Welcome to the Friday update coming to live on a Christmas Day from Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.

First things first; HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us here at Cartel Bikes!

Hoping you can spend a fantastic day with your loved ones!

Here is a shot taken by Daisuke Urano from the shoot we did last holiday season, ENJOY!

Our first update is that our collaboration with Muro Scents made it onto Eyescream's news page:

The package is available in LIMITED quantities exclusively from Diner and is availble to buy NOW:

Cartel Bikes x Muro Scents Co

Well this week the Bonenkai season has been mild but finding some free time last Wednesday night I snuck out...

First I went to the opening of CITY SHOP in Aoyama; a kind of new select shop and cafe:


A nice selection of people showed up and enjoyed the music, salad, drink and conversations that were on offer.

From there I bounced here and there before going to see one of my favorite rappers in Japan perform:

YUP his name is ERA, and It was dope to see him ERA live.
I was first put onto ERA by my friend DJ Skyfish:

Actually he performed for us live at a Water Works back in 2013!
Also it was my first time seeing the homie CENJU performing, which was also a nice surprise:


Finally they had DJ RYOSUKE on the line-up too, and what made me pleasantly surprised was the contemporary underground hiphop he was dropping!

Props to you sir!

To close the update I'll leave you with this...:

Kyle Hall - From Joy
 - his new album has dropped just in time for the holidays!!!!

Best soundtrack for this Winter.