Friday already?

Welcome to your favorite blog update, the Friday update.
Honestly speaking the week has gone by quite quickly; maybe because my body has begun some vigorous training, that is making me eat like a horse and sleep like a bear in winter, I think the amount of sleep has made time just fly.

Light banter aside our friends at Diner put together this special silver custom 'Avenue Lo':

Using the pepper white frame as the base:

Switching over the regular saddle and seat post, for a silver post attached to this rare Fizik Arione saddle:

The silver handle bars and bars end come courtesy NITTO:

And of course is finished up by this Silver Crankset.

A really great job done, thank you Diner for always looking out for the Cartel! 
Which leaves me with one question, how would YOU customize your Cartel Bike?!

Oh and it being the 1st Friday of the month means it's time for Water Works... who is ready? 

Actually I snuck into Koara earlier this week for a special Shinenkai party...that actually turned into a surpise birthday party for this man:

KZA-san Happy Birthday once again!

And a big shout out to Mr.Mcleod; seriously one of my favorite DJs on earth lol .... always puts down solid sets and last time was no exception.

Check this mix he did a while back...

Other than that...see tonight on the dance floor? Or Monday for the next blog update.