It is not Monday, but we will just pretend it is... so welcome to the Monday update!

The weekend was slightly eventful, but I want to start this update with the latest radio show
on NTS from Funkineven's Apron records.
The reason being that our old friend Jay Daniel was the special guest DJ,
as he was in London for a show:

Still one of my favorite DJs to watch live and always pleasure to listen to otherwise, 
hence why we asked him to put together the mix for us he did back in September:

This is just another network connection that is so real... from Detroit to London
to the rest of the world, you really need to know about what everyone involved
in that scene is doing right now!

Back to bikes...

You may have noticed this one on our instagram? 

One of our Mat white 'Avenue' bikes given a nice remix by the folks at Diner:

It should highlight just how customisable our bikes, since our bikes
are ultimately a blank canvas for you to gradually put together your
dream cycle...

Diner first of all added this:

That brush leather and light brown like color are such a lush combo.

To follow that color scheme they added:
Brooks Plump Leather Grips

These grips I have featured many time before and you can just see why.

In recent times I have been posting about these alot:
Michelin Dynamic Classic tires

The again the light brown tone of tires is so classic and cool!

With a more three dimensional view, the result ended up like this:


Last Sunday afternoon our photographer Daisuke Urano and myself
had planned to meet up to commence a video shoot of me riding...
but then we also got informed about some new additions to the 
Cartel Fleet so we decided to kill two birds with one stone:

Stay tuned for that... but here are a few shots that might give you an insight into 
how our shoot went:

See you on the midweek update!