Welcome to the Monday update!

While most of you are enjoying this national holiday, at cartel we just got back another set of photos from Daisuke Urano from the shoot we did for our collaboration with Muro Scents.

In case you missed it the concept behind our collaboration was this:

Muro Scents and Cartel Bikes both empathize the creation of quality products with clean aesthetics. It was a mutual appreciation, paralleled by intersecting lifestyles that brought about our collaboration. The result is a limited edition original colored 'Avenue' bike designed in collaboration with Muro that features a subtle yet distinct logo on the head tube. It will come packaged together with a pack of natural hand rolled incense and an original Tote bag.


Inspire your surroundings / Experience your road

The collaboration is exclusive to Diner and it's retailing for ¥70,200; which will not only get you the limited color 'Avenue' (bronze) bike but also these:

A great way to start 2016, once again inspire your surroundings/experience your road: 

Muro Launch Japan 2014 from Muro Scents on Vimeo.

Last Friday afterwork and before Water Works I was invited the opening of this Banh Mi sandwich shop; named Chez Chau located in Nakameguro.


Offering selected Vietnamese style sandwishs, Pho dishes and fresh/fried springs rolls, even though I only got to sample a chicken sandwich, I can tell you now, if that is the benchmark to judge Chez Chau's food on... everything should be tres bon!


The simple menu and drink choice make it a non-brainer, and well worth a bike ride for a meal... or quick stop by in between destinations.


Finally I guess the biggest news we'll here today and for the next few days is the passing over of David Bowie; I am sure you don't know this, but my mother was once a nurse, where she took care of a patient, who actually ended up being David Bowie's mother, when David visited his mother he would sometimes get to talking with my mother...and left such a good impression on her for being such a polite and mild mannered young man. This one is for you: