Welcome to the midweek update.

You must have noticed the weather has changed from the mild pre-winter style weather we were seeing during December, to that dry, cold and windy winter weather we've all grown accustomed too here in Tokyo. 

Those conditions inspired this post I made to our instagram last night:

However since last year I have not let the cold weather stop me from getting on my bike, actually this winter I have been riding quite a lot, which has been really satisfying, getting to experience the various different conditions and slight weather drops in weather day by day, it also makes walking in the 'cold' a real stroll in the park.

This shot is also from our instagram which I took during today's sunset; follow us on instagram if you want to see more of how we experience our road from day to day.

If you are into bikes no doubt you would have seen or heard about the latest film by the chaps over at Mash SF, well I managed to get my hands on a copy of the DVD and Tuesday night indulged myself:


What struck me more than anything was the cinematography and art direction of the film, as watching people ride bicycles through cityscapes, the open road and in the country; if not done right could be quite a boring affair. Which was not the case with this film the director made pretty good use of current technologies to make you feel the ride:

We may not have all the technologies available to us as they do but in 2016 we will continue to do our best, picking up from where we left off:

Cartel Bikes in Spring from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.

And if any of the footage from todays blog post has inspired to go out and experience your road... great, if you don't own but feel the itch, GOOD NEWS our friends at Diner now have a special new sale, where you can get your hands on our Aqua Blue 'Avenue Lo'; originally priced ¥79,920... FOR JUST ¥59,400 :

If ever there was a good time to join the Cartel, that time is definitely NOW!