Happy New Year,
And welcome to the first update of 2016!

The first morning of 2016, with a view of Mt.Fuji!

This year we are really looking forward to experience our road on yet another level, and you can be sure there will be a lot more updates both to our site and the other social media we have, for you to enjoy this year.

I think I had the most fun holiday season in my life ever, and when I mean fun I am talking about things I dare write on here lol, but if you know then YOU KNOW...me.
New Years was insane and after putting in my set at Koara and doing the countdown there... my friends and I blasted off into the night, meeting the first morning of 2016; as you can see from the picture I posted above.
Later that night after having some food and drinks, my friends and I headed to my local shrine to pray for a lot of positive things in 2016:

Since we were not able to make it to a fancy place that serves traditional new year's soba, we made use of my local standing soba joint, and I grabbed my favorite Tanuki Soba!

Next day it was time to catch some proper daylight and get back to experiencing my road, first of all my homies from Reserved Note and New Black hooked me up with this neck warmer that matches the hoodie they created in their collaboration and I actually could not wait to use it:

It really felt like a New Year holiday, the weather was also really mild, with clear blue skies, making everyone feel GOOD:

Finally I found a new/old riding partner that understands my pace, and I really look forward to making more moves with him in 2016, I mean lol we the types to climb bridges just to catch sunsets...my pace!

We also don't mind watching over hyped holiday blockbusters...

Anyway I will leave you with this tune, which I hope can energise the start of your new year: