First week of January...How has your been so far?

Mine has been quite productive; firstly I have had to recover from a slight cold I acquired Saturday night... but that simply has mean't more sleep, food and movies than usual:

Starting with this Russion cult classic Night Watch:

No time for a review here though, click the link and check it out on IMDB if you want more info, but I enjoyed it.

Being a bit sick has aIso allowed me to study the properties of different metals, and how those properties potentially affect bikes.

My research has definitely given me a greater appreciation of Steel, and I am happy in fact proud to be riding a double-butted steel bike:

Feeling much better on Tuesday I ventured out again with my new found cycle partner(s), yup someone else has joined our unofficial riding club... can you guess who by the bike (the blue one)?

We have not rode very far though as of yet, preferring to simply ride around the Shinsen/Shibuya area...

Which in my current condition suits me just fine, plus I was craving my favorite Kebab spot in Tokyo; Kebab Cafe!

From there we parted ways and headed back to my retreat; but on my way I passed by the 1st Shop in Aoyama where my homie Singold has setup his base:

Ironically it was watching Singold and the rest of the T-19/Carnival crew back in 2006/7 that really made me focus more on the culture of fixed gear bikes... if you haven't already you should check out some of their DVDS:

Thats it for the midweek update, see you all again on Friday!