Yes people,

It's the Midweek update which means the week is already half way done...the more I write these blogs the more and more I realize just how fast time travels (...wait, does time travel?!?).

So what have I been doing since Monday? 

Well as I mentioned on the Cartel Instagram I made one of my weekly visits into Diner:

If you have been following this blog for a while (I love you too), then you may remember me making a post about parts I intended to customize my bike with in the future and while for the most part I have accomplised all but one of the major changes... there are still a couple of subtle changes I am yet to make.

But I guess I have another one out of the way:

Yes I always wanted to fit some bar ends onto my Carbon Bull Horn Handle Bars... the reason being not just for aesthetics but also because for a little while I have had this dark thought of me impaling someone by crashing into them at high speed...imagine being impaled by these things:

Maybe not as bad as getting impaled by one of these things though:

Either way by using these Nitto bar ends I feel a lot less like a Cape Buffalo and more like myself riding a nice bike, the bar ends come in several colors but I choose black:

With the end result looking like this:

Any change to your bike be it for performance or cosmetics will make you even more eager to get out there to experience your it did for me this afternoon. With me firstly finding myself sneaking back to Franze & Evans as I had a craving for their 'rocky roads':

Whoever thought of creating this sweet is an evil genuis who deserves much praise, as the softness of marshmallow center and crunch of the chocolate shell are sensations everyone should feel before they pass!

After getting my fix I found out my riding partner JT was due for a I waited and we headed out on a mini afternoon tea time adventure:

Which gave me plenty of time to admire my bar ends...

We parked up by this scenic but rustic iron shelter which offered me a chance to admire my (our) bikes even more:

Our tea time meal of choice was from this new kebab shop in Harajuku called Antep:

Which had JT like...



Or maybe just the full video of DJ KHALED being lost at sea...