Yup it's Friday,

And this week has been full of good food with friends with Wednesday night being no exception, let me start by thanking the good people at Tamachan in Nakameguro for making my friends and me have a great time with their fantastic Kansai styled dishes and original drinks:

It's nice to be invited to a dinner with old friends who bring new friends; the company creating the perfect atmosphere for the food and drink to go down. From the soulful Okonomiyaki to the addictive yaki udon; the food was definitely on point as were the drinks ( that tomato sour!!!) - shout out to chefs:

We all had a good time and are sure to head back there again SOON!

The food reminded me of my memorable trip to Osaka and the Kansai are by bike last summer:

As you know I have been advocating riding in winter a lot, and posting myself doing just that on our instagram:

Talking of which, I was out riding the other night and when the spirit caught me; you know what I mean when I say spirit right? The need for speed or joy of riding, the thing that takes your mind of everything ... when you start experiencing your road... then this happened:

Even though I rolled up my jeans, when I was not paying attention my jeans got caught in the chain ring, must have been a sudden change in the way I was positioning my right foot and leg, a real tragedy, as those jeans happened to be my favorite... oh well.

Our collaboration with Muro scents is still on-going, and this week another discerning customer at Diner got there hands on the limited edition bike:

The collaboration is made up of the limited bronze shaded 'Avenue' that includes the muro logo on the headset, as well both Muro and Cartel logos on it's top tube comes with a black Tote bag and one of five Muro scents incense flavors.

Muro Scents and Cartel Bikes both empathize the creation of quality products with clean aesthetics. It was a mutual appreciation, paralleled by intersecting lifestyles that brought about our collaboration. The result is a limited edition original colored 'Avenue' bike designed in collaboration with Muro that features a subtle yet distinct logo on the head tube. It will come packaged together with a pack of natural hand rolled incense and an original Tote bag. 

Inspire your surroundings / Experience your road

Moving on to the weekend... tonight I will be playing at the homie Watarude's party 'Polish' at Zubar I believe he was inspired to make this party after posting this:

Why not come and get polished up...?