Well, "the time has come" for us to not just talk about other things, but to gather together and ride!


DATE: 04/28/2018


MEETING PLACE: The Wall (behind); 106-0013, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 4-2-10, 102

ROUTE:  Approx 12km

This is the wall...

  • START, The Wall; Nishi Azabu

  • Nogizaka

  • Akasaka

  • Toranomon

  • Shimbashi

  • Tsukiji

  • Hamatsucho

  • Shiba-Koen

  • Mita

  • Shiro-kane

  • Tengenjibashi

  • Finish, Hiroo


All riders must have fully working front and rear brakes.

Since we are riding at night, lighting for the bike.

Obey all traffic regulations.

Riders; ride and carry their own responsibilities for any injuries/damage which occurs before, during and after the ride.


It's been a long time coming, but I just feel like it has got to be done, so all track style fixed and single speed bikes are welcome and I guess any 27" framed BMX that can keep up, but hopefully, you have 700c size wheels. 




¥1000 OFF W.A.C.C original Long sleeve on ride completion! 



If you want to take part or simply are interested then feel free to contact me:





Since their arrival, Encore Wheels have been proving to be an almost irresistible match up to our fleet of bikes, opening a new dimension of customization that we've been enjoying and sharing on our Instagram for almost two weeks straight now.


This week my personal favorite custom, was of this forest green 'Avenue':



In appearance, it exudes a feeling that is far away from its standard form, which we would describe as being more classically inspired. However, due to the long Deda carbon fiber riser handlebars, that make use of an overhead stem, the bike is given a contemporary feel:



Composite material use is continued by way of Encore's raw 700c; 'raw' because these wheels retain the original matte black color of the carbon fiber material. 



I mentioned in a previous post that Encore combines 7000 series aluminum with injected molded carbon fiber, to produces a stable and well-balanced wheel that also offers superior aerodynamic performance.



A major aesthetic makeover in 3 very simple steps this forest green 'Avenue' is good to go:



A slightly similar yet different custom comes in the form of this Bordeaux 'Avenue', with its standard silver parts giving it a natural air of distinction that really compliment the deep purple of the frame:



Of course, you've noticed the long riser handlebar connection by now? This time coming in silver thanks to the aluminium they are made from: 



All handlebars need grips or tape, you can think of them as having cold fingers that need gloves in all seasons and those gloves will, in turn, keep your hands guarded against the raw metal that heats up in summer and gets cold in the winter.


This time we opted for the plump leather grips from Brooks in black:



And once again we wanted to bring out the color of the frame even more by using Encore's arctic 700c front wheel, an actual personal favorite since its literally is a suite for all the bikes in our fleet: 



Adding to the flare of this bike is Brook's legendary 'Colt' saddle, which has been around since the late 70s and became a popular addition to BMX bikes in the 80s/90s, and after the 2000s when it was re-released, became popular for fixed gear bikes too:



Another simple custom this time in 4 steps!



Alternatively, keep the handlebars as standard...



Go with Brooks' limited edition L'EROICA saddle:



Then finish with Encore's Celeste front wheel:



A very exciting time to custom your Cartel bike!


How do you ride?


Me? I ride mostly in the dark, over short to medium distances, cutting through the backstreets to avoid the 'boy dem' and any other unforeseen drama...not a big fan or pedaling uphill but certainly won't avoid it...known to catch a second wind and as much as possible won't stop till I reach my destination (a metaphor...). 



My bike has been through a lot of phases and has covered more ground than your average. 



I think most people see my bike and me as a package, and most people will tell you outside of music and posing in front of camera's... bikes have kind of become my thing.



However, since these Encore wheels have come into town, I've got to thinking what am I going to do next (in many ways)... as in what is the next type of bike I am going to ride?


All week I have been toying with some ideas...


Which started with this custom matte white 'Avenue'; unique because I coupled the arctic white wheels from Encore with Brooks' quality leather grips and 'Colt' saddle.



Then, we have Wakanda's finest the two-wheeled black panther...




Today I posted the melon soda float colored custom, which I have a slight leaning towards...                               




There was also this particular 'Avenue Lo', that reminded me of the Maclaren in SCUD Racer (till I found out it was blue)... any Maclaren vibes on this one:




Hmmm...still thinking!


This I have been listening to the following:


Budgie - Totally on that Funktion vibe with a unique taste in rap which I really feel, but in this mix, in particular, when he breaks into some dance music:



Another crew that I forgot about... Peoples Potential Unlimited... :



Thanks to them I re-discovered this classic by Dan Mastroianni:



If you feel these vibes...then the only place to come is the Funktion:



With our collaboration in full swing, it's about the time we show different ways to enjoy your "City Bike", customizing your bike is the one sure ways you gain and a deeper love of your bike.


If you already have a bike then adding or changing parts to it will make you feel like you are riding a new bike. However for those of you who are buying a new bike; then customizing it makes the bike unique.


The classical feel of the bike makes Brooks leather parts a perfect match...


Whether those parts are Black:



Or the obvious choice - Mustard:



For this custom, I started with Brooks slender leather grips in black:




And of course in Mustard, these grips will not only make your bike look fancier, but also make the bike feel expensive from the smoothness of the leather:



For the saddle, I went in a different direction for each color, for the black, I opted for the Team Pro saddle chrome a vintage racing inspired saddle:




For the Mustard colorway, I went with the legendary 'Colt' saddle; that has maintained popularity since it's drop back in 1979:




Both colorways are a great match for the elusive "CITY BIKE"; with it's even rarer Cantilever brakes:




Embossed head-patch...



Silver crankset:



And opened rear end in true fixed/single gear bike style:



The "City Bike" black Brooks custom:



The "City Bike" mustard Brooks custom:



Contact us at info@cartelbike.com for more details!

It's that season again here in Japan... spring is really here and like a promise, Cherry Blossoms have been here to greet us and if that was not enough the weather has been the perfect compliment to one of the most scenic and tranquil (minus getting rat-arsed under those said trees) seasons this land has to offer:



This colorful season may be a premonition; as color seems to be the current theme we may be moving with this Spring and Summer, thanks mainly to these new wheels by Encore wheels:



Encore has pioneered a new combination of 7075 Aluminium that is injected with molded carbon-fiber, that provides users with an extremely rigid and stable wheel with high structural integrity while at the same time providing riders with superior aerodynamic, making up for any perceived weight penalties... in their own words:


"Riders can expect the ultimate in lateral stiffness for cornering and the maximum amount of power transferred from pedal to the ground. This maximizes energy output and helps you to maintain your speed easier using less watts, with less fatigue.



All that and they come in a wonderful array of colors for you to choose from and customize your bike with as we have been doing all week on our Instagram:



My favorite combination this week has been with the sky blue 'Avenue Lo' and Encore's 'Arctic' 700c wheels:



I feel that this Spring and Summer is definitely about giving your bike some color and adding some flair to your riding style...:



The warmer weather means night time becomes a haven of cool that allow for us to once unabashedly explore Tokyo;  as we have pledged to do as W.A.C.C... 



Talking of which you may remember me posting about one of our honorary members Yo.An?



He is part of the label and crew Hole and Holland who have been pushing our original dance music and other creations for a minute now. Yo.An comes from a skate background and is affiliated with the skate team Evisen... he was granted honorary membership into our humble club for that fact that his background is similar to mine especially when viewed from a musical perspective...



His last live mix can be found here:



Today I will also introduce a visitor to you by name of J.Lindroos who hails from Helsinki:



He is apparently running for night-time mayor, but I guess he has not meet myself and my brethren from Funktion...YET:



Both Yo.An and J.Lindroos will be joining us tonight at Funktion... how about you?



The only season that can be used to represent new life and new starts; here in Japan new starts extend to school, work and a whole bunch of movements as students graduate to become new starters at their newly found workplaces, with many often moving out from the nest to be within commuting distance or their offices.


Maybe this is not the case for the rest of us but still, the warmer weather is definitely invigorating and I got to thinking that the start of Spring is a good time to make some action - especially if that involves two wheels!



This custom sky blue 'Avenue Lo' I feel expresses the sentiments of the season with its bright blue frame reflecting the heavens on a clear day.

Which we then added carbon parts too, for all those quick starters out there looking to do something dynamic with their bike.


These original carbon bullhorn handlebars I have been an advocate of for years since I have been using them happily myself now for around two years.


The offer great riding positions that you can switch back and forth between easily, only weigh 240grams and have a lovely matte black finish:



Those handlebars would be lonely if we didn't add some other carbon parts, and to represent going forward with boldness and style we placed Diner's original 3spoke on the front:



And following behind? More carbon fiber, this time with Diner's 88mm wheel


We spare no one with the saddle either, by using Diner's carbon slim lined saddle...



I know the idea of it may seem a bit hard, but the saddle gives you a great riding position, with the carbon fiber also absorbing any chatter the rougher roads give while weighing JUST 90g!!! 



I can confidently say this combination of parts is dynamic and will bring joy to anyone out there who is looking for that extra bang when riding.



Here comes a custom I think is just so wicked...and is absolutely for anyone out there looking to go hard:



Matte black on matte black with the frame complimenting the 3 spoke carbon wheel:



I am sure the one thing you noticed first were these longggg riser handlebars from Deda; that are full carbon, being honest long riser's are meant for mountain bikes, as the added length aides riders as they dance from left to right while on the ascent. I think they were popularized on fixed gears bikes after Mash's last video drop and I would love to try and duck and weave between cars with them.



The stem had to complete those handlebars so we used Deda's TRENTACINQUE 35



The slim tubing for our bikes frames is also something to be admired, in a world where the thick pipe abounds:



The last bit of magic comes once again from Diner's original line; and by confession is one of my favorites... it's none other than their 24mm carbon fiber wheel:



I used them back in 2015...and while they lack the aerodynamics of the other carbon fiber wheels, they make up for by being the lightest wheels I have ridden on...they also have a quick release function for the front wheel...PERFECT for touring!




Spring into action this spring... 




Welcome to another edition of W.A.C.C, where we have been keeping our movements down to a minimum, as you may have noticed on our Instagram... it's definitely a time of reflection for us while we think about our next moves ...



No doubt though, it will be revolved around music, as we have been from the start as we continued to be inspired by our surroundings and the many great creators connected to us, like Funkineven who had some words with Mixmag:



Ooo don't forget that his label Apron just made a fresh drop of T-shirts n such...best to get in there quick before they sell out:



The same can be said for his new drop 'Bloodline'...oops too late pre-orders are already, which just goes to show how the world feels about what Apron is doing:



You can check the 'Bloodline' sound clips below:



Also, you can listen to the Apron radio show here too:



All this music has me hyped to once again unite with my Funktion brethren TONIGHT...myself and Outer Loop (formerly known as Haruki but most known as Harry) made a mix not too long ago and I can't wait to present it to you all:



We are always grateful for the good vibes you have been bringing to the Funktion...



Let tonight be no exception... AMEN:






Since our collaboration with 'bal Original' the words classic and classical have been thrown around a lot lately, with my colleagues even asking me what the differences between the two words actually are; within the context of bicycles.


Cooking up a classic custom that has a classical feel to it is quite simple if you start by using a bike like the matte white 'Avenue'. 



The Avenue itself with its slim horizontal frame, head tube, and no thread stem make it already reminiscent of the touring bikes of old...



I always like to ensure any customization of the matte white 'Avenue' retains a nostalgic feeling and the custom we  posted on our Instagram today is no exception:



I have no real idea when riser handlebars started becoming a popular option, but I think its definitely a more recent trend especially on fixed and single speed bikes. I use them since I feel they have a user-friendly appeal:



However, Brooks' slender leather grips are always there to add a touch of sophistication and that 'classic' look to any bicycle:



That black leather from both the saddle, grips plus the tires makes for a great contrast against the snow white frame and silver parts.



A simple yet strong custom matte white 'Avenue' for your riding pleasure:




An alternative could be by using promenade handlebars like below:



White is a great base for mixing colors too, so you can try some of Brooks other leather shades like this B17 in dark brown:



If you want to switch it up completely, then how about the "City Bike"?




If W.A.C.C is our expression for bicycle culture; then Cartel's recent collaboration with Bal is an example of how well bicycles can crossover into things like fashion (and music!), ESPECIALLY with the types of single/fixed gear bikes we are making.



I know for a fact that our friends at Bal have been riding for years now and furthermore are still riding their own bikes around Tokyo today. During the development process of the "City Bike" the chief designer was telling us how he injured himself during the "crit" style races that were put on by T19/Carnival back in the days...like this:



Coming from this base it's clear he still holds a passion for bicycles and riding; within this, he also holds a knowledge of bicycles and their parts that allowed him and the Bal team to create a clear image of the bike they wanted to create with us.



The new Dune Gold version of the bike dropped yesterday and is available now from Diner!


It's been a while since I mentioned our allies movements especially those at NCA:



However, after listening to their latest radio show on NTS, I can honestly say this label really has the next - check it out for yourself:



The show is made up heavily of productions from their stable via JMS KHOSAH, ASTRE JENKINS, KO SAITO, BLACK VOID SMITH and JR... 


Music is not the limits of their upcoming activities, with a line of original merchandise AND MUCH MORE!!! 



Their vibes have once again got me hyped for our weekly sessions via Funktion...



Come join us ...



We're happy to announce the return of our collaboration with 'bal Original' and our original "CITY BIKE"; this time presented to you in a new limited color Dune Gold:





BAL / CARTEL BIKES 'CITY BIKE' DUNE GOLD from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.


  • PRICE: ¥80,000(w/o tax)
  • 発売日・AVAILABLE: 3/7(水)

バイクショップ”DINER”が手掛けるプライベートブランド"CARTEL BIKES"とコラボレーション。

The return of the collaboration between private brands "Bal Original" and "CARTEL BIKES" handled by the fixed gear boutique store "DINER".
Which saw the creation of their original complete bicycle; which they titled as their own 'City Bike' a 700 C size bike inspired by classic Italian city bicycles.
The base frame adopts a shape that makes for easy straddling and riding for all since it uses a unique rear sloping step-through frame.
Just like last time all parts such as the handlebars, tires, cantilever brakes etc. were supervised by BAL and finished in a vintage like fashion.
The steel frame is made of Chromoly, which is tough and rugged while still being relatively lightweight.The handlebars are the curved promenade type.The rear end of the bicycle can be set to fix or free gear.
This release the City bike now comes in a brand a new color 'Dune Gold'; the subtle golden shades of sand dunes.



The embossed head patch is a detail that must be appreciated...



The cantilever brakes remain the same as the first line, but the frame comes ready install caliper brakes at a later date if that is your preference: 



It shares the same brake levers as all our models in our bike fleet that have silver parts:



Promenade handlebars come as standard just like the previous models:



The crankset is also shared with other bikes in our fleet that have silver parts:



You might remember this saddle from the 'Specular':



As always you find the Novatec hubs connected to a flip-flop cog allowing you to be fixed or free with a simple flip of the wheel:



BAL X CARTEL BIKES 'City Bike' Dune Gold Price: ¥80,000 (+Tax)