatively, keep the handlebars as standard...



Go with Brooks' limited edition L'EROICA saddle:



Then finish with Encore's Celeste front wheel:



A very exciting time to custom your Cartel bike!