What's new in the world of cycling and stuff...? For one thing, you guys have been showing a lot of love to the pictures on our Instagram feed, especially with shots like this:



Those Encore wheels sure get some love man as they rightly should... I've been using mine for months now and I can't recommend them enough.



As you know by now...



In other news,  the overwhelming amount of underwhelming information these days has got me feeling like...

(If you know about this then you know)...



Yet it's not all bad news since the launch of this game, oh yes I did say game ... Apex legends, a game that in just one week has gained 25 million users!!!



As you can tell I have been hibernating while getting ready for the next few busy weeks here at the Cartel plus getting ready for Byron...



This man seems to have such a passion for music and life, that you can't help but love him, and what really sets him apart from other artists/producer in this age is that his love for melodies and harmonies made him actually take time out to expand his knowledge through the study of Jazz and the genre's compositions, allowing to do things like this:




He latest release was an independent one via his own Bandcamp  - We out here Vol.1:



Be sure to not to miss his Japanese debut and also my first time playing on Vent's main floor.

You can RSVP by joining the event ON Facebook!


It's always an exciting time when we receive a shipment containing brand new colored frames, as we have been dropping seasonally since our inception...I am happy to say it's that time again and we are proud to present you with:


1) The 'Avenue Lo' Gold



The gold coloring is elegant and exudes glamour, all while being mature and not overstated...



Once again this is a limited coloring for the 'Avenue Lo' so it's best to move quickly if you are interested!



2) The Mat green 'Avenue'



A classic color that can be associated with more traditional sports like Rugby or Cricket, with that coloring combining with the Avenue's classic and simple styling, making for a legendary combination.



Why not enjoy that classic feeling of a horizontal Chromoly frame with traditional sporty mat green coloring?



These models are available right now from our friends at Diner!

From time to time we like to image particularly special custom bikes that serve a particular purpose for their riders, do you remember the two-sided custom 'Avenue'?



Today, we present to you the cruising custom...



This 'Avenue Lo' offers it's riders speed and comfortably...much like grand touring sports cars...


"(GT) is a performance and luxury automobile capable of high speed and long-distance driving while being comfortable.."


To those ends, we chose special parts that ensure the riders are given that cruising experience that can be translated to the ride of a grand tourer class car.


An essential part of this custom is the direct crankset by Miche - this particular model being the Pistard air:



This helps translates all your power to the wheel with the most amount of efficiency!!!


And talking of the wheels this 'Avenue Lo' makes use of one of my favorite wheelsets ever, which is Diner's original 24mm carbon wheels with the quick release fitted on the front:



The quick release hub is made by Novatec which ensures those wheels spin long and strong...with the ease of removal anywhere anytime:



Let's not forget one of the key defining points of what it is to be grande tourer or cruiser, that is luxury coupled with comfort and for us that equals Brooks - so we start off with their B17 saddle:



Which we combined with their slender leather grips:



Finally, since riding position is a key part in the comfortability of the bikes ride...we used these boulevard type handlebars which are easy to use and reach back far enough that you will never have to fatigue yourself reaching for the handlebars.



This custom is not exclusive to just the chrome 'Avenue Lo' and can be applied to both the brown and matte black models.



For this custom and more be sure to contact our friends at Diner!

This update as the name suggests we are going to be focusing on the color 'yellow' which for our bikes means the yellow 'Avenue'... 



I can't help but think just how much yellow suites the slender horizontal frame of our 'Avenue', its timeless looks and nostalgic feeling yellow can create, combine to make an eye-catching cycle in the streets. 



When custom the choices really begin to open up, here we started with another eye-catching part Diner's original 3spoke carbon wheel:



To this, we added toffee colored parts by Brooks...starting with their micro-fiber bar tape... 



Actually, according to Brooks the color is 'honey':



And they have the saddle to back it up...with my old friend the B17:



Since we are using the color yellow this new drop by Columbia and Atmos wore by me...seems fitting:



In other news we have a New release from Apron records - WOOOooo!:



'Sun Runners', and let's face it the sun is technically yellow so this one definitely gets a share:



Check the music video for the first single:



Finally...and believe me even though I make these fliers myself the yellow car is just a coincidence... this Thursday night also = Funktion:


Starting this update by thanking 'Atmos Lab' and 'E-girls' Aya for this shoot we did that allowed me to showcase my bike and "riding skills".



I really love the fact that Aya made use of 35mm film for this shoot as this was something I was doing with my W.A.C.C project.



The analog effect really brings out the vibrancy of my Encore wheel...named Omaha orange for some reason.



You might also notice (if you have keen eyes) that the other orange part on my bike...which is, another American legend Chris King:



You may have also noticed on our Instagram that we have run a small series posting our complete bikes without any trimmings, but our blog today I will share with you each bike from our fleet in their most simple custom forms our matte black 'Avenue': 



For this one, we added Diner's original 60mm carbon wheels on the front and back, a subtle upgrade on the eyes but truly effective on the street.


Signing off I am going to leave you with this...




First W.A.C.C post of the new year...as I highlighted the last post my new years was not as full of adventure as I think it should have been.



With my visit to Asakusa being the highlight, especially my dinner at Yoshikami ...



Following on the theme of new starts for 2019 I wanted to highlight the new bike my friend Laurence from Evisen purchased:



If you know Laurence you'll know he is proper on a skateboard!



As such skates for Evisen with backing from Adidas...



You can find out more by reading his Interview here...and I guess he is bike will be supporting his lifestyle even more:



By adding this Fairdale skateboard rack to his 'Avenue':



In conjunction with a rack from Nitto...



The results?



How will you customize your Cartel and for what?

Doesn't time fly?


Here we are in 2019 and at the start of the new year we have to once again thank you for all patronage in 2018... this year also promises to be special. We finished last year by dropping the brown 'Avenue Lo':



And this year we have so much more to bring you so keep watching this space.


This New Years I kept a very low profile with sleeping and eating being the main focus, but on the morning of January 1st I did make time to start the year out right by heading over to Yoyogi Hachiman:



I choose Yoyogi since I knew the crowds would be calm, compared to the more famous temples/shrines - but I only really went there to pray since the spot really had a calling for me. The next day I managed to make it to Asakusa where I got my hands on some charms and such to ensure 2019 stays blessed.


I also managed to catch a lot of films...with an interesting one being 'Green Book'



I told a friend that it was so-so but that was while I was 1/4 of the way through but by the end, it won my heart over even more since Don Shirley is such a character:




Oh this month being part of the new year I thought it good for us to focus on NEW starts with our bikes... Like I shared on our Instagram today:



We hope to push all of you sitting on the edge with some of the best cleanest customs bikes we put together over the last year...and for all you existing owners we hope you are motivated to do something new with yours.



Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone for making this year special!!!



A big shout out to all my riders...



There was never a lonely moment when riding out in 2018.



Big shout out to all the brands who collaborated with us; From Bal.



To, Hombre Nino:



A big shout out to Encore wheels for also being great!



MVP of the year goes to Samehada-Z!



I'll leave you with some new music very fitting for this time of year:


Starting this post by thanking Houyhnhnm



Sharing with their readers our latest drop the 'Avenue Lo' Brown...



I'd say it's more of a dark golden brown which has a metallic chameleon finish to it, meaning that its color changes depending on how the light hits the front sloping frame.


This makes it a lot of fun to customize especially the wheels, from Diner's original carbon wheels above to Encore's wheels below:



The brown 'Avenue Lo' is available right now at Diner!



I guess the biggest news this month was my short trip to Iida city in Nagano; wow I just found out that Iida is an Environmental model city with the city striving to maintain low greenhouse gas emissions (you go guys!).


I started my trip by paying a visit to Yoyogi-Hachiman shrine:



As part of the pray and play moto, we have adapted!


The next day we set off in the Afternoon and took the 3-hour journey by car - it was a beautiful drive as we passed through the Minami Alps and also saw Lake Suwa.



We first arrived at the hair salon Duck Rock since the owner (Imai-san) was behind our booking...oh yes I forgot to mention the purpose of our trip was help celebrate the anniversary of After5ive...(we will get onto that later).



Duck Rock's interior was really warm and full of interesting bits and pieces...



Obviously had to have a snowboard in there...



Oooh and look they support the home team Apron Records:



And the other home team... Black Focus Records:



After settling down it was soon time to get some stamina for the long sets we were about to play later...so we hit up this local Yaki Niku spot (it was amazing!)



From there it was straight to the club to lay it down...



I still love the fact that they used one of our pictures for the flyer.



The sets we put down were both very heavy and I actually took the time to record them!!!


I really want to both thank and congratulate After5ive!!!



Big shout out to Wassupki and Imai-san aka maromaro!!!



I am also really late with this news too... and that is NCA's latest drop the DVDs have finally arrived in Japan and I was there to witness the moment they reached their first viewers here in Japan.



Global Paranoia:






Don't sleep get yours NOW!


Breaking the silence this week we start by sharing with you these custom 'Avenue' bikes:



They both make use of Diner's original riser bars - for that extra comfort when riding through the city.



I feel that almost everyone has a soft spot for this style of handlebar...but don't forget you will need to add grips...or face holding onto to ice cold aluminum in the winter and the exact opposite in summer.



Taking it further why not shed some weight by way of Diner's carbon offerings?



For pictures of the above 'Avenue' customs check out our Instagram!



In recent times I have been moving back and forth through the city and even further afield...during my runnings while in Akihabara I came across this!!!




One post on my Instagram feed and you all went crazy...why though?



Data East was a legendary video game and electrical engineering company that operated from 1976 - 2003 (Thank you wiki!).


That created many classic but personal was Side Pocket (on the Mega Drive):



Talking of the Megadrive and all things Sega...this shop really kills it... I think I finally got the drop on it so let me know if you want to pay a visit with me?



Pow a W.A.C.C post would not be right without music...and today we are indeed blessed, with THAT NEW 'Sun Runners':




Don't sleep!



In the next episode...even more, adventures!