The first of update is that our collaboration with DEEPER'S WEAR has been featured on Eyescream web magazine:

Stock is very limited and we are gaining quite a bit of press around this collaboration, so if you are still sitting on the fence about purchasing your setup I suggest you move quickly!

Eyescream have also invited me to join their Halloween Disco party at Unit on December 31st:

DANIEL WANG (Balihu Records/Berlin)
Bon Appétit ($HOW5#テガキ & KAI)
Crystal (Traks Boys / (((さらうんど))))
Akeem the Dream
Akeem the Dream
LANTIKI centraaaaal TOKYO
and more!!! 
OPEN : 23:00
START : 23:00
ADV 2,800yen
W/F 3,300yen
DOOR 3,800yen
Full Costume 2,000yen
Semi Costume 3,000yen
来場者全員にTENGAコンドームかTENGA EGGをプレゼント!
※ 未成年者の入場不可・要顔写真付きID

It's been almost two years but I am proud to present Osiris's next release 'OTSUKIMI 2014' by Konida and Skint Eastwood:


Skint Eastwood is an artist from Manila who is also part British; we met in Tokyo back in late 2013 almost completely by chance, and after striking up conversation I soon discovered she had previously worked with Metro-zu, ironically just after Konida had finished working with Metro-zu's Lofty305 on the MEIJIDORI305 project.

She returned back to Tokyo in the early spring time of 2014, and in just one session her and Konida ended up creating this EP.

I don't know much about Manila's music scene but someone shared a post about their 90's rave scene here:

I love how club culture and the music around it is borderless!

In more recent times though, Manila artist EYEDRESS has been causing some waves, and he and Ms.Eastwood have been collaborating heavily with one another for sometime now:

Eyedress - Arhuaco (Feat. Skint Eastwood) from アイドレス on Vimeo.


Not mention that Eyedress has also worked with LOFTY305:


Like one big musical family!

Enjoy the music and see you all on Friday.

I am very happy to announce I had a very relaxing weekend!

Saturday night I took my wheels out for a short spin around town, and happening upon this white wall in a dim light side street I grabbed this snap for our instagram:

Friday night I was asked to play for D.T.T.K at a venue called Faith Aoyama which sported quite pleasant views of the surrounding neighborhood of Aoyama and Nishi Azabu, which would have been amazing if it was not for the misty rain:

It's fair to say a good time was shared by all who attended, official pictures coming soon!

Saturday, my son wanted to go to Akihabara to play with some NGAGE trains so we set out:

I sported my best 'Dad of today' look and had my wife grab a snap of it; notice how happy I am!

Here is another 'Dad of today' Mr.James Wonder who I found on a poster in the train station.

The first mission of the day was to eat, as I doubt I could have handled the 'densha otakus' on an empty stomach so we opted for this steak house:

Steak & Hamburg Takeru is definitely worth a visit if you are hungry and it's actually been featured on TV quite a lot...:

I've always warned my boy that I have friends in low places, and just to prove that point I brought out a devil:

I didn't know much about the world of NGAGE train sets but for those that don't know, NGAGE is a fairly expensive type of miniture railway, that has a big following worldwide, and I can understand why, the level of detail is quite amazing:

Being honest I find the whole idea of spending over ¥10,000 on one part of a toy train to be quite insane, but it was great to see just how much passion people into NGAGE have for their craft... which made me think about how much passion I have for my craft(s)?

After the madness that was Akihabara I felt quite drained, I believe all the flashing lights, people and noise wore me down. So I hit the streets for a quick ride, then I headed to my favorite restaurant Febo for another amazing square meal, and this time I was presented with this amazing WILD DUCK dish, so wild it still had the hunter's pellets in it!

Chef Take told me that wild meat makes you 'genki'...and it did, but I wondered if that was an actual fact, so I did a little research on What are the benefits of eating wild meat?

Have you ever tried wild meat? Would you?

If you have let me know what your experience was when I next see you, until then see you at the Midweek update!


My favorite instagram snap of the week is this one I took yesterday on my way to Hanzomon, at Minami Motomachi Park which is located here:

I am always happy when Cartel customers go that step further and customize their bikes at Diner:

This happy customer purchased our 'Avenue Lo' fitted with Diner's original 88mm Carbon Clincher wheel:

I highly recommend this wheel set for anyone looking to make that transistion to aero parts, as you'll have an instant noticeable increase in performance and Diner off the wheels as a set for a reasonable ¥102,220.

Remember? Last Saturday myself and Daisuke Urano did a photoshoot for the Cartel Bikes X Deeper's wear collaboration. We just got back the pictures and I wanted to share some of them with you:

Remember the two key features of the denim setup are:

Stretch - Flexibility needed for mounting and unmounting your bike and of course for pedalling hard

Water Resistant - No more eccentric weather proof overalls and protection againist those sudden downpours.

Grab your setup today from Diner tokyo.

Finally I want to say a big thank you to these guys and the Powered by dot Tokyo team for taking us out last night...

Definitely what happened last night will stay Unknown to the Unkown just like Brassfoot's latest release:


So I have been really loving the new look and feel of my bike as I posted on our Instagram:

I promise you even making the smallest changes to your bike can make a world of difference.

Last weekend we enlisted the power of our resident photographer Daisuke Urano to shoot a bit more for the Deeper's Wear collaboration and also to shoot some NEW Cartel products (look out!).

I choose the area Kamiyacho for this shoot:

The area has some very impressive surprises like this new age temple:

It was like a huge Mario Turtle Shell, that is actually open doored (for the most part) both day and night, like a roofed open air theater.
Even though Kamiyacho is more of a commercial and tourist district (The Tokyo Tower is located there), it also has small residential pockets that seem to have been there for a while:

So we shot within some of those pockets and moved onto the Toranomon area which is where the Hotel Okura is located, and also the Swedish Embassy; and directly next to the embassy we found this car park, which was much more like an underground lair:

Anyway I am really looking forward to the results of our shoot!

Recently I have been listening to the sounds of Legowelt, well I say recently but I have been down with his music for years especially after I visited his website - looks awesome right?

The man is so damn technical, in a really 'Euro' vibes type of way:

Which makes people do this:


The next update will be on Friday, see you all then!

This week are coming out strong, as we are very happy to announce our latest collaboration:


The first question is what is 'DEEPER'S WEAR'?

'Deeper's Wear' is a brand that focuses on producing clothing around our lifestyles, clothing that is highly functional and simple in design, with the concept being "LIFE-SPEC WEAR" that frees humans from the idea of clothing.

For this collaboration we asked Deeper's Wear to create a solution for daily riders that is not over eccentricated in design but gives outstanding performance.

The Jacket and Pants setup is made from vintage styled black denim that has two key functions:



We believe that any rider would agree that water resistance and flexbility are two practical functions that make life easier, and once you combine the subtle design of black vintage denim, you have a solution for daily rides that requires little to no thought.

To purchase these limited items or for more information please visit or call our friends at Diner:

〒106-0031 東京都港区西麻布4-2-10 1F

Photo by Daisuke Urano
Winter is coming - Was my last post on instagram.

I really meant it, my body has become quite sensitive to the change of seasons since living in Japan, and even though we are still getting an average high of 24°/25° in the daytime, there is no humidity - in reverse the the air has become dry, a sure sign that winter is on it's way.

Today is the day I started putting new parts onto my bike, as sometimes you just get to the point where you need change so I went to work:

Out with the old:

And in with the new:

If you have been following this blog then you'll probably know by now that the parts I have been wanting have been:

1) Diner's Carbon Bullhorn Handle bars.

2) Diner's Carbon Seat Post.

The end results looked like this:

Immediately I can tell you the seat post change has reduced the bike's weight in the center giving the bike greater overall balance.
With the bullhorn bars the weight difference is not that noticeable, mainly because my previous riser bars were also carbon, the purpose of me changing over to bullhorn bars was to get a different riding experience and obviously a new aesthetic.

I still plan on making some other changes to my baby so keep it locked onto channel Cartel for more updates!

I've been keeping my movements to a minimal in recent times, as allow my body to adjust to the climate/season changes. 

Which is giving me a lot more time to check on other peoples movements, like my friends over at Goth Money Records:

We  will shortly be seeing there very first album release on CD via Break World Records, the album is entitled Gucci Racks and you can stream it below:

Personally, I have been following Goth Money Records since early 2012, and last year managed to put together this interview with them for Japanese site T.R.E.A.M

My personal favourite release from Goth Money has been and still is 'LUCKALEANNN - Flexican Mayor':

The inner city state side feeling contained within their music, reminds me of a Motorbike film I was introduced to by my friend Jesse Freeman called the '12 0'clock boys':

That inner city two wheel culture, always starts on push bikes with young riders having dreams of switching to their first 50cc motorbike. This kind of culture is not just unique to the USA, it really reminded me of what my some people would get upto (out of boredom?) in my neighborhood of Kings Cross, London back when I was growing up down to this current day.

Vice made a short documentary about a group of riders in the UK... but they mainly focused on Mopeds:


In fairness Mopeds are a better reflection of the London street reality, I guess due to dirt bike and super bike prices and licensing laws. However that has not stopped some people:


Anyway I can't see us making 'Cartel Motobikes' anytime in the near or far future... so I will be ready to roll out on my bike like:

Yes this shot also came from our Instagram 

See you on Friday!

Happy Monday!

If you have been following our instagram (yes it's becoming a thing now to start my posts in this way) you would have seen the following two shots:



Be sure to never miss a post:


Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the shoots I do, but here is a collaboration I got model for between BAL and SARCASTIC:

In case you did not know I have been modelling for BAL'S look book for the past 5 seasons, here is the video for the current A/W 2015 collection:

Last Friday as I mentioned briefly was Water Works and I must say adding these two gents was a great decision:



I also played with vinyl for the first-time since July and well I sucked but I will be practicing a lot harder and buying more records so expect the revenge of Tikini next month at Water Works, the highlight record I played Kanye's Flashing Lights:

Moving onto Sunday, myself and BYM had arranged to record music once again, and this time I brought my son along with me, as recently he has been concerning himself with my day to day runnings.   

It was like spending time with two sons:

We succesfully recorded another song but I had to rush back to the Westside to 1) Get my son home and 2) To DJ for one of my oldest homies ZEN-LA-ROCK, as it was his birthday party: 

As always it was a pleasure to be in his company and that of old friends, and just in case you missed it here is his latest music video for his single 'Moon' featuring G.Rina:

I also made some new friends who are also on the rise rappers from L.A and after the party we enjoyed a long Cipher together...much fun! 

Moving on to tonight I'll playing at Womb for the bi-monthly 'Feel' party:

FEEL MIX TAPE VOL.4 (10.5 FEEL @WOMB LOUNGE) by Kazuma Takahashi on Mixcloud

Once again hope to see you there.

You gotta love Autumn in Japan, the harvest comes around, the weather is still very warm but not at all humid, so you can enjoy a variety of different clothing (not just shorts and t-shirts - though that is still fine).

I tried to capture the Autumn mood with this shot from our instagram:

One week sure as hell does fly by, especially if you were able to enjoy the TOMIN day (Holiday for Tokyo residents), which I did by spending the day in Ueno with my family.

Though the weather was not that great we still managed to have a good day, which started when we found this Teishoku restaurant 'Kitchen Daiei':

It's a small restaurant that can only seat 6 people at one time, that serves quite a typical menu (which is not a bad thing at all!), the food was proper, but not only that, the chef/owner was really kind, maybe because the restaurant has been running for over 40 years that plus the pride he has in his area - as he was quick to recommend to us places visit complimented by a map:

As much as his suggestions were appreciated, we had already set our hearts on visiting Ueno Zoo; which on Tomin day is free for all Tokyo residents.

Which is a nice gesture but did make things a bit crowded and noisey leaving me feeling a bit drained, just like this here Anaconda:

Leaving Ueno Zoo we headed straight to a coffee shop, after which my family wanted to eat a few pieces of Kaiten Sushi, which I allowed them to do in peace, while I strolled around the vicinity...only to find another Tengu restaurant (ooo yeh!), and not being one to pass a good opportunity, decided to help myself to a Beer and some snacks...which soon turned into a full blown meal with drinks!

Moving onto today.

The good people at Monopo Tokyo invited me to be a part of their 'Powered by Tokyo' project, tapping into local residents knowledge of the city to help outsiders form a better idea of what Tokyo has on offer...I told them my recommendations revolve around the fact that I get around the city by bike or should by Cartel Bike, and that we also have our network:

So we started at Organic Table Lapaz

In case you did not know Lapaz serve this amazing salad that is definitely worth eating at least once a week:

Taking a quick break at Diner we soon headed to the Gohongi area to make a trip to Jazzy Sport:

Jazzy sport has been a big part of my DJ career in Japan, so I really wanted them to be a part of my Tokyo!

Returning back to Diner it was time to do some minor maintainence on my bike... well at least so I thought, because I thought I just had to change my tires which were worn out to a dangerous degree:

I am no mechanic but decided to try the process myself (with a little help) for the first time:

Which in itself was not that hard as I had a good instructor.

However in the process of the Tire change we discovered a few areas of my bike that needed attention, as the wheels were not rotating as smoothly as they should do.

So the good Doctor at Diner took a closer look:

We discovered the problem lied in the lack of lubrication of the bearings within the cog:

After a good clean out and a good dose of grease my wheels were back spinning properly, though this may not sound like a major incident, it was not the only area where my bike needed attention.

The point being the importance of REGULARY taking your bike apart to make sure all the components are running as should be!


Don't forger that every 1st Friday of month = Water Works !

Maybe see you there!

First of all the good people at Warp Web featured our Aqua Blue 'Avenue Lo' and 'Avenue' bikes on there gadget and lifestyle page:

Click here to view the article.

For those who are still in the water about the Aqua Blue Cartels, you still have a little time but best to be quick if you are considering to a make one yours.

A quick way to get your hands on one is via our friends at Diner Tokyo:
I am very interested to see a custom Aqua Blue Avenue or Avenue Lo.

This week I have been in quite a nostalgic mood I guess it's the changing of the seasons - but when I get nostalgic I need to listen to funk:

Funktion 001 by Mr.Tikini by Mr.Tikini on Mixcloud

Here is a mix I made way back in 2011 entitled FUNKTION; the concept being Function and Funk coming together, and I am not talking about Functionality I am talking about a function as in party 
a large or formal social event or ceremony.
"he was obliged to attend party functions"
synonyms: social event, partyoccasion, social occasion, affairgathering,receptionsoiréecelebrationjamboreegalaMore

I was inspired greatly by my father who would drive around London in our old Vauxhall Caviler Coupé Listening to Horizon FM back in the 80's :

All this inspired me to collect together fellow funk lovers and make a 'function' called Funktion back in 2011, here  are a couple of shots taken by Jesse Freeman from that night:

Twigy, Afra & Zen La Rock


I believe I have come a long way from those days but it is the creating of these experiences that make our road.