Following up with our 'Hombrementary' customs I added a really simple to our Instagram today:



I call this kind of custom of a 'party in the front', thanks to the action and coloring that comes from Encore's 700c wheels.



For all your custom needs and especially to get that party in front or back (or both), you are better off hitting up our friends at Diner.


Well, the weather has been messed up this week with us being stuck by this Typhoon...



They called Shan Shan if we take away 'h' (since everyone pronounces the name without the h), that would leave us with san san, san meaning 3 in Japanese, so 3 and 3 which equals 6... this typhoon is also number 13...<break>


I must thank Onfadd for providing me with these rain socks, I finally got to put them to the test last night - and they kept my feet completely dry.



<end break>


And back to the paranoia, who said the number 13 is unlucky? It seems that for us Tokyo residents we were spared apart from consistent rain and stronger than usual winds... everything was pretty manageable. However, I have always wondered why the name or number these kinds of things?  Of course, from a metrological point of view collecting and recording data is important... but the naming really gets me thinking... the names suck, but on a subconscious level, I really suspect there is something else going on.


Getting on the paranoia level to help introduce the latest NCA drop:






Global Paranoia they say...and I agree with this view (so watch how you step to me cuzzy), everything basically happens for a reason, even if we cannot comprehend or measure everything you still get those feels... like "yeh thats cool" or "nope dat nah gah mek it".


I was introduced to this worldview... of course via my Christian upbringing but more seriously by reading the following book:



Enjoy the video for the drop...



You should also be sure not to miss the latest drop from Apron Records...who have also been on fire this year:



Enjoy the clips below:



Oh and finally if you are around this Saturday and fancy something more intimate... 



Let me know!

This week we start off by thanking Poweredby.Tokyo; for allowing us to add field notes to the video they shot with us:



The video was entitled 'The Time is Always Now' and here it is in case you missed it:


The Time Is Always Now from on Vimeo.


Opening with the song 'Dreams' by Steven Julien (FKA Funkineven), the comments I made in the field notes are definitely encapsulated in the feel of that tune:



Getting to Tokyo and riding here is definitely a "dream" I manifested... thinking to myself "What type of liberties would I have to take to free myself enough to ride like those guys?"...when I use to look like this:



Earth colors were my thing back in those days that said be sure to check out the full feature here:



We'd also like to thank Houyhnnhm for featuring our new 'Avenue' colors:



Not only that, we also once again want to thank everyone who picked up our 'City Bike' collaboration with Bal.



We have now officially sold out of this special model, meaning your next option is going to be our collaboration with Hombre Nino and our 'Hombrementary'.


To remind you, this week I will be sharing some of the customs we have built and placed on our Instagram starting off with this:



Mainly making use of Brook's leather parts, this is a simple but particularly stylish custom brings out the yellow and white coloring of the frame, which is further complemented by this version's silver parts:



The shade of golden brown that Brooks describes as honey combines with the subtle suede color of Michelin's dynamic classic tire:



I think it's fair to say that the honey-colored saddle and beige tires are a good match for the white and yellow of the frame:



The custom white and yellow 'Hombrementary' is available now from our friends at Diner:


Brooks custom 'Hombrementary' - ¥103,464



Don't forget this Thursday we are back the newly refurbish Oath:



Come by and do it again!




I wanted to title this blog The yellow brick 'Avenue' and start off by saying "follow the yellow brick..."


However, wwe'll start off by thanking FNMNL for sharing our new colored 'Avenue' bikes with their readers - you check the news by clicking here.



We also want to thank Diner for sharing with us their customer snaps; this snap, in particular, stood out to us for the custom work the customer had done to it. 



Which was particularly simple... since he just added these flat handler bars (and of course the grips):



Well, I am sure by now you know that our friends at Diner have the most choices for customizing your Cartel Bike outright, with the ability to order select parts for your riding needs - so why not see what they can do for you?


On the subject of customizing our latest 'Avenue' bikes... I went ahead and put together a couple of customs that I thought were interesting. One, in particular, was inspired by hamburgers and hot dogs...



• The ketchup via Encore’s red 700c wheel.
The mustard our ‘Avenue’ yellow.
• The burger Diner’s original rear 3 spoke carbon and original riser bars.
• The bun Kashima’s five gold saddle.


The deep yellow of the frame reminded me of mustard, but not just any kind of mustard - nope it's the deep yellow of Norwich's finest export Coleman's Mustard:



It's not the labeling either but the actual color of the condiment:




Naturally, the deep red of Encore's wheel speaks for itself...




Obviously the most expensive part of the burger is the actually beef patty itself, so it's fitting that the most expensive part on this 'Avenue' is Diner's original 3 Spoke



The Kashima saddle took me back to my childhood...happy meals:




To see more customs like this be sure to follow us on Instagram:



And remember our yellow 'Avenue' is available right now for just - ¥59,400:





We will keep it very simple this post and share with you some of the amazing offers our friends at Diner have going on right now.


Starting with our 'Avenue Lo' in sky blue, with only a couple in stock (all M size!), they decided to lower the price... ¥79,920→¥69,120


Leaving you with an extra ¥10,000... to put towards some custom parts right?! The sky blue A.Lo has been one of my favorite bikes to customize this year...


Remember this one? 



Diner has a wide selection of Encore wheels and original carbon parts which I think make for perfect additions to the sky blue of this A.lo... 


If two Encore wheels are to much how about one?



The other fantastic deal they have for you is the following...


Our 'City Bike' collaboration with Bal - ¥86,400→¥39,800 until 7/31まで!



That's over ¥40,000 your saving here, meaning you can take the customization to luxurious levels and splash on some fine leather parts made by the likes of Brooks England...


Whether it be their black leather offerings!



Their mustard colored leather offerings!



Or their honey-colored leather offerings!



Diner has a huge selection of Brooks products from you to choose from, which is another reason why we chose them as our head shop!




The Avenue Lo Sky Blue¥79,920→¥69,120



Bal / Cartel Bikes 'City Bike'¥86,400→¥39,800 



The summer madness...



I feel like the heat really put a lot of people off the taking part in the last ride, which is understandable since we have been having pretty record highs all last week. Jeez, I mean just yesterday the midday sun combined with the heat bouncing off the tarmac made me feel like I really was in a sauna without the pleasure of being naked (yeh man)...


The little exposure to the heat left me in bad shape (especially after a night of DJ duty being on your body's tab) for the rest of the afternoon...but thank goodness I was able to recover with time enough to fill my tires with air...


With the weather no longer being a real threat since we were due to start at 17:45...and as with every ride, I always include something that riders can look forward too.



Just like a cape buffalo ready to charge...



This time it was blazing straight through Ginza...with the Sunday evening traffic being lazy, the walking masses fatigued from the heat and the expensive lunches they enjoyed in the afternoon. Where we had to come to take advantage of those conditions and enjoy blazing straight through.



All smiles and no tears... in Ginza as planned.



Cutting the ride a bit a shorter we turned left before hitting Kyobashi where the sun began setting, giving the sky a deep blue hue, tinting the clouds while reflecting off the empty office buildings windows.



A chance for pictures and quick adjustments...



I could not have asked for better settings...thank you Universe!



And thank you to Ocean for joining in the antics and of course my home away from home Diner...



Btw make sure you keep up with the Chef's 'Apron'...





In other music news I have to leave you with the sounds of Space Ghost:




Our W.A.C.C rides will be back after a short break...


With the upcoming ride out with have this Sunday (22nd) I thought it proper to share one last custom idea, for anyone looking to push it that bit further... 



First, a nice little touch for our 'Avenue Lo' by way of these handlebars by Nitto that are capped by their original bar ends in red.



Which we matched with the one part that will help you get that bit further, of course, Encore's original 700c front wheel in red



Why can Encore's wheels take you that bit further? Well the first is the wind resistance they offer since the 5 spokes are kept within the tire and hub. Their weight and build quality mean they give you a very stable ride even at high speeds, soaking up a lot of the road's chatter, it's that stability that also allows your power to be transmitted to the wheel more effectively.


So why not try and push it further this Sunday?



Last Friday I had the pleasure of riding one last time with my oldest (foreign) friend here Japan... 



I blame myself really for all the times I "had just one job" but allowed myself to be carried away by the wind resulting in letting my homie down. Either way, though I am sure he will miss me... I mean who else is gonna this guy up at random hours of the morning seeking his dry but realistic wisdom? Who else would be willing to sacrifice not only themselves but their own flesh and blood to star in his widely misunderstood, ambitious yet somehow always absorbing films?



Let use this film about 'cycles' as an example...


This films about cycle:

Circuital from Jesse Freeman on Vimeo.


Seriously I never thought he would get THIS fed up with me? Can I use this moment to say sorry? And remind you that you will always be one of my closest friends no matter how unreliable I am? Also, you've cincerly come so far as an artist from doo-rags and MPCs to dark rooms and Sogestu halls...



However, one friend leaves then another returns (if only for a short while), I'd like to say he is coming specifically to ride with us this Sunday, however, this man is always riding... notice he is holding a bike bag which he got specifically to ride the train with his bike extending his range into the hundreds of KM range.



Big up SamehadaZ each and every time and don't forget to join us this Sunday!



One more note Fred p is town and I will be joining him at Vent...



I'll leave you with this live mix he did back in 2010 - then you make up your mind:






Yes, it's once again that time of the year where we introduce some new colors to our fleet since our sky blue 'Avenue Lo', Bordeaux, beige and forest green 'Avenue' bike's stock are very nearly depleted.


This time we come with the new limited colors of the Yellow:



And a strong red:



With the summer temperatures here in Japan at an all-time high, these bold, bright and strong colors are here at just the right time.



With the exception of our now finished sky blue 'Avenue Lo', you'll be hard to pressed to find brand new fixed gear bikes with colors that exude the feeling of Summer more than this couple does.   



This combination of colors I haven't seen since I ate my last 'Zoom' ice lollipop when I was in my early teens back home in London:




The raspberry red of the frame is almost close to pink, but a deeper look (depending on lighting conditions of course) and you will see this mysterious red is indeed a very strong red.



With the yellow frame being closer to custard than anything else...



The parts being the same standard as with all our 'Avenue' bikes:











WEIGHT 9.8kg 

サイズC-T XS49cm S53cm M56cm L59cm



The price also is the same 'Avenue' standard - ¥59,400




Both the Yellow & Strong Red Avenue are available right now from Diner!!!




We'll start by sharing with you one of Diner's customer's snaps...



Seems that our posts on both here and our Instagram did not go unnoticed, and this gentleman took good care in customizing his chrome 'Avenue Lo' using our recent approach of simple yet not understated - big up!:



In recent times I have been reviewing my worldview... since change is a constant factor and in recent times that constant factor has been REALLY constant. There is a real process behind reviewing your mindset, tried and tested methods that some of us refer to as keys - what keys do you use?


One key I believe is contained in this quote from Manly P Hall:


"We can no longer believe that we are born into this world to accumulate wealth and abandon ourselves to mortal pleasures."



The timing of these changes coinciding with the next NCA release...



They like me, maintain a paranoid worldview; with my basic assumption being that only oneself can truly have ones best interests at heart, even if our minds have the ability to makes us fall short of our best:



On another note I gotta bike up my man Marcy.... this new tune he uploaded slaps:



And I also want to big up last week's guests at Funktion DJ CUTS & G383... you can peep their mix on our MixCloud sometime soon.



We also have some more bits coming your way soon...


But for now you can catch us at the same time and place TONIGHT!



P.S Sorry to all my people back home who are feeling it...



P.P.S big up all the people who tried to do something about it!



Don't forget the next W.A.CC. ride is 7/22... are you ready?



With our next ride fast approaching...



I thought it would be a good opportunity to review some simple ways to customize your bike (especially if you are an existing 'Cartel Bike' owner).


For this post, I am going to use our 'Avenue Lo' chrome as a base example:



We use our friend's at Diner's original 3 spoke for the front wheel here, a wheel that will make a world a difference to your bike's performance. Slicing through the wind to reduce your aerodynamic drag, while at the same time giving your bike a huge weight reduction since this wheel weighs only 850g. In my own experience, this wheel helps give me a huge boost off the start line, going further to give you extra gains as you reach your top speed.



Why not try the benefits for yourself? Available now - ¥ 97,200 from Diner.


This custom goes even further by making use of another one of DIner's carbon wheeled offerings in the form of their 24mm wheel.


The lightest wheel I've ever ridden on... and less weight = more speed, may I also add that every wheel needs a good tire...


Available now - ¥51,840 from Diner.



Currently, I have been using Vittoria's Zaffiro tire and must say it's one of the best tires I have ever ridden with, since it offers low rolling resistance while having high durability, so the risk of getting a puncture is reduced majorly, that plus you can skid without worrying so much about conversing rubber!


Vittoria Zaffiro - ¥2700



The final touch was including Diner's carbon saddle 2.0; a hard but light option that I believe works well when combined with our Chromoly bikes, due to the alloy's ability to be flexible, absorbing the bumps and jolts the road you feel when riding.



Available now - ¥12,960



In this 2nd example, we change it up...



Replacing the 'Avenue Lo' bullhorn bars with Diner's original aluminum drop handlebars:



A possible replacement option when by our bikes from Diner or...


Available now - ¥3240



Using Diner's original 88mm offering similar performance high as the 3 spoke but at a lower price.


Available now - ¥54,000



Custom 1)



Custom 2)



Contact our friends at Diner for more ideas on how to customize your bike.

When our sky blue 'Avenue Lo' first arrived...



My thoughts went straight to long summer days with open roads and without time being a factor... hmm I think this image is best captured by the works of Hiroshi Nagai:



Personally, there is something nostalgic about the both Hiroshi Nagai's works and the sky blue of the 'Avenue Lo', with major 'happiness' undertones...or the pursuit of it, hence his heavy use of roads and distant views of the cityscape or landscape.



Well if you are in pursuit of happiness, and to want to do it on the open road with the sun shining, our sky blue offering may just be your means to those ends.


A closer look?:



The black parts providing that contrast...




Actually, my whole reason for sharing this radiant 'Avenue Lo' with you, is because there are only 4 left... and like all our color variations bikes, we will not be remaking this one either.


Those last 4 are also on special offer from Diner:


AVAILABLE NOW - ¥79,920→¥69,120



Hiroshi Nagai's illustrations were popularized through the records jackets he designed, with this one being the most famous:



I am not familiar with this particular record myself but through my W.A.C.C adventures I have discovered many gems from *THAT* era... with one of my favorites being this:



I searched high and low for this record... resisting the temptation to buy it from Discogs, but alas my search was fruitless.


Then just yesterday my friend Kay Suzuki...



Shared a post about his new label... Time Capsule 





That is actually a re-issue label, with one of the first releases being...




Oh yes... what a touch and you dun know the 'Donna' track is on there!!!!

Kay Suzuki:



And if that was not enough...Lord Tusk



Sent me his latest LP with the message "PROTECT THE YOUTH & STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!" so here it is ...



The drop:



Be sure to also not miss his 'Alternative soundtrack' for the animated film Akira...