We are very happy to reveal the items from our latest collaboration with Muro Scents:

  Muro Scents and Cartel Bikes both empathize the creation of quality products with clean aesthetics. It was a mutual appreciation, paralleled by intersecting lifestyles that brought about our collaboration. The result is a limited edition original colored 'Avenue' bike designed in collaboration with Muro that features a subtle yet distinct logo on the head tube. It will come packaged together with a pack of natural hand rolled incense and an original Tote bag. 
Inspire your surroundings / Experience your road

This limited edition Avenue bike comes in a magnificent bronze type color and the package will retail at ¥70,200 and is exclusively available from Diner starting December 24th:

For those thinking about a last minute Christmas present this is your chance!

For more information contact - 03-6427-2745

I will leave you with the special mix from the Muro Scent soundcloud courtesy of the late and great Alani Cruz (RIP!):


How was your weekend?

Mine was extremely busy filled with bonenkai, a photo shoot, birthday parties and such like.

The shoot we did was for our latest collaboration with Muro Scents and we took things to new heights:

As you'll soon see the product shots came out really nice, and I cannot wait to share them with you all, we wanted to really make emphasis on the package we will be offering, so we shot the products in a special way.

After doing that we did some image shots in the Nishi Azabu area, because Cartel Bikes is a Nishi Azabu brand (How many of you can say that?).

I grabbed this selfie of myself and the new product, with the hopes of building anticipation on the Cartel instagram

I can say the shoot was a success and thank Daisuke Urano for his continued hard work with the Cartel! 

The shoot built my apetite up quite significantly - so I rode over to Miyota soba in the neighboring Aoyama for a meat free lunch.

It was very filling and I topped it off with hot Soba water (the water that soba is boiled in)!

In last Friday's post I mentioned how excited I was to see how people will start customising our 2016 Avenue Lo bikes - well here is a 2016 Matt Olive that was put together by Diner for one of their customers:

The two stand out items being:


And the other being:


One stand out moment from my weekend was this view from a friends apartment in Tamachi - everything moving below, while we enjoyed a clear view that stretched into Tokyo bay, with this beautiful blue sky serving as it's background.

With the soundtrack provided by the one and only Kateb Habib...perfect!


Yes, it's the Friday update meaning your only moments away from your weekend.
The past 3 days or should I say nights, I have been collecting still shots of my bike in the dark of the night as I have been travelling to and fro Tokyo, I took these shots for our instagram

And this one I posted on the midweek update:

The weather has also taken a sudden drop in tempreture literally the day after I blogged about how warm it has been, so it's definitely worth checking the tempreture before you jump out there and decide to go for a ride, to ensure you don't get chilled down to your bones.

I think back to how I was dressed to ride this time last year, and remember the key was not having anything but my eyes exposed where possible!

On the last Monday's post I showed you all our new matt black Avenue bikes, but since then our friends at Diner have also blogged this happy customers Avenue Lo also in Matt Black, so thought it would be nice to share it with you:

Once more our 2016 Avenue Lo bikes are available to buy right now from our stockists, and with the exception of matt black come in:

Pepper White

Matt Olive

Since as far back as you all can remember and even before that, I have been moving in unison with a certain group of people spread across the globe, these movements for the most part have been documentated but were yet to be collectively published until now:

The hidden hand is always moving.

If you are unaware I used to DJ under the name of Spexsavers alongside Brassfoot, our official last effort was this back in 2012:

The Spexmosphere (Sugar Shoulder's Half) by Brassfoot Aka Sugar Shoulder on Mixcloud

We were also a part of one of the first live streaming internet 'radio' shows called Outtanet, with Afra, Zen-La-Rock, Donsta, Skyfish, Articalizm, Inumikaku and ourselves as Spexsavers...

We started growing slowly and our media production skills increased:

And it all boiled down to this last party we did:

And it ended like this:

A lot happened before all of and, so much inbetween and yet still the hidden hand continues to move!

Welcome to the midweek update!

I have been keeping myself occupied with closing up my working year, but still have just a few more jobs to complete before I can go full out and enjoy the Bonenkai season...

I've been running around a lot a night the past fews days, due to work and other obligations, oh and of course because it's winter and the sun sets at 4:30pm now.

Wait...I don't know about you, but I have found the weather to be super mild and in fact warm some days which has me feeling like it is still Autumn:

Which reminds me of a video I watched the other day that proposes something quite interesting:

Well regardless of what is true or not, there is no doubt we are living in very interesting times, and whether or not we will be able to live in harmony with nature is still a mystery.

Another reason for us living in interesting times is because we are literally on the cusp of a new generation of Star Wars films, and last night I accidently stumbled across a screening of episode 6:

Before that I was DJing for Monopo's (the company behind the Powered by Tokyo project which we will be featured in)  - Bonenkai which was a lively affair, that climaxed at this moment where Beats, Dance and Tap came together:

We also closed up our group EXPO at Anagra this week.
The opening party was so much fun and I really appreciate all the people who came down to give there support.
I also want to thank photographer Kouichi Nakazawa for capturing this rare shot of me doing the 門sta thing:

That's all for today, but don't forget to check back in tomorrow for the Friday update!

Welcome to the Monday update!
So last week I mentioned our 2016 bikes have arrived and with them a key change to our fleet.

That change will be the base color of our Avenue and Avenue Lo bikes, from black to matte black:

And since being delivered, have been embraced well according to our friends at Diner:

Why not beat the rest and get yours in 2015?

We also have one last thing in store for you all this year...

As we have alluded to before in our previous blog posts, our next collaboration project is almost finally ready to be presented, the project is with Swedish based Muro Scents.

A key factor behind working with other brands is finding our common ground, I dont need to elaborate on the meaning of this point, but with Muro that ground is solid.

Muro's ethos:

From various backgrounds we have come together with the common appreciation of quality based aesthetics in what we felt was a neglected market. We specialize in natural scents presented to you in a clean simple way. 
Inspire your surroundings 

The brand ethos really resonates with us here at Cartel:

The concept behind our bikes is simple; strip away anything that is unnecessary, breaking down the idea of a bicycle until only the required minimum parts are left, an idea proposed as a simple bicycle attached to a smooth silhouette frame.
Experience your road

Quality that meets simple and clean aesthetics.

The inspiration that scent can give to any space can truly have an impact on our senses and will influence the perception we have of that said space, and in the future the memory of it (smells that trigger memories).

With Cartel Bikes inspiration can be a two fold thing; coming from the visual presence of our bikes coupled with where they are able to take you:

Another important inspiration can be via another of one our senses, sound. Muro seem to have a similar appreciation of music to us, as music can definitely help to promote active lifestyle and thus contribute to you experience your road, furthermore we share similars tastes as the following will demonstrate:

This leaves us with only one question; WHAT IS THE COLLABORATION???

Stay tuned for more information...

Greetings on a rainy Sunday!

To set the mood right I'll share with you what we have been listening too all day here at the Cartel HQ - so please listen and enjoy reading today's post:

The reason why this post comes to you this wet Sunday afternoon is due to mainly me taking time out to prepare for the group expo Osiris is holding at Anagra:

Yup we really had to dig deep to be able to bring this show to you:

Let me take you back to Thursday lunch time, where myself Mashirito from Beside the bag, and Mr.Yamamoto from Awesome Inc. decided to kick start our adventure with lunch at this Jamaican restaurant in Dogenzaka called Good Wood Terrace - I've known the GWT crew since they were located in Ikebukuro so get to order some specials like this:

After getting that power, we used it to move our products and equipment.
After temporarily storing our goods we had to head over to Koenji, on the way over there, I was so bent on getting some fruits into my system... in the liquid form:

I got some kind of raspberry and black vinegar mix, and using that power made it to Koenji where Mr.Yamamoto wanted to make a stop by a particular record store:

After running various other errands we decided to take a small break here:

Not sure what the name of this spot is, but it gave us the extra power needed to then collect our stuff and go on to Anagra, where we got everything set and planned for the rest Expo...Mashirito was very pleased:

Be ready for the Monday update where we will have news on some changes to our fleet!


It's a brand new day for us here at Cartel as we step into 2016, as you know we have been getting ready for our new line of 'Avenue Lo' and 'Avenue' bikes, and we are very happy to announce: 

Yup our bikes arrived today... 

This means that you can instantly purchase our bikes from our dealers across Japan RIGHT NOW!

Yes things just get better with time:

Another thing that caught my attention was this slightly conservative custom 'Avenue' put together by our friends at Diner for this customer: 

What caught my eye the most was the chain guard he had installed, not really my style, but I can see it being a practical option for those who commute to work therefore cannot afford to get 'dirty'. Coupled with these silver riser bars and that huge light make this avenue a stylish and practical commuter: 

Once again...remember Diner in Nishi Azabu is the best place to get your Cartel Bike customized.

Oh and we are about to ready to announce our next collaboration, the only hint I will give you is this:

Muro Scents - Nordic Musk Teaser from Muro Scents on Vimeo.

See you at the Friday update!

The final 'Water Works' of 2016 was a good one, if you were there, you will know that the vibes and music from start to finish were top notch as always, big thanks to CE's Toby Feltwell for putting down a heavy set...

Also thanks to our very special surprise guest who suddenly decided to get on the decks, DJ I AM SORRY from REZZETT:

I also want to send a big shout out to Avery Alan from Prom, for coming through and opening the night up!
Koala also got there latest poster:

And while we are on the subject of the Cartel Network I paid another visit to Febo last night:

They had already got themselves into the festive mood with Christmas carols on repeat and the tree you see above, I actually went over there to discuss some secret plans and to pass them on a poster too:

Honestly this is one of the best spots in Tokyo for EXCELLENT food, drink and vibes...hence why they are a part of our network.

This week will see the start of high activity for Osiris:

We will take part in an expo that will some exclusive goods like the following the hoodie and pants provided by Xion Tokyo:

And if that was not enough for you all, we also have made the following:

All will be available from this Friday at Angra in Hanzomon, and thereafter at Newstand in Shibuya  - the items have all been made in limited quantities so be sure to get there early to ensure you get yours.

From the 15th of December we will also be starting a new mix project series with our friends at Black Eye Patch:

In case you did not know our musical relationship goes back a little under a year now, when I made this mix for them:

I am also very proud to announce that we have secured our next release from Mexico's Omaar...and it is sounding very hot:

Stayed tuned for more info!

Welcome to the Friday update, since we last met I got back some more shots from Nynno Bel-Air as outtakes from the shoot we did for IZMZ Magazine:

Do you like my socks?

The pictures made think it's once again time to dig into my pockets and upgrade some parts... and this time I have set my eyes on a new crank set, actually this one:

SRAM OMNIUM Track Crankset:

I need those extra gains when I am pedalling; especially when I sprint or going uphill, the SRAM should provide me with that plus more durability...check out the blog next week for more news.

Today is the first Friday of the month, and the final Water Works for 2015, but it's also our 2nd Anniversary!!!
Yup two years go fast and our time at Koara has also gone quick, I am soo glad that Koara is a part of our Cartel Network:

Koara from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.

They made a highly customized 'Avenue Lo' that features front and back 88mm Carbon Wheels:

Last night I was invited to play at a restaurant called 'Tavern' which specializes in Meat & Baked Bread.
Knowing that I was playing to an audience who needed ambiance, I dug out some of my Jazz/Funk favorites from the 70s & 80s:

I was also joined by Masa-san who was accompanying me on the Sax:

For my effort Tavern blessed me with a bunch of food including these jerked out chicken wings:

My favorite tune of the night (if I may say so myself) was this one:

Thank you to everyone at Tavern for making it a special and tasty night:


Welcome to the midweek update.

Time flies so fast and it's already Wednesday not to mention December.

I have been here and there in the past few days:

And accidentally found this Botanical Garden in Shibuya... wow:

I also swung by Anagra as we are getting ready for our new osiris and blank project... more details of which are coming soon, but I can show you this much for now:

After Anagra it was time to close the Brassfoot energy... with one last 'OTSUKARE' celebration:

Looking back the past week has been a blur, but connecting with Brassfoot has been a pleasure, of course he is an old friend but seeing how far he has progressed and where he is now mentally was a blessing.

I enjoyed our low key night at Febo, as we definitely came into a higher understanding of each other and what has to be done, a moment which climaxed at this point:

The rest is history...I will miss you bro: