Happy Monday?

Well I am sure it has been, since today is a national
holiday here in Japan,  how did you spend weekend?

First things first we're always happy whenever you
all upload your Cartel bike pictures and use the 
hashtag #cartelbikes like user @harumaki602...

Meanwhile things have been getting more busy on our gram:

Be sure to follow us @cartelbikes for more shots like this:

Since we last met a lot has been going on, if my life was a 
road I think I got in a lot of experience since last week.

Remember Tikini's challenge
Well we headed to C.O.D to give it a try but I think we got

But we are ready for YOU this Wednesday from 21:00!

Thursday I managed to stop by our friends at Febo, and 
they gave me this original type of Kofte composed of spiced
beef and lamb meat, it was great:

Friday saw me busy checking exhibitions for two particular

Black Eye Patch:


C.E SS 2016 from c.e on Vimeo.

From there it was off to Opening Ceremony to DJ for their
Cherry Blossom party:

Then made a quick stop home to change clothes and head to 
NOS ORG in Shibuya to DJ for the launch of this:

Saturday was a bit more relaxed for me (thank goodness),
Djing a long side Kza, Watarude and Sei from Bonobo at the 
newly opened 'Bar Street'... a must say they a wonderfully 
curated bar space, that is broken down by spirit...


I enjoyed the herbal based Shochu cocktail:

Actually the Tequila based drinks and the Sake, were also
excellent, not forgetting the tacos by Barachos...
In all I had an excellent time playing there and was very happy
to finally meet this guy:

GAMERA... who? 

Someone who I have been connecting with via Osiris
for a while:

However music is not the only thing he creates

Precious Stones 

They say the law of attraction is real and what you focus on
is what you attract, Gamera and the artists around him have 
always been putting out music that elevates, choosing to 
create music and art inspired by the guiding light so as to 

But I'll leave it to you to dig around.

See you on the Midweek update.
No messing about this midweek.

Skidding? Track stands? and other tricks are great...but 
for me nothing beats the feeling of speeding through 
the streets of Tokyo:

Cue the music:


Let me introduce you all to one of my favorites bits of road:

I will call it my burning route...
Watch from here until the 20:15 to see the burning route:


I call it a burning a route because well you can just burn through,
it's like the road is calling out to you pedal like you're belong here:

2.12KM total There and back how long do you think it will take you?

You'll find the road to be smooth and it slopes downward,
and It get's really fun when you hit this stretch...

Are you down for a challenge?  

I thought so I am thinking linking up here is the way to go:

Address: 2 Chome-11-17 Kitaaoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0061


Tonight I will be giving it a trial run... but around midnight
so maybe a bit too late for you all, but thinking we try next
week? Say around 21:00? 

If you have any comments or ideas message us on facebook:


Lets go!


It's very hard to know if this Monday is a good or bad day, It's cold and
wet, but rumor has it this will be the last day of "cold weather" for a 
while, and if you live in Japan you know that means good weather until
at least the end of October.

If you're viewing the blog from a smart phone device then do so landscape...

Around this time last year we created our first promotional video for your
viewing pleasure, and this year though a little earlier than the cherry  
blossoms, we are pleased to present you with:

'One day with the Cartel'

TITLE: "One day with the CARTEL"
MODEL: Mr.Tikini

If you me know me at all, you'll get that the my life right now is mainly
music and bicycles, and being one of the forces behind Cartel I thought
it would be good to show a day in the life - so as to speak. 

My question is, if this film was about you and your Cartel bike what would
your story be like?

Here are some brief ones from our Cartel Network:

If you been following this blog you will know that Osiris & BlackEyePatch
are deep in the middle of a project, and I am happy to share the next mix
with you, which is by Koko Miyagi (the dog whisperer):

See you in the warmer weather!
Welcome to a very rare Sunday update; where will start
by saying a big thanks to everyone who has been joining 
the Cartel:

(Just a few pictures taken from Diner in February alone)

Our fleet has grown and also our popularity, our base line 
contains 7 different bikes, plus 1 a collaboration bike and 
another collaboration item:

Something for everyone; the first time pist bike owner or
the rider who is looking to build-up their ultimate custom 

So what's your excuse?

Find one of our dealers and join the Cartel today!
We have already reached the end of week 2 for the Osiris
and BlackEyePatch project and this week Omaar blessed us:

Really happy to announce his next forthcoming release on Osiris will be 'Check Engine':

Which will be available on cassette and digital very soon!

In the meantime take a minute to enjoy his last release on Osiris 'Faabric':

See you tomorrow!
All this rainy weather... (cue music)

Reminds me of that one time we at Cartel descended Koya-san 

What a weekend it was... dominated by rain and adventure...


And realisations

You can check the full blog post here...
You have no idea how intense riding down Koya-san was 
in that rain... I was actually wearing swimming shorts to
ride down the since we did not have our Denim set up yet:

Hah that would have made a huge difference!

Naturally thinking back to that time has me thinking about

My bike at that time was also really fun to ride...

The reason being was because of these babies:

Diner's original 22mm carbon clincher wheels

Anyway the best news I have for you on this rainy Wednesday
is this...

New video coming soon!
Not the best of Monday's to start the week...

So I thought it to be a good time to take you back with me
to the dark streets of London...

During my stay I spent some very valuable times meeting 
with friends, after the sun went down.
Those meetings allowed me to re-connect with energies
that allowed me to remember who I am, where I came from,
what I stand for and how I am going to continue...

Catching up and reasoning on a wide
variety of topics, was how myself and my homies started
this particular night...before stepping out to get some food

Brassfoot; who has been keeping busy just dropped this mix
for our friends at Febo in Morishita:


Lord Tusk; man of mystery and mastery but no calls from his
Sifu this time:

After finishing our meal at mangal Istanbul we headed out....
Or should I say temporarily parted ways, as Brass n Tusk had
to take care of something quickly. And I was taken to the next
spot in this...

But the scenery was more like this...

The spot was just up the road, where Femi from NTS (left) was
holding down a set and many other legends from my pantheon
of London we hanging out like Benny Blanco from 'Nonsense'...

Since you caught some of the 'Nonsense' vibes on the previous
London blog post
, I'll let Femi have the honors:

If that was not enough...

From there we moved onto the Hoxton Gallery, where I was
able to catch up with an old school friend Colin...

Colin has his own tribe:

The function there was also nice but overall I felt a
powerful and positive energy in London, and I was actually
able to link up with so many more people than I did last year...

Big big shouts out to Funkineven, Brassfoot and Navs for this, 
one of my last moments but importantly for always looking out
for me where ever I happen to be!

After this dinner we slipped back to the London HQ where I sipped 
on this...

And enjoyed a pre-screening of Apron's next music video...
But since YOU can't see that yet we'll leave you in the hands of 
NTS and Funkineven...


With the weather warming up as we get closer to spring 
I was reminded of the commerical video we shot last year:

Cartel Bikes in Spring from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.

In the video I was wearing our Deeper's wear made 
denim Jacket and Pants, which I believe will be perfect 
for riding from now until we hit summer.
So I thought it a good time to reacquaint you all via this update:

Our specification was based on these Deeper's items:

The setup is fully water resistant... so need to worry
about those april showers...

The denim setup is woven out of a special secret ingredient 
that allows it to be extremely stretchable...

The setup is a no-brainer for cyclists who are
not into spandex, bright colors and logos...

The setup retails at ¥37,800 (Jacket ¥21,600 & Pants ¥16,200) 
and available exclusively at Diner.

That being said it is FRIDAY...

Are you ready for the Water?

Starting off the midweek update with a special thanks;

CARTEL BIKES at DINER TOKYO @cartelbikes @dinertokyo #cartelbikes #dinertokyo

EYESCREAM.JPさん(@eyescream_jp)が投稿した写真 -

EYESCREAM have been supporting the Cartel extensively since early last year, 
and actually now our new models are proving to be a hit with the people:

Remember you too can be a proud owner of our new models...

Chrome 'Avenue Lo' 89,640円(税込)

Mat red 'Avenue' 59,400円(税込)

Available from any of our stockists NOW!!!

I am also very happy to announce that Osiris is involved in a new project...
it will be with the brand Black Eye Patch; a brand who roots have been
firmly rooted in the streets of Tokyo via grafitti and skate culture.

To Introduce the project the people at BEP interviewed me:

Read it here (Japanese only)

The project is essentially 8 weeks of music mixes from Osiris affliated
artists starting with Waterwork resident and man of mystery Konida:

Which brings me onto the final subject of today's update,
that this Friday is the first Friday of the month making it

WATERWORKS, located at the one and only Koara,
a proud member of our Cartel Network:

Koara from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.

Koara: 1 Chome-13-15 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0041

Be sure to not miss out!
It's been a while...but let me pick up where I left 

I finally made it to London a whole day after I was
scheduled to arrive - thanks Aeroflot! 

In case you didn't know London is my hometown...
where rental bikes (Boris bikes) are a thing and are
run by Transport for London:

The system works like this:

You can hire a bike from as little as £2. Simply go to any docking station with your bank card and touch the screen to get started.

But I could not cheat on my bike for those, so for old
times sake I mostly took the bus:

The above bus is the 205 which I took to get here:

I was curious to see how they are doing things in my hometown
and for the most part it seems that people are into buying
used frames and building up their bikes part by part...

Making my way back home I stopped off at the 
Good Hood Store namely to see what Japanese brands
they were stocking...and there I bumped into an old friend:

Jude has been a long time friend of mine, an intregal part of 
the proper London and one of the reasons I DJ today...
check out him and Benny Blanco's 'Nonsense' radio show:

a lot has changed in the city with new developments showing
no signs of slowing down...a good and bad thing.

However on further investigation you can still find
some of the olde London here and there:

Even in my neighborhood most of the buildings 
remain untouched for the hundreds of years
they have been there.

However for the most part King Cross has undergone
a huge transformation especially around the Regents canal area:

I mean this area was a haven for crime when I was growing
up, with the canal being especially dangerous at night... but 
now they have a Theatre, the Guardian newspaper HQ, 
the world's biggest Waitrose, Central ST.Martins and this:

Dishoom cafe was a pleasure to behold...

The interior design was stunning and was a pleasure to 
behold while we waited for our breakfast...

We went for the bacon naan roll and oh my 
they were special...

Thank you Ganesha!

Just mentioning deities name brings me back to one 
of my favorite mixtapes of the past few years...

All the while in Japan our friends at Diner were getting
more familiar to our latest bikes, naming this one 
The Chrome Carbon Custom (CCC):

Catch more from London and other news in the Midweek update!