So this week has been a bit of a Muro x Cartel one...
At Diner they put together a special Silver custom version of the bike for this discerning customer:

Again it features these Michelin Dynamic Tires:

As well as Diner's original 20mm Aluminium wheel set:

Actual this week both Cartel and Diner have been getting more exposure... you can check our instagram to see what I mean, but we also got some more love from Eyescream magazine:

CARTEL BIKES at DINER TOKYO @cartelbikes @dinertokyo #cartelbikes #dinertokyo

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So when I was back in London last December, I under went a little secret mission, which was to retrive THIS VHS...


A video that was recorded by my Father back in 1991 in Zimbabwe, but the reason is why...? 
Which is I simply wanted to use the footage for some of my music projects, which I did...

The song I recorded back in 2013, after receiving the beat from A TAUT LINE from Diskotopia.
Diskotopia is a label I have always been fond of, especially since myself and all members of the label share similar
tastes in music - which has brought us together to play at many events of our own and others.
Also the labels music and very importanly the curation and art direction behind it, have all been inspirations to me:

But the variety and depths of productions the label has been putting out is quite vast, but you can get a good feel
for them via this FREE compilation they dropped around Christmas time last year...:

They have also started a new radio show via Redbull, which has seen some excellent guest DJs like:

Yup two of Water Works finest... WHICH reminds me today is the first Friday of the month:

Before I sign out though I must make a special thanks to both Hiroo Tanaka and Isao Tanaka, Hiroo for making the 'On The Rise' video and Isao for returning the VHS back to me...