Welcome to a white Monday update!

Hah if you live in Tokyo then I am sure you know already, but if you don't the background of the picture below is a hint, in the foreground though is another excellent example of a custom Cartel bike:

The 'Avenue Lo' frame with drop down handle bars and other custom parts give this Cartel such a classic aesthetic that it looks like it belongs to an experienced rider.

The color combination of mustard, beige, silver and black is also very charming:

The mustard coming from the Deda handle bar grips:

These wheels also have such an allure:

With beige and black complimenting each other on these Michelin Dynamic Classic Tires:

They look so perfect when wrapped around Diner original classic Aluminium 20mm rims:

The wheels being split by a part that needs no real introduction SRAM Silver Ommium crankset:

Finished off by this Selle San Marco Zoncolon racing saddle :

Another classic item, featuring brushed leather and a shape that makes it look so purposeful:

I can think of fewer bicycles in the world that are as fun to customise than our Cartel bike, whether you consider yourself a veteran rider, beginner or something inbetween, you can make the perfect bike for yourself, so why not get started Tomorrow (because today's snow is just not a good look for riding!).

Onto my other runnings...
Which have been that I started re-reading this book:

“It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti, The First and Last Freedom

The words contained within the book reminded me of a lot of things about Osiris; since the real reason I started making a label was to find a medium in which teachings that are hardly promoted in the media, schools or through religous instituitions... had an outlet that might make a younger generation feel something within themselves, that spurs some internal change.

However more than that I guess creating and allow others to create is also a blessing...pure moments of nothing that help you make things like this:

Haha I can't front on my hand drawing skills...then I passed this onto Koko Miyagi to add some color to and he was like:

Super clean, so come and get polished up with us this Friday at Zubar!

On the subject of Fridays, last Friday I paid a visit to my local mexican 'El Paso' for the first time in 2016...  and was reminded why I use to frequent this spot so much...

The Food... of course:

The cheeky shots of Tequila...actually some shots are to be sipped slow like the one below:

And company:

Big thanks to everyone at El Paso as always...2016も宜しくお願いします
And for those trying to make a visit:

See you next on Wednesday!