Welcome to the Monday update!

Here is to hoping your weekend was as action packed as mine, and left you in a good place to start your week off positively. You may have noticed that January has been a bit of a non-starter? If not you maybe fortunate; the reason being this year started off with us being under the influence of Mercury Retrograde - in essence it's a time best used for reflective/introspective actions, as usually during this time things don't usually go as expected... however you'll be glad to know that we can resume regular activity as today is the last day of this phase (until April).

As such today while I was at Diner we received a visit from these guys:

From Oulu fixed in Finland, who are riding around Tokyo visiting the best of Tokyo's bike shops, wishing them the best and thanks again for stopping by...

You can check there website here:


And be sure to follow them on instagram too!

Talking of instagram if you are following us, you would have seen this snap:

I took it Sunday evening on my way to Shibuya, when the post sunset sky combined the street lights made a beautiful scene that caught my attention, making it irresistable to not take a picture. I guess that is the greatest thing about riding from place to place is that you seriously get to experience things and feels you could never do otherwise - hence why at Cartel we say 'Experience your road''.

Both Friday and Saturday I had an excellent time playing out... the musical levels were really high and the music, personally I derived so much pleasure spinning and selecting tunes I didn't want to stop - thank you very much to my homie Bao for catching this shot of me:

Also a big shout out to the homie Watarude for putting together such a fun party and also to everyone who came down and showed love!

And now something new from the my hometown London, that has found it's way to the Omote-sando area of Tokyo:

Born in London's Bricklane this delicatessen meets cafe serves the best in pan-Mediterranean dishes, salads and snacks, that plus amazing coffee, cakes and breakfasts!

Opening it's doors last Friday on the 22nd I am very sure Franze & Evans is going to be a huge success:

And how do I know this?

Well I was fortunate to get a pre-opening sample of the menu last week, as my riding partner Mr.JT has been enlisted at Franze & Evans to ensure that their coffee tastes and looks right:

The thing that is insane though is just how many pasteries and cakes they have on offer, to my female readers if ever you need that fix...then you know where to go...and gents if ever you want to do something nice for any important ladies in your life...then you know where to go...parents if ever you need to reward your children for something...then you know where to go, the levels of sweetness are completely off the scale - you have been warned!

All the food is of course organic and is cooked freshly on site, with the ingredients being sourced from respected local suppliers - if you get a chance to grab a slice of that lasagne...DO IT: 

Another thing that really caught my attention was the bathroom sink... I won't say much, you'll have to make a trip there yourself to see why, but yeh pretty awesome stuff:

I also really appreciated the selection of bottled drinks they had... not because they are all English but because that selection is something you would typically find in quality cafe in London... spot on guys!

A nice piece of home in the neighborhood... for more information check them out here:

Web: http://www.franzeevans.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/franzeevans.jp/

Keeping it on this London theme I'll leave you with the latest release from Apron Records, which is by London based artist Shamos... who I met way back in 2002 at a house party... when we were all way more focused on creating hiphop :-) I guess we have all come a long way since those days the EP will be available from all good vendors from February 1st: