You ever had the awkward moment where your outfit matches your bike?

Let's be real though black and orange is a must...and what better way to apply that color co-ordination than onto your bicycle:

Why not try it with our matte black 'Avenue Lo'...

This knit has a lot of nostalgic value for me - not because it's old; it's actually from the current Fall/Winter drop from Son of the Cheese - which I had the honor of partaking in:

This textile pattern reminds me of something you would have seen on one of 'London Transports' vehicles in the 90s:

The original pattern was born from design house Wallace Sewell, and is definitely something deeply embedded in the minds of ANYONE who used London's transport system in the 1990s - so popular that they recently brought this back:

Oh and then was this by N*ke...

Well, I am sure this color pattern is not for everyone but today it sure got me noticed...

Thank you to Evisen's talented Hama-san for the God eye level shots... and if you don't already know about the work Evisen is putting in haha...go update yourself!

This has me thinking about a new hashtag #246godeye which I base of this not so famous manga & anime series 'Goku Midnight Eye'...

"Goku's left eye socket contains a computer terminal device.
Moreover, that computer is tied directly to every computer
in the world, all types of information instantaneously come
flying into Goku's left eye.
He is the man with God's left eye,
the story is about Goku and the women that exist around him."

The manga was written by Buichi Terasawa but I never read the manga, but was fortunate enough to watch the two OVAs that were released:

So let's get it in with your #246godeye moments!

Rain and cycling is definitely not for the timid, hence when I saw how heavy the rain before our ride, I was really tempted to postpone but was surely not expecting anyone to come out, yet you all surprised me with your dedication - big up!: 



For some of you, I should not be *THAT* surprised since you have experienced the rainy roads of London and Amsterdam...however from now on NEW RULE - if it rains on the day the ride will be postponed.



We set off and immediately our butts got a generous splashing of rainwater on them, which is another reason why rain days will = no rides, unless we all purchase ass savers?:




They actually work too:



Btw, we all agreed that doing the Shinagawa run was a bit of a no go in the weather conditions, so I suggested that we headed toward Shinjuku and get with the Yakitori program... 



Though I played it cool I did make a grave mistake, instead of turning in towards Yotsuya 3-Chome, I continue to go straight and then we ended up doing something like this:



In the spirit of *the ride* this may not seem like such a harsh route... but first of all, we were headed for Yakitori and that was our main objective since our bums were a little moist from the non-washlet splashing we received from our wheels. 

If that was not enough, we experienced A LOT in those 9km ... I won't even post that mess on here but I will say this... NEW RULE 2 - the official group rides will no longer be held at night!


Anyway, we made it.



Where we enjoyed some of the nicest grilled chicken and drinks to wash them down, and also where we were joined by two other friends:



The spirit of the ride is always a thing and we will be taking further on the next ride... talking of which I think we will all be stepping up our bike game a touch more, for some of you that could be as simple as getting your hands on our entry bike the 'Avenue' - here are two models I shot in their pre-custom form:


The matte black.



The yellow.



Both perfectly at home in any scenario the city has to offer...



Why not get acquainted with our 'Avenue' before our next ride?



I am gonna leave this post by sharing with you this tune...



Looking forward to this weekend don't forget you can catch the Funktion Crew at Vent:




So who is ready for tomorrow?


I know I am...



Yep I was just itching to do something with my bike and ever since Diner got their hands on Encore wheels, I've been overly curious to try them out, since apart from the obvious weight thing...yes I gained a few more grams but will definitely enjoy great wind resistance, more flex in the ride translating to power to wheel, designed and built in the USA by people who have been in carbon wheel game since 1988... I think I got a good thing...



For me, new parts mean I need new protection, so I also picked this up from Diner... a little something new from Abus:



Onto tomorrow...


According to Siri, tomorrow's forecast looks like rain right?


Yet, last week we were hit with this same kind of news...or should I say information:




And you remember how *that* turned out? Pretty much drier than Cheech's mouth after a few rounds with Chong... I mean fair enough IT DID rain last Saturday, but a lot later in the night than predicted by Siri, and certainly no reason for us to re-schedule, but alas we can only learn from our lessons.


Tomorrow it will NOT rain; this according to the Tokyo Met. agency:



Other sources corroborate my hypothesis... a small chance we MAY see some showers in the afternoon...but the weather is going to be just right:



So let's get it tomorrow!



Yet again Steven Julien does it again - I felt something when watching this video, as with all the videos that drop from Apron Records...but this resonates on a whole deeper level, especially since the hardest person to Love is myself... 



Thank you Stevie!



Now go get yours:



On the subject of self-love... I remember this 2015 throwback, if you were there that night then you know:



Also, I am giving you advanced notice about this years... GL 



If you know you know...and if you don't then please ask me what this is all about, but whatever you do DON'T MISS OUT!!!



Straight out of Nishi Azabu... how many brands can actually say that? 


Wanting to show our bikes in a different light I set out in the near dark of night...with the last matte black 'Hombrementary':




"Straight out of Nishi Azabu" is the message I have been sending out recently on our Instagram since I have been exploring the world of Nishi Azabu to capture the charm of the neighborhood and our night!:



One thing is for sure you'll find that there is a lot of car traffic in Nishi Azabu I am not sure exactly why (apart from all the taxis)...


Yet you'll see a range of cars that span from the super luxurious to the hypercar, with some absolute classics being parked right by the crossing.


Using our matte black bikes is the natural choice since the darkness of the frames can so easily be likened to the darkness of the night - with the lights of Nishi Azabu bringing the contrast, highlights, and shadows.



Have you ever ridden your bike in the city at night... but not just any city and not just any bike? 


You know the answer is Minato-ku and bike any from our fleet...maybe in matte black?
Like the matte black 'Avenue Lo':
Or the last matte black 'Hombrementary' with black parts:
Now I want to take a moment out to big up Major Force for their 30th anniversary, and the props are given up because of the influence and network they created here illustrated by $how5:
I will also take this moment to thank Barney's New York (Tokyo), for having us (Funktion Crew) at their in-store event last week - here we see Yudaini holding it down; something about the black he is wearing the speakers against the white wall...
Talking of Funktion...
This week we are joined by special guest Gasius aka DJ GASSY (I prefer the term GASSY):
A British national like myself who originates from Newcastle, and splits his time between Tokyo and London (but I swear he is in Tokyo 70% of the time), spreading his creative talents and vibes as he goes along. I personally have not been so acquainted with his work, but have known him on a more personal level through our community here in Tokyo - and it's always a joy to be around him...especially when he whips out the random stories.
You can find out a little more about him via this interview he did with London's Goodhood store...and he also holds down a regular slot on NTS:
This Thursday he will be our special guest at Funktion:
Finally, the wait is over we are back this Saturday with RIDE 05...
I recently bumped into an old friend who expressed her interest in joining the ride, but felt slightly intimidated, got me to thinking how many more of you out there feel the same?
Let me reassure you that this ride is not a race at all, neither is it a competition, we just group together and ride through the streets with a spirit of the union - with all of us pushing or pulling each other to break sweats and learn more about riding or their bikes - so any newcomers out there who want to join, why not?

DATE: 10/20/2018


MEETING PLACE: The Wall (behind); 106-0013, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 4-2-10, 102

ROUTE:  Approx 13km

Since it's his birthday I will leave you with this classic video of my best friend and partner in crime 'Brassfoot':

It's always nice to see how the press make use of our bikes -  since our scope for shoots is somewhat limited to our immediate resources, hence it's always exciting when we receive brand new issues of magazines in the post that our bikes have been featured in; just like the November issue of 'Fine':



That made use of our bikes look so natural, by using well styled and composed cuts like this one with our matte white 'Avenue':



With the overall theme being; get out there and explore the world:



Their chosen vehicle for exploration being our strong red 'Avenue' (since they used it more than our matte white 'avenue'), yet the message is the same - so for all you existing cartel owners out there, why not put both your bike and self to the test, by exploring a new city, town or area:



I will suggest one thing though if indeed you are planning to explore make sure you get the correct set of tires for your bike - namely a pair that has strong resistance toward simple punctures like Vittoria's Zaffiro:




I've been using these tires for well over a year now on both of my bicycles and I can truly say WOW, I have never had a sudden puncture in over a year (apart from the person who thought it was funny to unscrew the valve on the front tire  on one of my bikes - you have major karma coming your way!!!). 


Actually, you might have noticed this is the tire of choice we use since most of the bikes we shoot for our Instagram and blog make use of the 'Zaffiro':



You'll probably start noticing it everywhere now, but how about on your bike? 

'Fine' magazine, made the strong red of this 'Avenue' more real; in that the raspberry red hue is a much more bold statement than say matte black or matte white.


But just look?



Also, you can see how well it can be customized and with colored parts like Encore's sublime wheel:



Why not make the strong red 'Avenue' your companion?









I am going to leave you with the latest drop by my oldest and closest 'buddy' in the world... 'Brassfoot':



Have a listen:



Then read his commentary on the release via Hyponik !!!





Following on from our last blog update, today we start off by showing you this matte 'Avenue' that is well contrasted against the fallen leaves that signal that we are now truly in Autumn - despite the recent high temperatures.  



You've also given this photo a lot of love on our Instagram - this shot here I feel embodies the spirit of the changing seasons, with added coolness via our matte white 'Avenue' and once again Encore's Arctic 700c wheel here on the front:



Considering it all you can get your hands on our 'Avenue' + any Encore wheel as a custom build only at Diner.



Or change it up completely and get the last white & yellow 'Hombrementary' featuring 'Avenue' parts very rare indeed!



As seen on our Instagram today!



Last weekend I was invited to take part in a series of short Documentaries about Ex-pats living in Tokyo; I took up the opportunity and invited them into my world starting at last weeks Funktion...


Not forgetting we are back there tonight!



With this legend:





From there we waited until Saturday to meet at Diner in Nishi Azabu... where did a bit of a bike thing with my homie; actually it was quite wild to be honest because my homie Savannah don't play she was tearing up Nishi Azabu pretty rad. After got that footage it was off to the newly opened 'Cafe & Bar R' in Kiyosumi Shirakawa.


Where we all linked up with the 24K Night crew... once again gotta big up Gevill and the rest of the family out here for this one!!!



Finishing in the lap in under 30mins is our first mission - since I noticed most people who ride with our need to build up their stamina, we are going to be moving at a fast but steady pace - which means we all need to stick together!!!


After we successfully complete this mission...the unofficial mission will be celebrating at my favourite standing bar that serves banging yakitori in the west of Shinjuku!

Here we go again the attack on Shinagawa - RIDE 05!!!



DATE: 10/13/2018


MEETING PLACE: The Wall (behind); 106-0013, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 4-2-10, 102

ROUTE:  Approx 13km




After a rough Typhoon season, we finally find ourselves in milder weather suited perfectly for riding, it seems this is common knowledge for anyone who is into cycling, like this gentleman here:



Hailing from London (which as you my hometown), he came here to tour Japan on his bicycle and managed to ride around the whole of Shikoku...



From there hopping over to the Kansai side of Japan...



From there he made his way to Tokyo... his final destination; briefly stopping off to pay us a visit - not sure if you are reading this but big up for taking the time out to ride around Japan...


This story actually reminds me of the time I did a mild tour of Kansai by bike visiting Osaka, Koya-san and Nara...



Yet the record holder of bicycle touring business has to be this guy (the one on the right)...



He started in Hokkaido and apparently made his way to the south of Kyushu for his summer holiday... I wonder if he made it?


If you follow our Instagram you'll have noticed that I have been using Encore's Arctic white 700c wheel as the basis for a couple of custom bicycles of ours.


The most recent being this strong red 'Avenue':



Which also benefits from the major weight reduction + aerodynamic benefits of Diner's original 3 spoke carbon wheel...



In a similar vain yet with a more discrete colouring scheme comes this 'Avenue Lo':



Replacing the original 3 Spoke with Diner's 88mm carbon rear wheel and switching the riser handlebars for these drop handlebars for that extra racy feeling.




I am gonna round up this post by saying a thank you and goodbye to PoshGod who's birthday we celebrated at last week's Funktion...



You must keep a tab on his work and also his regular NTS show...oh the last of which features me at Funktion...



Tonight we are back at Oath for the weekly session...



And if that notice is a bit too sudden then your 2nd chance will be this Sunday at Contact for this guy...



Yup that is Jay Daniel who will be celebrating his album release...



I will leave you with this mix he made for us...










You do know it's prime riding season right now? 


The weather is ideal...warm during the day, cool and breezy by night, with the most important point being the humidity of summer has gone. This is all good news, but did leave me with the dilemma of riding by day or night?


I figured out that riding in November at night will be a bit more on the chilly side, and even though during the actual ride itself we will break a sweat...the bit that worries me is that said sweat drying off in the cold air. I also want to use the November ride for checking out that amazing red and brownish glow provided by the Japanese Autumn...



Which reminds me of the after this ride I will be adding a mission to each ride...



For this ride, the unofficial mission will be announced soon...



So who is ready to explore the Shinagawa area with me? 



The time and place...


DATE: 10/13/2018


MEETING PLACE: The Wall (behind); 106-0013, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 4-2-10, 102

ROUTE:  Approx 13km

This is the wall...

  • START, The Wall; Nishi Azabu

  • Hiroo

  • Tengenjibashi

  • Toranomon

  • Shirokanedai

  • Takanawadai

  • Shinagawa

  • Kitashinagawa

  • Higashishinagawa

  • Konan

  • Shibaura

  • Shiba-koen

  • Azabu Juban

  • Finish, ???

RULES - Which are only here as a rough guideline but you know I am legally obliged to say this:

All riders must have fully working front and rear brakes.

Since we are riding at night, lighting for the bike.

Obey all traffic regulations.

Riders; ride and carry their own responsibilities for any injuries/damage which occurs before, during and after the ride.


All track style fixed and single speed bikes are welcome and I guess any 27" framed BMX that can keep up, but hopefully, you have 700c size wheels!!! 


Remember you can also get one of these now ultra long sleeve Tees... with a special discount

¥1000 OFF W.A.C.C original Long sleeve!!!



If you want to take part or simply are interested then feel free to contact me: 




As promised here is our weekly customary breakdown of some of our customized cartels...


Let me start off with this vibrant colored strong red 'Avenue'...



I've never seen such a well-balanced color scheme on a bike since the 1980's... or since we made this:



There is something almost edible about the strong red of this 'Avenue'... look how good it contrasts against this wall:



It seems reuse of this spot for shooting our bikes has been a wise decision... with over 1000 likes on this post I must also say thank you for all the love you have been sharing on our Instagram



That pink is offset so well even more by Encore's Celeste wheel; here on the front!



Did you know that if you buy any of our bikes from our friends at Diner, and include Encore Wheels or Diner's original wheels you get to minus a ¥5400 + save money on the installation fee...


Our Avenue + Encore wheels start at ¥108,000 - Available now from Diner!



Another alternative could be using our matte white 'Avenue'...



A much more subtle statement...



But which would you choose?


Last week on our Instagram you've given us a great reaction to the following three custom bikes...


1) This chrome 'Avenue Lo' that takes full advantage of Encore's carbon fiber and Brook's leather, that plus amazing long riser handlebars:



2) This strong red 'Avenue' given an extra an injection of color via Encore's celeste wheel:



3) One of the last 'Hombrementary' bikes given shades of honey via Brooks and Michelin:



We'll cover these custom bikes in full here on this blog during this week, but for now, remember you can find new custom bikes each day on our Instagram!


I want to take this time out to congratulate Hellrazor on their latest pop-up and series of collaborations that was released at the one and only Barney's New York (In Shinjuku):



I cannot congratulate them without acknowledging their leader and old ally of mine Tsumi:



The full collection was made up of both new independent pieces as well as new collaboration items, that included the likes of Parisien brand Futur...


A nice line up of music from the likes of Cram and others, mixed with beverages...



The beverages being mixed by a proper mixologist...



With the whole affair being caught on camera by the one only Daisuke 'DISK' Urano:



After this, I headed to Harajuku to go and see an internationally known acquaintance of mine for his appearance at Stussy in Harajuku, to celebrate the inauguration of their Harajuku chapter...



The man signing this shirt is the one and only Goldie who I am acquainted with via the other legend Lt.Stitch:



The back story of this is deep but very interesting... I suggest you check look into the difference between Defected / Defection...


After this, we all went for dinner where I was joined by another young legend in his own right Posh God...



Who will be joining us at this Thursday's Funktion...


Last Friday I was also asked to play at the brand newly renovated Sankey's Penthouse in Harajuku, to celebrate the release of the KP Tokyo's latest drop - congratulations and thank you to them for all the hard work they put in:



Recently, have you seen this Kodak Black and Travis Scott clip, that has been floating around Instagram?:



I cannot seem to find a good way to embed the video but by I did find a leaked version of the song, and this coupled with the swanky dance moves they were all pulling off in the video has made them all grow me (even though slightly):



Bringing it closer to home I have big up my man MFK for his latest video drop - the levels are deep:



Still, I will never forget the conversation we had that one night in COD...