So we spent three days in Makuhari Messe for Cycle Mode 2015 with the promise of spreading the Cartel name even further and wider.

I guess we got off to a good start via this video interview: 

I was very suprised by just how many people have an interest in cycling and bikes in general, as the show attracted such a wide variety of guests.

When I had a break I decided to take a look around at some other booths, especially those of makers we have some relation with like Novatec:

We use a Novatec hub for our 'Avenue Lo' models:

I also visited the Sugino booth as I am planning to change my crank set very soon and have had my eyes on their solutions for a while now, like this beauty here:

One of the nice things about Cycle Mode is that visitors have a chance to test ride many of the bikes on display (if they don't mind waiting!), making the show quite interactive:

This cycling machine below apparently had the power to turn man into beast, so we tried it out:

1) Easy

2) Applying the pressure now... go on son!

3) WHAT?!?!

Another highlight of spending time in Makuhari was visiting Sushi Yamato:

Really good sushi - I didn't know that Chiba was also renown for good sushi and other seafoods!

Standing on your feet for 22 hours over three days is quite tiring actually - so I want to say a big お疲れ様です to the Cartel team and other exhibitors. After the last day, returning back to Tokyo I knew I had to face the rain and go get some proper refreshment.

So equipped with my trusty reflective jacket...

I decided to hit Febo in Morishita:

My favorite place to eat Steak in Tokyo; my good friend and chef Take-san told me he prepared my steak for TWO hours - letting cook slowly and it tasted WAY better than it looks in this picture.

And what good is Steak without some good fries?!

Take-san told me to also have some red wine to bring out the flavor even more and it did:

This radish salad also hit the spot!

The desert had extremely high levels of richness and sweetness...but the clincher for me is the Rasberry sorbet slightly hidden by the mint leaf.

Yep life is good!

See you on Wednesday for the midweek update.
Very rarely do I come to you on a Saturday but Friday was just too busy for an update because:

We're currently at Cycle Mode exhibiting our fleet.

I must say our booth much like our bikes is simple yet stylish:

So far we're getting a great reaction from all the visitors; shops, exhibitors, press and customers. I am glad the subtle uniqueness of Cartel Bikes can clearly be seen among all the other bike brands and exhibitors!

More on Cycle Mode via the Monday update.

Last Thursday I spent the whole day in Gakugeidaigaku for a change.

I had to deliver some bike parts before lunchtime, had an interview with a magazine after that and in the evening a rehearsal session.

For lunch, the fish 'Teishoku' restaurant there got me again:

That's a big piece of Tuna shoulder seasoned with Cajun style herbs...amazing!

After lunch I had the interview which we. conducted at the park - very nice I must say.

Such a scenic park - which made for a great setting for the interview.

The park was close to where myself and BYM had to practice for our live showcase, and come evening time we did just that - a day well spent!

Btw the show went great but more about that on Monday!

We'll be making an appearance at Cycle Mode International bike festival this weekend:

Since we'll have our own booth there, 'Cycle Mode' have sent us a few invitation tickets to pass on that we have made available to anyone who would be interested in visiting: 

We've left the tickets with our friends at Diner in Nishi Azabu so if you'd like to come visit us, why not go pick up a ticket?

Last year for Osiris's 1st Anniversary we invited over UK's Rushmore to join us, as well as Brassfoot, good times were shared by all who attended that party, and since then we have kept the link. Furthermore earlier this year myself, Konida and B.Y.M recorded a song for Rushmore which he has featured on his latest mix as the final song (last 4 minutes):

In other news...
On Monday night I was invited to play at 'Slowly Neat Job' at Batica and was joined by my friend and artist Donnie, who made this amazing piece using only felt pens:

If that wasn't enough, I was also joined by another friend and artist 'Sick Town' who was putting this cool and complex piece together (it turned out to be a face btw!):

The party was dope and they did do a slow neat job of intoxicating me, so I took the chance to save and indulge myself by eating here:

OH man....:

Cheese goes so well with Ramen, add tomato and basil and my gosh!

The next day was a national holiday even for me so I decided to head out to Shinjuku since it's been a while.

I decided to hang on the west side as I wanted to check out some electronic shops, but before doing that, first things first had to get a lunch in and went for this 'Katsu' restaurant:

Yeh as much rice, cabbage and miso soup as you can stand.

huMan that was good!

Walking around the west side of Shinjuku you can't help but notice the skyscapers  most of which are accessible to the publc, but being a national holiday I thought the surest way I could catch a stunning view would by visiting the Keio Plaza Hotel and going all the way up here:

huMan was I right!


First things first we have been featured in Loop magazine's Vol.20 which happens to be a special issue:

On page 18 we have an advert for our latest 'Avenue Lo' bike which feature two new colors:

I will leave the specific color details up to your imagine but expect to see them on a cartel blog post near you soon!

On page 93 we have a one page spread for their 'best buy street bicycle catalog' feature:

Finally on page 127 to celebrate Loop's 20th issue one lucky reader will be able to win a bunch of goodies, including our Aqua blue Avenue Lo - you'll need a copy of the magazine to get your hands on that special QR code.

Yesterday, I took this picture for our instagram while bombing down Gaen-Nishi Dori, I captioned it 'Hands-free multi-tasking', more so because I was recovering from a killer hang-over than anything else:


On Friday I played at a pre-halloween party, where I was asked to play a strictly hiphop set...and for the first time ever I got paid like this:

lol who does this???

Oh since it was a pre-party by 21:30 I was done, which allowed me to catch up with these guys and some yakitori and that was Friday night - done.

On Saturday night I was invited to join the Eyescream flea market and DJ there as I blogged about on the last 'Friday update'.

This was the start of my corner (later my homie Taku added some of his bits):

This was Akeem-sans all 500円 corner:

And these supplies were supplied by my friends from the 'Supply Store':

The party seemed to be a huge success with several people in attendance and everyone in good spirits:

Things went pretty downhill after this... leading to that hang-over I mentioned above, I guess the only thing that made me feel human again was this picture my sister sent me last night:

And we move onto tonight:


As you may know I changed my handle bars over to Bullhorn bars about two weeks ago, and I am definitely not looking back, as the riding positions, weight and aesthetic of the bars provide really suit my riding style.


I took this shot for our instagram on Wednesday night and though not popular, I personally thought my bike resembled the menace of a Cape Buffalo:

My handle bars are DINER's original Carbon Matte Black Bullhorns which match my Carbon Matte Blacks forks:

But just last week Diner introduced their new Carbon Gloss Black Bullhorns:

I am sure their Bullhorn Handle Bars are a good match for any bike, but they go even better with our Avenue Lo with all Carbon custom parts by Diner:

'Avenue Lo' carbon edition available now at Diner call - 03-6427-2745 for more information.  

The spolight has been shining a little brighter for a number of reasons, one of those reasons being is that I was asked to put together an article for Dune Magazine about Apron Records.

One of the first blogs I made for Cartel was when I had just returned back from London, where I had spent considerable time with these three:

Funkineven, Brassfoot & Lord Tusk

The article outlines my time with them and our mutuals friends and also includes an interview with Funkineven and Brassfoot.

I hope to be back in London soon until then i'll allow the sounds of Funkineven's latest NTS show soothe me:

And as the weather cools down and we head toward winter, I thought it was a good time to start honing my production skills once again using this beast:

Lets see what I come up with!

After doing the KATHRYN exhibition at Tokyo's hidden gem Anagra...
As Osiris we were invited to take part in a shoot with Studio Voice magazine:

Being that I am not from Japan, and my Japanese is no way near native leveI, trying to extend my focus on real local talent has had it's highs and lows, but it feels good everytime you get recognition, so thanks again to Studio Voice.

Konida, Koko Miyagi, Roncy, BYM and SEM-KAI (and by extension Hibi Bliss) I salute for being such fun souls to be around, create and build with...and thank them for believing in each other, themselves and me - bromance aside in recent times we have been doing this:

BYM has a new video out.

Konida moved house.

Then made some house.

And celebrated it all by making this tune - HYPER 9 - NIGHTGAVETOMEbutImboy

Roncy has also extended himself to making tunes of late and this one features the ever talented Hibi Bliss, BUT is also an edit by SEM KAI, however Roncy shot the video himself (naturally).


All the Jazz aside though my favorite bike shop in Japan has now been listed on Time Out Tokyo.

Check out it here.

Our collaboration with Deeper's Wear has been picked up by HOUYHNHNM as a news item, namely because this life spec wear is:

Water Resistant 

Extremely Flexible


The weekend was really action packed - Saturday:

I had a photo shoot to model for so rose early and put some good stuff into my body. 

The shoot was located in Otā city, one of the 23 special wards, located in the south of Tokyo, a ward I know little about - shooting in locations you'll only visit once in your lifetime, and enjoy the moments therein.

The Nissan Gloria...a car I love and has about as much allure as the car park I found it in.

From the depths of Otā city we drove to Ueno, another area I love, since it draws such diverse groups of people from the locals, to the foreign locals to the tourists!

Met an old friend there too!

Ueno is definitely charming...

After completing the shoot I headed over to Shimbashi for some track based action, and as I said in my instagram post - sometimes it's nice to watch others riding.

The world of KEIRIN is very deep and interesting:

After winning all of ¥0 I decided to celebrate by trying a Wasabi sour; look at all the optimism in my face.

Dashed hopes...Wasabi sour is NOT good!
The experience left me sour, so I went to drown my sorrows at a Taco joint around the corner where I tried this amazing Tequila.

Tokyo I love you...

Special thanks to Mr.Knox.

See you again at the midweek update!

It's been a while since I posted about a custom 'Avenue' bike, so today I present this to you:

Yes, it is our mint green 'Avenue', which usually looks like this:

The most obvious custom part is the basket:

This fancy basket is a BROOKS HOXTON WIRE BASKET that is also detachable:

And since you obviously cannot attach a basket onto a bike with dropped handle bars we changed the handles bars to these Riser handle bars:

The end result being another happy custom cartel bike owner:

This is not the first time we have made a custom 'Avenue' with a basket:

Cartel Network Vol.1 from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.

Straight out of the Cartel Network archives; Just Mate's white Avenue "the fast and light delivery bike".

In case you already did not know, the best place to customize your Cartel Bike is at Diner in Nishi-Azabu as they stock several of their own original parts that match perfectly with our bikes!

Maybe you can make something we've never seen before?


The first of update is that our collaboration with DEEPER'S WEAR has been featured on Eyescream web magazine:

Stock is very limited and we are gaining quite a bit of press around this collaboration, so if you are still sitting on the fence about purchasing your setup I suggest you move quickly!

Eyescream have also invited me to join their Halloween Disco party at Unit on December 31st:

DANIEL WANG (Balihu Records/Berlin)
Bon Appétit ($HOW5#テガキ & KAI)
Crystal (Traks Boys / (((さらうんど))))
Akeem the Dream
Akeem the Dream
LANTIKI centraaaaal TOKYO
and more!!! 
OPEN : 23:00
START : 23:00
ADV 2,800yen
W/F 3,300yen
DOOR 3,800yen
Full Costume 2,000yen
Semi Costume 3,000yen
来場者全員にTENGAコンドームかTENGA EGGをプレゼント!
※ 未成年者の入場不可・要顔写真付きID

It's been almost two years but I am proud to present Osiris's next release 'OTSUKIMI 2014' by Konida and Skint Eastwood:


Skint Eastwood is an artist from Manila who is also part British; we met in Tokyo back in late 2013 almost completely by chance, and after striking up conversation I soon discovered she had previously worked with Metro-zu, ironically just after Konida had finished working with Metro-zu's Lofty305 on the MEIJIDORI305 project.

She returned back to Tokyo in the early spring time of 2014, and in just one session her and Konida ended up creating this EP.

I don't know much about Manila's music scene but someone shared a post about their 90's rave scene here:

I love how club culture and the music around it is borderless!

In more recent times though, Manila artist EYEDRESS has been causing some waves, and he and Ms.Eastwood have been collaborating heavily with one another for sometime now:

Eyedress - Arhuaco (Feat. Skint Eastwood) from アイドレス on Vimeo.


Not mention that Eyedress has also worked with LOFTY305:


Like one big musical family!

Enjoy the music and see you all on Friday.

I am very happy to announce I had a very relaxing weekend!

Saturday night I took my wheels out for a short spin around town, and happening upon this white wall in a dim light side street I grabbed this snap for our instagram:

Friday night I was asked to play for D.T.T.K at a venue called Faith Aoyama which sported quite pleasant views of the surrounding neighborhood of Aoyama and Nishi Azabu, which would have been amazing if it was not for the misty rain:

It's fair to say a good time was shared by all who attended, official pictures coming soon!

Saturday, my son wanted to go to Akihabara to play with some NGAGE trains so we set out:

I sported my best 'Dad of today' look and had my wife grab a snap of it; notice how happy I am!

Here is another 'Dad of today' Mr.James Wonder who I found on a poster in the train station.

The first mission of the day was to eat, as I doubt I could have handled the 'densha otakus' on an empty stomach so we opted for this steak house:

Steak & Hamburg Takeru is definitely worth a visit if you are hungry and it's actually been featured on TV quite a lot...:

I've always warned my boy that I have friends in low places, and just to prove that point I brought out a devil:

I didn't know much about the world of NGAGE train sets but for those that don't know, NGAGE is a fairly expensive type of miniture railway, that has a big following worldwide, and I can understand why, the level of detail is quite amazing:

Being honest I find the whole idea of spending over ¥10,000 on one part of a toy train to be quite insane, but it was great to see just how much passion people into NGAGE have for their craft... which made me think about how much passion I have for my craft(s)?

After the madness that was Akihabara I felt quite drained, I believe all the flashing lights, people and noise wore me down. So I hit the streets for a quick ride, then I headed to my favorite restaurant Febo for another amazing square meal, and this time I was presented with this amazing WILD DUCK dish, so wild it still had the hunter's pellets in it!

Chef Take told me that wild meat makes you 'genki'...and it did, but I wondered if that was an actual fact, so I did a little research on What are the benefits of eating wild meat?

Have you ever tried wild meat? Would you?

If you have let me know what your experience was when I next see you, until then see you at the Midweek update!