2018 has started off with an unusual amount of celestial activity (?), with the full moon/supermoon on January 2nd, the weird comet crash thing in Detroit...


And the rare super blue blood moon that I feebly tried to capture by iPhone the other night...



I took this as a sign of changing times and spoke my intentions in these changing times...



I have decided to base myself at Diner in Nishi Azabu, where my ongoing research into the world of West.Azabu.Cycling.Club continues...



During my research I came across some content, which happens to coincide with part of my intentions in 2018; bringing the feeling of the old days back, a time when racing around Yoyogi park was a thing:



When riding with friends was a thing:



In both of the videos, you might have seen some familiar faces? People who really laid down the foundation that we currently ride on here in Tokyo (/Japan).


It was also great to see Watarude cruising the streets in the videos...and hope he is reading this...




Let's get in 2018...whatever way we can...



I want to find and share much more with all my Club members (and those to be); and anyone else who has an adventurous spirit ...



The spirit that should lead us into almost all areas of culture - especially music for me...



Let us find more ways to express the spirit of our club... building on the legacy we have created already:


'The Specular'



The collaboration with FACTRY...



And our original drop... the ALWAYS MAINTAIN long sleeve T:



Let me know if, when and how you'd like to get down with W.A.C.C and we can do it!




Monday blues? 

We hope that after viewing our Instagram post today that would have changed your view!

Expect to see more of the sky blue 'Avenue Lo' this week, as well as other custom versions of the 'Avenue Lo'.


On the topic of Instagram, last week we focused on our 'Avenue' and the many ways it can be customized, from the simple to the complex. In this blog post, we will share the best examples of the forest green and Bordeaux.


The biggest highlight of last week was probably the snow here in Tokyo...which hindered a lot of movements but allowed for some good photo opportunities that we, of course, took advantage of;



The Bordeaux 'Avenue' frame color is intoxicating, just like a bottle of wine from the year 2000 with the same name. Our Bordeaux begs its owners for custom parts that help its deep purple frame to be distinguished, we knew that so use silver parts as the default color of the bike. So what is left for the owner to do?



These Promenade handlebars; offer that rare vintage feeling while also hinting at a type of elegance that one might associate with a classic sports car...maybe because we added Brooks black leather grips to them?



With the classic sports theme being exaggerated by the C19 Brooks saddle; that is composed of the lightest materials and is widen at the base for prolonged rides both in the country and city.



Who would have thought that one saddle can make such a difference to the mood of your bike? 



This package if bought from Diner could be yours for ¥91,152...



For those who are looking to bring out the darker side of the color purple, black parts are a definite suggestion, even more so if that black comes from carbon fiber like we have demonstrated with the custom below:



The effect of the carbon parts visually is the purposeful intimidation that comes with the idea of high performance and SPEED.


The 50mm carbon wheelset is obviously more subtle than it's 88mm and 3 Spoke siblings, and while perhaps not offering the same explosive performance of the later, weight loss and aerodynamics gain will be obvious, a difference that no other non-carbon fiber wheel could offer.



Not forgetting Diner's original carbon fiber bullhorn handlebars, that weigh in at 240g, and maybe the most menacing looking handlebar I've ever seen on the streets, but note you will need a headset adapter to fit those handlebars onto the 'Avenue':



With Diner's original carbon saddle also thrown into the works, this no-nonsense custom 'Avenue' can be yours for - ¥176,260 !!!



Keeping that sports feel alive while blending in elements of the above two customs, is this forest green offering...



Using the headset adapter allows for these slim black handlebars to be fitted, with riser handlebars being the most friendly to ride with, while always giving any bike those good looks you'll notice that Brooks leather grips make a return here too for some black-on-black action:



This time we skip the wheelset but add 10mm of carbon fiber on the front wheel via Diner's orignal 60mm front wheel:



While once again making use of the original carbon saddle, that is thin sleek and weighs only 90g...90grams!!! 



This custom forest green is the perfect step up your game package for anyone looking to get a bit more serious with their ride - ¥132,948 for any budding cyclist.



We'll end this update with the custom that you all showed the most love last week...


Just like my own cartel bike it shares the same 3spoke and 88mm wheel pattern I have that offers that real explosive acceleration plus all the aerodynamic benefits once you reach cruising speed...



Yes, I also use Diner's original saddle which makes me suspect where the inspiration behind this custom came from...hmmm



The charming point of this custom has to be the drop handlebars by Deda; the drop is relatively small which allows for rapid hand movement between the top of the bars to the bottom, finished by Deda's cushioned bar tape which is a pleasure to grip onto as your speeding to your destination:



The 3spoke I have already mentioned, but I am going to use the below picture to mention Michelin's Pro 4 tire, which is built with high puncture resistance, durability AND it has that yellow go faster stripe:



The ultimate 'Avenue'? - ¥225,000 



Fortune favors the brave...

Welcome to the thick of winter where it's hard enough to get out of bed in the morning, let alone get on your bike, not even mentioning going out there to buy one. Motivating you to get on two wheels is what I am paid for though , but jeez it's cold out there ... 



So what are you gonna do? I know you freeze walking to get the train, then when you get on the train sweat so hard only for that sweat to be blown dry once again by the winter wind to giving your body the choice between FLU A or B? 


And you STILL MUST WATCH OUT FOR the black ice...



So whatcha gonna do?  Personally, I am still riding around at a slower pace (for me), avoiding anything that shines or resembles water on the road, and when it looks all shiny and wet I simply stop, dismount and push my bike through it.



The point I am making here though is to 'Always Maintain'... not even this weather is a true deterrent if you want it... 



A man who definitely knows how to maintain is the man, Jay Daniel, who after "merking" his Tokyo show at Vent (with just under 300 in attendance), took time out to visit 'Diner':



It's because of him I added this particular tune to my catalog...



After watching him play, I am always forced to really think about what it means to be an artist/DJ or what it means to be involved in any art...ironically, and for now, I'll take this as an answer (another tune I had to buy):



Being an honest expression of yourself .. your true self, maybe I am making it sound easy, but in my experience, that part of you that your conscious mind would not much rather you did not face or confront; a bit like you reflecting on that horrible drunken night before and remembering something which makes you cringe and blurt out some curse word...I will expand on this concept soon! 


It's 2018 ... let us now open the mysteries of self!



All WACC goods are still available in limited amount - so hit me at mrtikini@gmail.com!

Starting the week off with the idea of simple customs with our entry bike; the 'Avenue', the term entry bike should not be overtly taken as a product of lower quality - that would be a mistake simply because the main component of any bicycle is the frame; and all our frames are made from a compound called Chromoly.


Chromoly is an abbreviation for "chromium-molybdenum steel." It is not as lightweight as aluminum alloys but has the advantages of high tensile strength and malleability.


A workhorse of the industry, Chromoly is a light, strong steel. When it is butted and shaped to take off excess weight, it can deliver a fairly light frame that will last through years of hard use. Chromoly is responsive and offers good flex while maintaining its form.


Our 'Avenue' is the easiest way to experience the joys of single speed riding with the emphasis being on simplicity. This post I will show you simple ways to customise this bike defining your own riding style:



Starting off with our 'Forest Green' model, with the base parts of this bike being black I thought it would be interesting to once again combine a mix of black silver, as I demonstrated last week via this 'Avenue Lo'...



One of the main points of this particular custom, is something that people would usually not give much thought to, and that is the tires; for this custom, I opted for Michelin's 'Dynamic Classic' tires which offer the performance handing down from its 'Lithion' big brother, but also have that beige strip that makes me love them even more...



The usual version of the forest green 'Avenue' comes complete with black parts...



Some of our dealers will give the option of choosing black or silver parts, so with this in mind, I wanted to see how silver parts would contrast against the metallic green of the Chromoly frame.  



With black and silver meeting in harmony here, with the seat post and saddle:



The saddle:


Brooks' C19 took 7 years to be developed... seven years to develop something you place your rear end on, and another bicycle part that most people would not give that much thought too -  but check this...the innovative saddle is made of hardened natural rubber and organic cotton for its canvas, which is then reinforced by a thin layer of carbon fiber for the structure. Unique flexibility, maintenance-free, waterproof saddle tops are designed to provide riders comfort and ease of use. 
Since it has a structure like a hammock, comfort during riding is assured as it absorbs vibrations and shocks, which gives rise to performance that is similar to that of a leather saddle. Also, the natural appearance and feel are due to the knitted organic cotton fabric. Cured vulcanized cotton is waterproofed using Brooks Numac to completely protect from rain and dirt and everything.



This custom forest green 'Avenue' totals at ¥80,028. If purchased from our friends at Diner 



Some of you might want a bike that is even more simple than the custom forest green model above, for those of you in that camp, then how does this suite you?



It does not get any more simple than our matte white 'Avenue', with all the ingredients set for you to build a truly vintage-inspired custom bike.


When throwing the concept of 'vintage' around in the bike world, then you can't help but bring Brooks into the equation, this time via the 'TEAM PRO L'Eroica limited Editon BRITANNIA



Based on Brooks team professional saddle, this limited edition saddle has an illustration of Buckingham palace embossed into it, to commemorate the event called 'Eroica'...


Supporting the saddle is the polished seat post via Paul Component...another maker with an interesting legacy, whose quality components are a match for any custom you want to build.



Subtracting from the bike's vintage theme are the long riser handlebars I decided to use since they give the bike a sporty characteristic but retain simplicity. Riser handlebars are a real favorite for a lot of people using fixed gear bikes, even though I have no real way of backing up that statement.



This custom matte white 'Avenue' can be yours for ¥111,780. If purchased from our friends at Diner 




I've always had mixed opinions about the law of attraction, for reasons which I find hard to articulate precisely. In recent times though I've been blessed enough to meet with individuals from what feels like a global extended family.


The story starting back in London 2006/7, just before my arrival to Japan, a time in my life where the endless possibilities of the future (with direction) were in the palm of my hand (and you know what I did with that!)...


Maybe it was taking DJing more seriously, being involved in a series of legendary parties, that we codenamed the "basement boogie" sessions...



Or the efforts of my homies in pushing forward their original brands and creations...



Those efforts led us to cross paths with people, that we may have only been able to admire from a distance...like




Perhaps that is what the law is; your hard work and efforts lead you to cross paths with like-minded people, with the key being your effort and hard work!


In December it was Henry Wu, who has been dropping the name 'Earl Jeffers' on his radio show, not just him, also my best friend and esteemed colleague 'Brassfoot' mentioned him on his last NCA radio show. Mentioning him because of his *music*, which has led both Henry and Brass to become friends with Earl, who will be making his Japanese debut at Contact this Saturday...but seeing that we share mutual friends, we were able to link up last night at Funktion:



1/2 of the Darkhouse Family, and longtime veteran producer of hip-hop N' such, he is now gaining even more recognition as Earl Jeffers himself, which is quite easy to understand, just listen for yourself:



His Bandcamp:



BTW, don't forget that we are holding down our Funktion session every Thursday at Trump Tokyo, where you can expect this kind of vibe:



We kept things kind of light last night, as we have to save that vital stamina for the main event, this Saturday, with the young and talented Jay Daniel:



He is definitely no stranger to these shores though, debuting at the now gone club Module (2014), after that he was among the last to grace to decks at club Air (2015)...



At that time we as 'Cartel Bikes' sponsored the event and in return were blessed with this mix:



His last visit was in 2016 where himself and Kyle Hall held their 'Fundamentals' party, and we are pleased to be able to invite him back once again, this time at the kind of newly opened club Vent:



Big thanks to everyone who has been pushing the event (thank you block.fm) with a special shout out to FNMNL:




Signing out I will leave you with the reminder, that all my friends and readers of this blog can still get the 'Always Maintain' long sleeve T...




Just let me know, by reaching me however you usually reach me!


If you have been following our Instagram you may have noticed we've made a slight change to the way we have been posting our content. The shift being how we post and the way we take pictures of the bike, which is what I want to share with you all today:



We've been taking pictures of bikes for years, personally, for me, it has always been for the gram' or this blog, having started by simply using an iPhone (5s or 6s), from now progressing to SLR with the occasional use of 35mm film. The main point has been improving how we present our bicycles to you.


Observing photographers around me and how they are capturing/presenting their art takes a new meaning when you think about ways to apply techniques and styles to bikes:


1) Lines and Shadows; are something we are trying to incorporate, and for this reason, it's always been educational to observe what Jesse Freeman does:


A post shared by Jesse Freeman (@jesselfreeman) on


I thought this matte black 'Avenue Lo' with it understated custom parts, that contrast against the frame a good subject to capture...



Using Brooks 'Colt' saddle and 'Slender' leather grips, the bike holds an air of sophistication and simplicity; which is the whole point of having a 'piste' bike in the first place, our bicycles take this minimalist perspective further, due to their geometry; particularly their slim tubing.  



This custom 'Avenue Lo' can be yours for just under ¥116,000...



2) Using textures, shades and importantly colors to give a visual effect is something I have observed from the photographer RkRk:



All his photographs look like they have all been through some major lightbox/darkroom experiences, and I wanted to recreate the feeling of a heavily edited photo with this custom 'Avenue Lo':



The different shades of the chrome frame, 'C.B.3+'s carbon fiber, and the beige stripe that comes from Michelin's 'Dynamic Classic' tires:



This custom chrome 'Avenue Lo' goes for a smooth ¥176,040: 



Bringing the two above customs together, we applied them to our latest 'Avenue Lo' the Sky Blue...



Namely our 'C.B.3+':



Brooks' saddle and grips:



The above combining together for a total of ¥199,368:



Of the late, the idea of using film seems to have gripped user's of Instagram as a lot of them have been making use of these apps:


Huji Film






I have been using the apps quite a lot while riding around town and say they are definitely a lot better to use than the standard camera your smartphone offers...




No matter what it's hard to beat that real 35mm compact camera feel:



Expect more via our W.A.C.C updates!


I guess now I declare that in order to be a fully ordained member of the W.A.C.C Table you must meet the following pre-requisites... that actually sounds a bit much. 


However, I do feel in Tokyo there is a connection between people involved in music/culture and riding proper bikes (ie any bike that I see fit) I can definitely make a long list for you but in case I miss people out I will refrain from writing it out here...


For some the evidence speaks for itself:



I've known Zen-La-Rock for years and as far back as I can remember he has always been riding around on a decent pair of wheels, it seems very conducive that someone who is as on their grind like as he is, uses a bike to get around the city:



Bim from the OTOGIBANASHI'S, not exactly sure when he started riding but he definitely seems to be enjoying the experience and was recently looking for a new frame, again it makes total sense that a rapper who style fits the city like a glove, also uses a bike to get around!



He was also recently in my home city London:



My life for the past few years has literally been music and bikes; I have never viewed music as a hobby and I would say the same about cycling; both I believe to be a necessity and have become mediums of which I can use in various ways, to express myself and importantly have become key points in my lifestyle. Speed is a must in my life, especially when moving from point to point...no time for public transport long tings!


I've been inspired by those who have gone before me though; such as Watarude; who always put in a great effort in promoting his 'GODSERVICE' goods, events and the related - it was always inspiring to look at his Instagram when he was preparing for a tour, as you just knew he was moving around dropping flyers off and spreading the word around the city... by BIKE! 



I've been getting to know YO.AN quite well recently and have been playing together at numerous 'heads heads' kinda events for the past couple of years, though most of the people around him were skating, just like me, he was that one guy on the bike.



The more I've gotten to know him the more I see his talent whether that be his productions, mastering skills or DJing. One of the latest drops from his imprint Hole and Holland comes via Yoppi-san himself; one of the men who pioneered and drove the fixed gear scene here in Japan (that and so much more though!).



Moving onto the artist who stays young in my mind always... MAR89; always young because I met him back in 2012 at module, where he put in an amazing set using the power of the groove and his sheepish looks to capture his audience, we hit it off instantly, even more so on discovering that we were both riding around the city, and he use to do the craziest DIY stuff to his bike but always with sound reasoning.



His original music has gathered him a lot of international attention, from which he has been invited to host his own radio show on Radar Radio (London) and play as a guest on many others:



This narrative of the musically focused who travel on two wheels, spreading or gathering inspiration wherever they go...



I guess those occurrences have particularly been after the sun goes down...*cue the music*





We all know the Sun...



"Sets in The West"



So don't miss the last chance to grab this drop before it finishes...




This Thursday we'll be back with the first Funktion of the year...and this time will pull out the big guns for Ryo from Neighborhood's birthday, same time same place...



Looking even further ahead, we once again look forward to the return of the brother Jay Daniel:



Are you ready for him?



The date is 1/20 SAT and the place will be Vent...



As we mentioned in the last blog post, it's custom to start the year by doing 初詣, a word which has no direct translation to English; but it is simply the first visit people make to the Temple of the year. 


Personally, as blogged I first visited the Hie temple in Akasaka/Nagatacho:



The second visit was to the Sakurada Jinja located close to Roppongi Hills:



Finally, last night visiting the Kumano-Jinja in Aoyama:



Having customs is very important whether that be your daily rituals or the customization of your 'Cartel' bike that makes your own custom (get it?).


Our friends at Diner have made it easy for you to make your bicycle 'custom' through their new year sale; where in particular they have all carbon wheels on a special 20% off discount!!!


So it's only right we featured some customs of our own that feature their carbon offerings, like this matte black 'Avenue Lo' and Diner's original 3spoke wheel up front:



I have always liked the 'Avenue Lo' bullhorn handlebars, they remind me of some mountain bikes I liked back in the day such as the Raleigh 'Outlander'...


The matte black, carbon fiber texture and black parts offer such a variety of subtle shades that only the beholder can appreciate:



With the 3spoke going for a reduced price of ¥77,760 down from ¥97,200... you need to ask yourself is now the time I need to lighten and speed up my bicycle?



The 3spoke 'Avenue Lo' custom - ¥157,680:



Going even further with our chrome 'Avenue Lo', we decided to give to give a double dose of 88mm; yup a whole 176mm of carbon fiber divided equally between the front and back wheels:



This time we are working with the now rare polished chrome steel of the 'Avenue Lo' frameset, and it's black parts which give a nice contrast: 



I have been using the 88mm on my rear wheel for years now, and know that for its price is one of the most effective ways you can feel the aerodynamic effects of carbon, not even the mention the acceleration gains that come with it.


Diner has this wheel on offer for a mere - ¥44,928!!!



Or you can get the front and rear set for just under ¥90,000.

Add our chrome 'Avenue Lo' to the mix then you have an amazing custom carbon for the very special price of...






That plus the final chance to pick up our collaboration bike with W.A.C.C  the 'Specular' your for the very special price of:




No excuse for not riding out this year!


The first post of 2018, 


As this is the tradition here in Japan, I knew I had to take myself to a temple or shrine, to get my prayer on for 2018,  being a contrast to the start of 2017, where I blew off tradition and decided to go into the year commando; not this year though, I am asking for all the help I can get.


With temples and shrines numbering into the higher tens of thousands, I always wonder to myself how people decide where to go and for what reason? 



This year after receiving a solid pointer as to which deity (energy) I should be venerating, and from some research on my side, I knew that one of the possible places I could make a practical start to the new year was at the Hie Shrine in Akasaka:



The site itself is unmissable its city surroundings of Akasaka and Nagatacho, always having captured my imagination as I have ridden past several times when heading toward Ginza and such, thinking to myself "what exactly goes on in there...?" as the big white '門' gates daunting adding to the spectacle of the site.



Having set my desires and will I was happy to return to reality to face the new year:



So it's a Happy New Year from West Azabu; and really wishing you can all focus deeply on what needs to be done for yourself to prosper and rise above.



I think those thoughts are contained within within the statement "Always Maintain"; whatever that means for you in 2018.



I want to give DJ Haruki a shout out for representing for us during the last Funktion session of 2017 ...



You can get a feel for his play style from this recording I took a couple of months ago at Funktion:



Big up once again!



He inspired me to share the last few remaining long sleeves...



That I have made available at Diner...for all my friends at the discounted price of ¥3000



If that is not enough Diner also has two remaining 'Specular' bikes that are also on offer:



Featuring riser handlebars, this unique split top tube, and unique coloring, not to mention a really good hub set all finished in silver for that classic look:



Since there are only 2 left the price is at an all-time low of ¥49,800 so be one of those lucky two!



Love and light to all in 2018!


Finish as you mean to go on? 


Indeed, since the newest additions to our fleet have been doing the rounds; being picked up by a number of reputable media sources both print and online!




Actually, this year we had great press representation across the board, so we'd like to thank everyone for the love and support they've shown us throughout 2017...


In recent times...

Thank you, Houyhnhnm:




It's also our first time to be featured in Universe magazine, and hopefully not our last, Thank you:



Thank you, Humming Bird



We will carry this love and energy into 2018 for sure!


I'd like to share some of my personal highlights of 2017 - which is pretty much just music.


My favorite records:


Young and Company  - Waiting on your love.



If you've been coming to Funktion, then you would have heard this one:



In more recent times...


Hana - The Never End



Since September I've made it a point to work this tune into most of my sets:



So that's the music taken care of let's return to the bikes, I wanted to share with you all my favorite three custom bikes of this year:


1) This chrome 'Avenue Lo' - sporting the 'C.B.3' carbon wheel up front, long riser handlebars, Diner's carbon saddle and 'Michelin Lithion 2':



2) Our now finished gunmetal 'Avenue Lo' - Once again featuring riser handlebars, and this time Diner's original 3spoke  in the rear with their 60mm carbon wheel in the front:



3) And once again the gun metal 'Avenue Lo' - featuring Diner's 4spoke wheelset, drop handlebars and topped off with my favorite saddle the Selle Italia Turbo:



In 2018 I really looking forward to continuing this journey with you all via Cartel Bikes and W.A.C.C - I am not the most elegant of writers and my thoughts move just about as fast as I do when riding... but finally and mostly THANK YOU ALL for your patronage!!!