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I took this picture just the other night, as I have been using the hashtag #lifebehindbars quite a lot recently, and with this shot I was reminded just how dope the texture of carbon fiber is, so I wanted to remind you all just how much I love carbon.

First of all you must appreciate just how much of an amazing material it is... when we talk about Carbon Fiber; we actually mean Carbon-fiber-reinforced-polymer a material highly regarded for it's high strength to weight ratio, flexibility in application.

My bike is essentially built up with carbon parts, that are almost all available from Diner which they have as their own original parts, which is the very reason why I have been saying that Diner is a great place to customize your Cartel bike. 

The first carborn parts I had from Diner where for my wheels which I received when I first started riding for Cartel; which in actuality was my first time riding with carbon parts:

Picture taken by Eric Guzman on my first cartel shoot.

My front wheel is Diner's original 3 Spoke Carbon Clincher wheel:

This wheel makes an amazing noise when you're are riding a long and picking up speed... and the most awesome thing is the wheel is NOW ON SALE FOR ¥77,760 down from ¥97.200; click the image above for more details.

The good news continues when it comes to the rear 88mm Carbon Clincher too:

This baby is also ON SALE AT ¥44,928 down from ¥56,160; once again click the image for more info!

The next part are Cartel's original Carbon Forks:

By far the lightest forks any bicycle can have, if you take a more careful look at the picture at the top of this page, you'll notice that when I first got my bike the forks were steel... the difference is like night and day.

Moving on to my beloved Matt Black Carbon Bullhorn handle bars:

These handle bars are not the most easy to ride with but that maybe a matter of opinion, however for speed...these are the ones, the ergonomics of their design means your body shape will be more aerodynamic than standard riser bars, or simply you can expect to get more speed out of your ride.

The final part of my bike is the Carbon Seat Post:

Such a subtle part of the bike that many people may never consider impacts how their bicycles ride, when in fact the seat post is almost the center of gravity, and if you have ever picked up a seat post you'll know that they can weigh a considerable amount...BUT not with Diner's original carbon post, it really has made a huge difference in how my bike handles and of course the overall weight of the bike.

My result looks like this...

Installing Carbon parts onto your Cartel bike will DRAMATICALLY change how you experience your road...and just like me you can gradually build up your bike a part at a time, so that you can notice the difference in how your bike performs.

Why not start today? So that before you know it this could be you:


Wishing you all a fantastic weekend...see you on the Monday update!