A late midweek update but I have had a lot to deal with this week.

However today a certain someone has made my year lol...:

Yup that is JT, my riding partner and savior of the year, as it stands right now.
I mean who else comes through to Diner to drop off spare parts like this:

Not sure what's up with the Macaroni tape that looks like 土 ... very random indeed.
But it's the content that matters...

Yes that is a silver SRAM OMNIUM crankset... ALL FOR ME!!!
But I had no bike to put it on, since I left my bike somewhere near my house.
Which was regrettable, but I just knew that today had to be the day I installed the crank set...

So we both set out to retrive my bike... and what a journey we had!

This AC cobra was the first thing we experienced on our road...
I think this is one of very few original Cobra's in Japan, if your wondering
what is so special about this Car... I'll let this gentleman here explain:

Gettling into my neighborhood and a bit beyond I found this service:

A Qi Gong school that was offering a quick Chi refill... which I gladly took:

But I guess I will save this for another blog :-)

After that brief intermission we finally got to my bike:

Oooo how that Crank needed replacing, but JT informed me that his Omnium
had no bottom bracket...but I have a wide face and good reputation so was able
to source that ... real quick (BIG thanks to Yusuke and Naru!):

So the only thing left to do was to get back to Diner and install the goodness...

The first step was removing the old crank set, which we had a lot of fun doing:

Then we had to clean the inside to prepare for the new bottom bracket:

After a good clean there was nothing left to do but slide that baby in...:

I had also promised myself to get me a new chain once I got that new crank set:

Yeh the packaging is gold because the chain itself is...gold:

JT found this amusing and also a good opportunity to pay tribute:

I had also promised myself to get new pedals and straps along with the crank so I did just that:

In all it was a very exciting and fun process to get everything sorted,
but I really have to say thank you to JT and all the staff Diner for making the installation
possible and so much more fun:

See you soon!