Welcome to the Monday update, and for many of us this is the final day of work in 2015...so I want to say a big お疲れ様です to everyone!

Allow me to bring your attention to this custom matt black 'Avenue' a customer at Diner bought, it was featured in there blog as the 'Silver Custom':

Silver gives the bike a whole different kind of atmosphere; a functional no nonsense look - which in my books is cool!
Breaking it down through the customized parts:

1) Shortened bull horn handle bars.

2) Euro Asia DLX cog.

3) SRAM Omnium Crankset in Silver.

The silver and black combination looked so good that Diner went ahead and made their very own original Aluminium silver wheel set; which would have made the above bike complete:

The holiday season in Japan can be an abstract thing, with many of us having work on Christmas day and their being very little chill...this year I did my best to play with the cards dealt to me:

After work on Friday (yes that is Christmas day!), I made a journey to the Mori tower in Roppongi Hills, to enjoy the views of the different illuminations around Tokyo; Tokyo Tower got the win though:

After that I headed to Fuglen and enjoyed their 'American Christmas' cocktail, before cycling off to meet with Koko Miyagi - as we both had the TCB (Tokyo Christmas Blues); and decided a bottle of Baileys would help drown out the feeling of not being back home with family, roasts and good TV.

The baileys went down well and I saluted Mr.Miyagi as he left for home:

I woke up on Saturday (Boxing day!) feeling surprisingly in tact and also excited because I had been invited to the 'Arsenal lovers boxing day bash' (Unofficial Christmas after party). I must say it was closest thing to home I could have ever asked for... with amazing feastive foods, drinks and these snacks especially imported from home:

Best boxing day I have had in years, I really want to say a BIG thank you to everyone involved who made the day possible - there are very few of us out here, so look forward to sticking together in 2016.

Then it got to Sunday, and without much idea of what the day had in store for me, I got a call from the guys at Febo who told me it was there last working day of the year so I should come over to kick it for the last time in 2015.
TO my astonishment they had a bottle of PORT  - basically when I was back home in London every winter my house would be loaded up with bottles of port that, even though it seemed I was the only person who drank it. In short it's been about 7 years since I have had the pleasure of tasting it...

It made my time with them there that extra bit special, as we discussed our plans for 2016 and insights gained in 2015... 
One thing we have definitely learned in 2015 is how grateful we are for the people who continue to be in our lives.

Thank you team Febo for everything in 2015!

If your still in Tokyo over the next few days and are feeling a bit lonely or feel the itch to step out, I will be DJing at the following:

1) Vision, 12.30 Wedneday.

2) Koara, 12.31 Thursday 

Hope to see you there... In the meantime I will leave you with the sounds of Seven Davis Jr:

See you soon!