Yes, it's the Friday update meaning your only moments away from your weekend.
The past 3 days or should I say nights, I have been collecting still shots of my bike in the dark of the night as I have been travelling to and fro Tokyo, I took these shots for our instagram

And this one I posted on the midweek update:

The weather has also taken a sudden drop in tempreture literally the day after I blogged about how warm it has been, so it's definitely worth checking the tempreture before you jump out there and decide to go for a ride, to ensure you don't get chilled down to your bones.

I think back to how I was dressed to ride this time last year, and remember the key was not having anything but my eyes exposed where possible!

On the last Monday's post I showed you all our new matt black Avenue bikes, but since then our friends at Diner have also blogged this happy customers Avenue Lo also in Matt Black, so thought it would be nice to share it with you:

Once more our 2016 Avenue Lo bikes are available to buy right now from our stockists, and with the exception of matt black come in:

Pepper White

Matt Olive

Since as far back as you all can remember and even before that, I have been moving in unison with a certain group of people spread across the globe, these movements for the most part have been documentated but were yet to be collectively published until now:

The hidden hand is always moving.

If you are unaware I used to DJ under the name of Spexsavers alongside Brassfoot, our official last effort was this back in 2012:

The Spexmosphere (Sugar Shoulder's Half) by Brassfoot Aka Sugar Shoulder on Mixcloud

We were also a part of one of the first live streaming internet 'radio' shows called Outtanet, with Afra, Zen-La-Rock, Donsta, Skyfish, Articalizm, Inumikaku and ourselves as Spexsavers...

We started growing slowly and our media production skills increased:

And it all boiled down to this last party we did:

And it ended like this:

A lot happened before all of and, so much inbetween and yet still the hidden hand continues to move!