The Chrome 'Avenue Lo'...


With the increasing difficulty factories are having to make chrome or raw frames colored, this bike becomes top of our range standard line of bikes by default.


1) The first chrome we are sharing... is reminiscent of the post we placed on our Instagram a few weeks back, but this time we switched the black seat post and stem for their silver equivalents, but still kept the Brooks leather parts.




Not forgetting we added Diner's ultra light 24mm carbon quick release front wheel.



Then increased the potential drive power by adding this direct drive crankset by Miche (Pistard Air)



The black leather parts Brooks contrast so well against the chrome frame and the silver parts we choose:



The B17 Saddle:



The slender leather grips:



The final touch is obviously the Boulevard style handlebars by Nitto:



2) Another aesthetic take on this custom would be this long riser handlebar but using Brown parts.



3) Of you could be completely different and go with this other custom we posted on our Insta... about a month ago - with this one using Diner's original 60mm wheels front and back.



The most recent posts on our Instagram have really been focused on our 'Avenue Lo', and have gained a lot of love from our followers - it's much appreciated.





As the rain pours, the gateway to warmer weather and the yearly highly anticipated cherry blossom season you, are all longing for OPENS!



That means it's time for RIDE 07 - CHERRY RUN EDITION... cherry because it's our first ride of the year and yes as I mentioned this ride will lead us into the many a blooming cherry.










I am thinking we will stop off at spot 1 for some picture taking vibes, and cool off for a bit before moving onto spot 2, where we'll take a moment to practice some moves...and it seems this time it should be the skid since many of you have been switching over to fixed - here is some motivation for you via DJ EES



The first ride of the year so let me remind you of a few things; you will probably need to check on the condition of your bike tire pressure, drive parts lubrication and the condition of your brakes...or get there early enough for us to do that for you!!!



Remember that the meeting time has been changed to DEPARTURE TIME, so please don't get left behind!




DATE: 03/31/2019

DEPARTURE TIME: 18:00 (Arrive at least15 minutes early)

MEETING PLACE: The Wall (behind); 106-0013, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 4-2-10, 102

ROUTE:  Approx 15km (Return Journey)



This is the wall...

  • START, The Wall; Nishi Azabu

  • Roppongi

  • Akasaka

  • Nagatacho

  • Chidorigafuchi Park

  • Otemachi

  • Hibiya Park

  • Shiba Park

  • Finish, Diner (Nishi Azabu)

RULES - Which are only here as a rough guideline but you know I am legally obliged to say this:

All riders must have fully working front and rear brakes.


Obey all traffic regulations.

Riders; ride and carry their own responsibilities for any injuries/damage which occurs before, during and after the ride.


All track style fixed and single speed bikes are welcome and I guess any 27" framed BMX that can keep up, but hopefully, you have 700c size wheels!!! 


Remember you can also get one of these now ultra long sleeve Tees... with a special discount

¥1000 OFF W.A.C.C original Long sleeve!!!



If you want to take part or simply are interested then feel free to contact me: 



Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in a photoshoot...



It was for the independent brand Wander Man:



It was a fun shoot,  which I'm glad I could be a part of it, since I am sure this brand is going to blow-up in the near future, making use of well thought out / designed graphics that are coupled with garments (check out the jacket in the above picture) that are casual but clean - As I get older this is pretty much all I need to wrap my body around.


If you want to get behind the wonder that is 'Wander Man', then be sure to not miss out on their upcoming pop-up on the 23rd of this month!




I must say Nishi Azabu has some real good places to grub at...recently I have been discovering this through LUNCH...


Bar Sincere - The lunch here is only until 16:00 but wow this guy is out of control.

FCD - The combination of Tex-mex, Burgers, and Pizza... also completely out of control.


FCD caught my eye with these too:



In other news, we caught our chrome 'Avenue Lo' in the latest issue of 'GO OUT' magazine:



You might think this chrome looks familiar (actually I doubt you think that at all)'d be wrong if you thought they were not...I remember making use of this chrome once upon a time when it was a lot less customized (it's infancy):



The chrome 'Avenue Lo' is really a becoming the hallmark of Cartel Bikes, of course, due to its handsome looks, with another reason being polished chrome finishes are becoming increasingly hard to create...did you know that?


I'll connect that point with this customer's custom chrome - that I posted on our Instagram earlier today:



Using Diner's original carbon bullhorn handlebars...



I mention this because this customer used these handlebars to place the brake levers in...good look.


The next custom comes from the brains behind Kimi no Yuzu... with this 'Avenue' making use of Brooks leather parts in the form of their brown B17 saddle and leather slender grips:



Byron the Aquarius finally has touched down in Japan...and I know he is happy about it - check out his Instagram; in fact, everyone should follow him on vibes on the gram hands-down!



You really have to see this man in action...:



You can catch him on Dommune from 23:00 tomorrow night...



With the final chance being on the 8th - don't miss it!!!



And will leave you with music from this last album...





Our friends at Diner just dropped a new video that bike, my Encore wheel and me!


The video was shot and edited by old riding partner JT from Proxy:



Having been in and starred in enough videos and photoshoots - I thought it was time to finally make my own, so yes the above story was directed by me (not that its Shakespeare).


Our range of bicycles make use of slim and clean tubing; which makes them a perfect match for Encore's equally slim baton wheels:


Here with the new matte green 'Avenue':



Here a color combination with our matte black 'Avenue Lo':



Which color would you choose?



Gonna finish this post with this new track which marks the return of Dash Gambino... if you know then you know:





Thanks for all the love you showed this picture on our custom just pure gold:



The newly released gold 'Avenue Lo' is available now.


Let me start by telling you all to be extra cautious when riding on Sundays; the expression 'Sunday Drivers' exists for a reason, what I witnessed with my own eyes last Sunday really blew my advice even when the lights are green is to slow down and seriously check your surroundings.


I have finally been getting back to riding... for better or worse (the worse being last Sunday, ask when you see me) - The better is because it's been nice revisiting my bike after a few weeks of not riding.



With those Sunday drivers in my mind, I upgraded my brakes at the end of the last year.



A really simple set of Dia-Compe BRS 101s on the front and back (with the back having brake shoes for carbon wheels):



After taking the photo above of my bike's brakes... I stood to see the sun shining of my saddle (Diner's original carbon 2.0):



Sometimes you have to challenge yourself to find something new that's old, so I've been digging through the algorithms trying to find something special but rare then I came across - mellow mood making music:



My guy Uncle Boof once again also put me onto another rapper that I can say so far so good about... his name is Larry June:




You can listen to his latest mixtape here:



All this cruising music got me thinking about Funktion...which is happening tonight (and every Thursday night):


Here in Tokyo, the Olympics are constantly on the news these days (and not always for the best of reasons), anyway on a lighter note when we think about the Olympics we can't help but think about MEDALS;



here at Cartel bikes with the creation of the gold 'Avenue,' we are can offer you the feeling of the Olympics on two wheels minus the spandex (unless that is your thing!).


Here I share with you some 'Avenue Lo' bikes that have had Encore wheels added to them for that extra va-va-voom: 


Representing Gold we have the 'Avenue Lo' gold:



With Arctic white wheels.

Representing silver we have the Chrome 'Avenue Lo'.



Monotone colors make it necessary that we use Encore's raw colored wheels.

The gloss coat of the Brown 'Avenue Lo' makes it a good representative of Bronze.



The black parts mean we also use the raw wheels here.

Gold, Silver or Bronze no longer has to be about the position you come in but a preference of what you ride!


Moving on...

New day new rapper? But how many of them matter me? Today only two... Let's start with Dangla:



I don't know anything much about him but I peeped his music via the good ol' 'Uncle BooF', and took the time out to listen to this mixtape drop - I think the music speaks for itself:



The same can be said for OG WEAT:



His latest video...



And the previous mixtape...feeling these sounds:



On the theme of music, tonight is the 2nd Anniversary of my Funktion...and I do hope to see you there:



What's new in the world of cycling and stuff...? For one thing, you guys have been showing a lot of love to the pictures on our Instagram feed, especially with shots like this:



Those Encore wheels sure get some love man as they rightly should... I've been using mine for months now and I can't recommend them enough.



As you know by now...



In other news,  the overwhelming amount of underwhelming information these days has got me feeling like...

(If you know about this then you know)...



Yet it's not all bad news since the launch of this game, oh yes I did say game ... Apex legends, a game that in just one week has gained 25 million users!!!



As you can tell I have been hibernating while getting ready for the next few busy weeks here at the Cartel plus getting ready for Byron...



This man seems to have such a passion for music and life, that you can't help but love him, and what really sets him apart from other artists/producer in this age is that his love for melodies and harmonies made him actually take time out to expand his knowledge through the study of Jazz and the genre's compositions, allowing to do things like this:




He latest release was an independent one via his own Bandcamp  - We out here Vol.1:



Be sure to not to miss his Japanese debut and also my first time playing on Vent's main floor.

You can RSVP by joining the event ON Facebook!


It's always an exciting time when we receive a shipment containing brand new colored frames, as we have been dropping seasonally since our inception...I am happy to say it's that time again and we are proud to present you with:


1) The 'Avenue Lo' Gold



The gold coloring is elegant and exudes glamour, all while being mature and not overstated...



Once again this is a limited coloring for the 'Avenue Lo' so it's best to move quickly if you are interested!



2) The Mat green 'Avenue'



A classic color that can be associated with more traditional sports like Rugby or Cricket, with that coloring combining with the Avenue's classic and simple styling, making for a legendary combination.



Why not enjoy that classic feeling of a horizontal Chromoly frame with traditional sporty mat green coloring?



These models are available right now from our friends at Diner!

From time to time we like to image particularly special custom bikes that serve a particular purpose for their riders, do you remember the two-sided custom 'Avenue'?



Today, we present to you the cruising custom...



This 'Avenue Lo' offers it's riders speed and comfortably...much like grand touring sports cars...


"(GT) is a performance and luxury automobile capable of high speed and long-distance driving while being comfortable.."


To those ends, we chose special parts that ensure the riders are given that cruising experience that can be translated to the ride of a grand tourer class car.


An essential part of this custom is the direct crankset by Miche - this particular model being the Pistard air:



This helps translates all your power to the wheel with the most amount of efficiency!!!


And talking of the wheels this 'Avenue Lo' makes use of one of my favorite wheelsets ever, which is Diner's original 24mm carbon wheels with the quick release fitted on the front:



The quick release hub is made by Novatec which ensures those wheels spin long and strong...with the ease of removal anywhere anytime:



Let's not forget one of the key defining points of what it is to be grande tourer or cruiser, that is luxury coupled with comfort and for us that equals Brooks - so we start off with their B17 saddle:



Which we combined with their slender leather grips:



Finally, since riding position is a key part in the comfortability of the bikes ride...we used these boulevard type handlebars which are easy to use and reach back far enough that you will never have to fatigue yourself reaching for the handlebars.



This custom is not exclusive to just the chrome 'Avenue Lo' and can be applied to both the brown and matte black models.



For this custom and more be sure to contact our friends at Diner!

This update as the name suggests we are going to be focusing on the color 'yellow' which for our bikes means the yellow 'Avenue'... 



I can't help but think just how much yellow suites the slender horizontal frame of our 'Avenue', its timeless looks and nostalgic feeling yellow can create, combine to make an eye-catching cycle in the streets. 



When custom the choices really begin to open up, here we started with another eye-catching part Diner's original 3spoke carbon wheel:



To this, we added toffee colored parts by Brooks...starting with their micro-fiber bar tape... 



Actually, according to Brooks the color is 'honey':



And they have the saddle to back it up...with my old friend the B17:



Since we are using the color yellow this new drop by Columbia and Atmos wore by me...seems fitting:



In other news we have a New release from Apron records - WOOOooo!:



'Sun Runners', and let's face it the sun is technically yellow so this one definitely gets a share:



Check the music video for the first single:



Finally...and believe me even though I make these fliers myself the yellow car is just a coincidence... this Thursday night also = Funktion: