The midweek post is here making it officially a hump day, not quite as good as a Friday but I'll take Midweek over Start of the week any day!

The start of the week has been far from bad though, as on Monday night I was invited over to a friends house to enjoy some Nabe, and well there is nothing better than Nabe in the winter:

After the meal and on my way out of the house I was reminded about an old love of mine:

Do you know about the Tosa-ken? I was first told about them by a friend from Fukuoka who I met back in my university days in London, he told me his Dad owned 5 of these dogs...that were basically developed by "man" to be the ultimate fighting dogs. None the less hearing his stories and reading gems like how the Tosa's outmost layer of flesh barely is connected to any nerve endings meaning the dogs have a high tolerance to pain etc etc... ok ok ok!

Leaving my friends place, it was back out to the cold empty streets of Tokyo... but wow I must say riding around Tokyo in the winter night, maybe cold but the air is so fresh and streets always empty, making for some very exhilarating moments, especially when you skid over a small ice patch and get that extra slide.

Getting home I got back into yet another book that is there to help one THINK:

Toaism is a subject that has intrigued me ever since I was in my young teens where I was introduced to the world of Kung-Fu and inevitably Bruce Lee; who I admired for his philosophies more than even his fighting techniques:

The above book I like to digest a page/chapter a time as a daily meditation to help me REMEMBER.

Tuesday I had a cheeky day off and decided to treat myself to a Yakitori lunch at Torimasa in Omote-sando, I hear that at dinner time a person can expect to pay about ¥8,000 (and not feel full!), but the lunch there is ¥1,300 and VERY filling:

While I was enjoying my lunch, my friend from brand Oh Shit! sent me this picture taken back in summer 2015:

Usually a picture like this would have me missing the Summer but right now, I am still content with the sharp winter air and the empty Tokyo streets at night... a fine way to experience my road.

Some new beginnings for sure...

See you on Friday!