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Right off the bat I am happy to announce that I have to put together a new mix for Cartel, which brings us into volume 4 (finally!) of our Cartel Mix series. This year I will personally make sure that the mixes keep coming from myself or other DJ's who can provide you a soundtrack to experience your road with.

Thanks to the homies I-AM-JESSE & our engineer Young Richard (who also took the following pictures) I was able to record this mix live....

Recording live as Jesse would say makes the mix sound "human", and as such features some imperfections and one outright mistake; which is that I got so into the mix I played this particular song twice (that's how much I love it!):

Greg Beato is one of a select few artists who have been able to release on Apron records...a label that is run by DJ, Artist and personal friend Funkineven:

I won't go into too much detail in this post about the man and the label, but I would strongly suggest you have a read of an article I put together for 'Dune' magazine last October:

Apron seems to be coming out strong this year too with two new releases to kick of 2016. The first release of 2016 is by London based artist Shamos... who's promotional video I blogged last week, with the EP release being today:

And just as I was getting my head around Shamos's release... POW Apron delivers another blow using it's BRASSFOOT:

The signifigance of the above picture will make sense in due time, but really reminds me of the long journey Brassfoot has been taking with music; as the picture above highlights just a little - as he was 14/15 years old rapping a long with fellow 'not ramping' (Ole London slang for not being present to just play games) type peers under the moniker of D.T.S... the idea of expressing and standing up for oneself in all it's forms was just as evident back then as it is now with his latest 'Realms' release on Apron:

As you know Brassfoot is one of the first guest DJ's I called in to bless our Cartel Mix archives with as the sound he has is just how I like to experience my road; with speed and energy. If you ride with a single speed bike that is 100% fine, but if you ride with a fixed gear bike you already know what I am talking about.

To be able to create anything that is going to be shared with people whom you do and do not know personally, takes a lot of courage and passion, and one important factor in being able to do so I believe is by being in a space that allows your creativity to flow....

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You all seem to think so too! 

Big up Funkineven and all the other Apron artists across the globe!

See you in the Midweek update...