Last week on our Instagram we showed you how our 'Avenue Lo' when combined with carbon fiber; a material that has proven itself advantageous for many reasons. With our bikes, the material gives us weight reduction while still being a strong and durable material, that plus it's often molded with aerodynamics taken into consideration which gives us improved performance.


We put collected some of our favorite custom 'Avenue Lo' to share with you in this blog post:















However these are not the only carbon fiber parts we have ready for you, we also have our...






Diner's original carbon saddle



Diner's original carbon seat post




I have been riding with some of these parts for years now... 



Why not see what difference they can make for you?


Welcome to the 11th chronicle of our humble club, located here in Nishi-Azabu; and the reason why we call ourselves W.A.C.C (you know already right?).



Having been silent during the summer, we've recently been on a few nighttime missions, a particularly memorable occasion being our visit to Sancha (Sangenjaya), setting off from Elima, we cut through Hiroo and Ebisu, taking us through to Daikanyama, where we continued onto the better part of 246 - from Roppongi to Ikejiri the 246 can be trying; too many cars, hills, and unkempt tarmac...not the way to go for cyclists.


We made it anyway:



And just a few of us converged...



The alighting spot being our friends at Wavey Store (quite recently opened - check it out!) 



Definitely, for the skaters and anyone looking for dope apparel...



The also had a vintage football shirt pop-up going on, since the manager of the shop used to play and obviously has good sense in sports:



After finishing at the store we all moved to space orbit, where I had to handle some business of the musical kind, and where I bumped into this chap, reppin' the label he recently released off...



Which reminds me that I have to say thanks to everyone for showing love to our 'AlWAYS MAINTAIN' L/S  T-shirt, they are selling like hot cakes again, I guess since the weather is cooling down?


Thank you, Steven Julien the man behind the Apron...



Be sure to check his latest Apron show:



Here reppin' W.A.C.C in Shanghai, where he is currently on tour, I just hope he makes a stopover to visit us here in Tokyo.



Always big up the YGmane, and old time friend of the road and definitely part of the club...



Be sure to get your hands on W.A.C.C while stock lasts!!!



Finally, catch us this Thursday at Trump Tokyo



Since its release last year the chrome 'Avenue Lo' has proven itself to be a very popular model outside our stable matte colored bikes. 


Having been including in our restock, we have been sharing a few custom models on our Instagram during the week, the last post we shared being of this carbon fork edition:



However, this particular custom features Dia-Compe's 'Grand Compe' wheel and hub set:



Giving you more spin for the buck as well as having a nice polished finish, contrasting against our original matte black carbon forks:



For those of you who are looking for performance without compromising the original appearance of the bike, this is definitely the way to go...



This week we also gathered this buyer's custom from Diner:



One of the main reasons this custom stood out to us, was the black Factory Five 47' chain ring:



That this patron has attached to a size 13' cog, I have a size 16' cog with a size 48' crankset, for those of you not initiated to gear ratios this cartel owner is a bit of hard rider...



He also opted for these drop handlebars which he wrapped up with Fizik's bar tape:



Maybe he took inspiration from this particular custom we also shared earlier this week...



Diner's original aluminum drop handlebars:



You'll also notice the same Factory Five chainring but this time in purple...

However, this one is attached to the mighty Omnium direct drive crankset by SRAM...

Oh as well as Diner's 3 spoke carbon rear wheel...



With there being so many ways to custom your Cartel bike to your ride, why not customize yours today? 

Or as a first-step pick up  The  Chrome 'Avenue Lo' available now - ¥89,640?



My idea of bicycle culture - namely the way I have been experiencing life through my cartel bike, which for the most part has fuelled my recent adventures in music, books, films and generally my life here in Japan for the past 10 years.


During this journey, I've been blessed enough to meet kindred souls, who I have been able to create and share experiences with; two of them you can see in the following photo - taken while we were shooting Jesse Freeman's debut short film 'vein':



Vein from Jesse Freeman on Vimeo.


It was shot by Alani 'Rathermakeart' Cruz, whose logo used three items, that inspired the following photo (a replica of his logo):



His mantra was simply "I'd rather be making art right now"...



His work was last exhibited jointly with Jesse Freeman's, where they created a 'back and forth' dialogue through photos in a series they called "Jordan's and and a Gold chain" - the title revealing much about their socializations on the Eastcoast of the U.S:



I am sure they were communicating ideas/feelings they both share as artists, I love the dialogue simply because the pictures were born from their actual experiences growing up, as opposed to something voyeuristic and objective:





Jesse's response...



As for me, it was Alani that watched over me like an angel back in 2014, when I fractured my right hip in 3 places, just before joining Cartel bikes...



Here is a very valuable picture of Alani and I (thank you Eric!!!), just after I had returned my crutches to the hospital and while he was still looking after me, though he himself held back something from the world at large...



Let me take it back even further though, and share with you something we both created from an experience we shared way back in 2010, where I was invited to DJ in Osaka, a journey he documented (below a sample):





The journey we shared resulted in the creation of the following, which I will continue share on this day every year one way or another:


Mr.Tikini alongside  Alani ‘Peep Game’ Cruz went to Osaka last year July. Our time there was special to say the least. We were taken to a vintage clothes store, whose owner is a vinyl junkie. Needless to say that vinyl got bought, especially since all the records were just ¥100 yen.


To show our appreciation we have put together a little mix of 22 tracks in total (only ¥2,200).


Right click and save this image – Which was lovevingly designed by Alani ‘Peep Game’ Cruz

Left click this image to be taken to the download page.

Tikini’s Mix. (click for download)

Alani ‘Peep Games’  Cruz’s Mix. (click for download)

Both mixes are full of snap crackle and pop, which was a bone of contention for us. However these records are old 45’s and the snap, cracle and pop just adds to the effect.

To our friends in Osaka, this one’s for you.

For everyone else enjoy the ride.








Alani, man you saw each of us (who you viewed as your brothers) for who we could be, I've let you down majorly recently, but from here on in I promise to make you smile, since after everything I've been through this year...I too would also rather be making art...


Rest in power!




With good weather comes good news I guess, for us, it's the restock of our 'Avenue' bikes - let me start this by refreshing you all as to what our 'Avenue' bikes stand for:


"The AVENUE is our entry-level bike that offers an enjoyable gentle ride and classic style characterized by a 1 inch chromoly horizontal top tube."

Here is the detail information about our 'Avenue'...


WEIGHT 9.8kg 

In 2017 we've have seen blood orange, mint and a rare gray, but this update we are offering our staple matte black, but today I want to share pictures of the rarer metallic blue and matte white bikes.


Starting with the metallic blue:



The metallic finish has definitely got to be a charm point of this slim framed beauty, especially when the metallic paint is brought to life by the rays of the sun, giving the frame an altogether different hue:



This delivery of 'Avenue' bikes, sees them all finished with black parts (wheels, crank, saddle, seat post, brakes and handle bars).



Classic lines meet modern coloring - The metallic blue 'Avenue':



Or pure white simplicity - The matte white 'Avenue':



The contrast of our logo and parts, for me, are the charm points of the matte white bike...



Our restocked 'Avenue' bikes have been the focal point of our Instagram this past week, thank you for all the love you have been showing us.



Our 'Avenue' bikes have high demand, so be sure to get yours while stocks last!!!

I guess I've always felt that night calling to me since I was a teenager, back then it was London which is still an amazing city to explore by night, however, in those days my movements were restricted by age inflicted curfew.


Tokyo >>> more specifically Minato-ku, has really shown just how much there is to discover, observe and occasionally participate in, but alas my wings are clipped for now and I can only dream of my night flights...



If you ride a bike for recreation, then you may also know the feeling of riding in Tokyo city by night; the magic and the feeling of endless possibilities. This feeling is heightened when riding solo, as I often myself doing:



The 'Specular' has really been my companion these past few months and has given me the opportunity to ride at a much more relaxed pace, which in turn has allowed me to observe/explore my surroundings even more. It always reminds me of something 'Jesse Freeman' once stated about discovering the wonder/beauty of everyday objects, routines and such like...


I am Nothing in Particular


Summer this year, it was so short lived, the weather here in Tokyo during August was mostly gray and wet, with Typhoon scares as the cherry on top. Let's hope September can bring us more joy...



And more opportunities to observe/explore...and maybe even capture.



The 'Specular' can be your tool for exploration also, as the bicycle can serve a lot of purposes depending on how you customize it...


1) For your goods?



2) For going cross country? 



3) For carrying practicality?



4) For leisure? 




I customized mine to have that extra bit of range and speed by changing to direct crankset, also by changing the grips and brake levers for ergonomics (and aesthetics), so now I have a mid-range high-speed cruiser...



The 'Specular' is available NOW from Diner and all other good bike dealers!


Back in July we had Jazzy Sport's Mahbie join us for 'Funktion', he absolutely smashed up the set and here is his new  PV:


Space brothers is available now so don't sleep!:






"Black is not a color; a black object absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them to the eyes. The gray area about black: A black object may look black, but, technically, it may still be reflecting some light."


More specifically though...



Due to popular demand (thank you), we have been carrying out re-up on both our matte black 'Avenue' and 'Avenue Lo' bikes, as you may have noticed from the posts on our Instagram


Wanting to focus on the simplicity of our complete bikes, while also remembering that matte black is really our staple bike color, I chose the 'Avenue' as it embodies simplicity and is our entry level bike - making it the most accessible model on our fleet, which theoretically makes this bicycle the people's champion...



It's a minor detail, but all our 2017 'Avenue' handlebars have a new geometry, where they come out a bit wider at their base: 



Indeed our 2017 'Avenue' is simply a handsome cycle:



Taking things a step further, the following day we used this custom 'Avenue Lo' put together by our friends at Diner, Nishi Azabu:



Naturally, you notice all 176mm (that's 88 x 2 by the way folks) of carbon fiber provided by Diner's original wheel set:



We're always talking about the advantages carbon fiber offers namely; weight reduction improved aerodynamics and of course, it's hypnotizing texture which is caused by the way the alloy is woven together:



One more point, there is something about our logo contrasting against the matte black of the frames that while subtle looks suave, especially when you take into consideration that the logo seal is reflective:



Needless to say matte black is back and ready to order from Monday!





The 'Avenue Lo' - ¥79,920:



The 'Avenue' - ¥59,400:



Welcome to the 8th entry of the WACC chronicles... today we open with this picture of the Hotel S:



I've heard several stories pertaining to this building, and it sure does seem like it has some kind of legacy behind it, but for now, it is serving as a hotel and residence, that includes some spots to wine & dine in comfort and moderate luxury. It's actually billed as a place for grown folk to take a load off - we might have to put that to the test one of these days!


Here is my 'Specular' after a nice a polish and some light maintenance:



I wanted to experiment with new angles and came up with this one:



As well as new locations for shooting our bicycles, going for edgier and 'street' like locations for WACC...



Talking of which we also have to give WARP a shout out for giving us a look in and also some nice words:



Other than that, last week we decided to take some time out, a take a company holiday... which meant waking up early:



Which was worth it when trying to get the best spot on the beach:



Setting up our base...



Before going off to hit the waves on surf boards...



And of course, Sup Boards courtesy of Peaks5...



I got tumbled around quite a lot and drank a fair share of ocean water while using a lot of muscle and energy, which made me grateful for the BBQ we had after...nice settings too:



The food definitely matched the settings with highest grades of meats and vegetables being selected for the grill...



Who can see the beef tongue? I think they really cut out the whole of the animal's tongue...



Pork lovers were not left unsatisfied too, the seasoning that went into it was proper on point...



That piece of pork was trapped in tin foil like a caterpillar in a cocoon, and the finished result was just as beautiful as a butterfly:



Quite excited to let you know about plans for the rest of year, and won't jump the gun too much, but we have a lovely collaboration lined up with team FACTRY:


Best to follow them on Instagram...






To round up this post I want to draw you attention to this service:



Being offered by Arian Rock, who is currently residing here in Tokyo:



What is Qi Gong?




For more information contact Arian: 


Signing out with this jam...





Our W.A.C.C project has been making good head way in the press since last month...


 We need to thank HOUYHNHNM who not only posted about the 'Specular' but also featured our full 2017 line-up:





Using Cartel's Instagram we have been giving the 'Specular' a jolly good push as summer is definitely a good season for riding this relaxed cross-breed bicycle, today we present you with a simple custom version of it:



Starting with handle bars; we have fitted them with tanned leather grips by Brooks, as the tanned colour really suits the bronze/copper type frame:




The copper colored object with a black looking switch:



This is actually a bell made by the good folks at Knog, in-fact it's probably the coolest looking bicycle bell ever made...



The only way we could have done the handlebars justice is by also giving the saddle to Brooks also tanned, and you'll notice the saddle is followed by their challenger tool bag (kit):




The B17 saddle:



The tool kit:


Not forgetting the subtle beige streak on Michelin's Dynamic Classic tire:



The result?



You need the bike before you can custom it, so start with our 'Specular'...


Yours for ¥69,120


We must start by apologizing for being away so long, but instead of me I'll allow the late and great Don Blackman to speak for me:



Here at W.A.C.C music is definitely a part of life, and this album is an all-time classic and a deserves a place in everyone's record collection even if it's just for the artwork alone...



That said, it's such a nice feeling to be back and we look forward to sharing with you all a more diverse array of contents in the form of goods, media and activities. 


As you know we concern ourselves with cycling, music, and books and recently I had the pleasure of reading 'The Master and Margarita':



The saying "don't talk to strangers" marks the opening chapter of the book, from there you the reader get whisked away on a scandalous journey through the darkness into the light, with plenty of vodka and cognac on the way. Indeed why does the prince of darkness roll around with a big black tom cat? What's the guy with a huge fang have to do with him? And who would ever believe he cares for love?



Nothing can beat the mind's eye and Bulgakov's words feed your imagination a full course meal, however, some ambitious directors have taken it upon themselves to bring the book to life so as to speak:



I have not watched the film and doubt I ever will but if you must...


It's perfect 'Specular' weather; with Tokyo's grueling summer heat you may feel inclined to step away from riding fixed gear and settle for a more relaxed ride, which is exactly what this urban touring bike offers its riders especially for short to medium length rides.



Just so you know we're doing well and are still in West Azabu and continue to explore the many gems contained hidden around Elima



One of few shops in Tokyo specializing in 'SUP'...



I'll leave you now with the sounds of 'Lord Tusk' blessing us with new sounds: