Welcome to the midweek update!

I have been keeping myself occupied with closing up my working year, but still have just a few more jobs to complete before I can go full out and enjoy the Bonenkai season...

I've been running around a lot a night the past fews days, due to work and other obligations, oh and of course because it's winter and the sun sets at 4:30pm now.

Wait...I don't know about you, but I have found the weather to be super mild and in fact warm some days which has me feeling like it is still Autumn:

Which reminds me of a video I watched the other day that proposes something quite interesting:

Well regardless of what is true or not, there is no doubt we are living in very interesting times, and whether or not we will be able to live in harmony with nature is still a mystery.

Another reason for us living in interesting times is because we are literally on the cusp of a new generation of Star Wars films, and last night I accidently stumbled across a screening of episode 6:

Before that I was DJing for Monopo's (the company behind the Powered by Tokyo project which we will be featured in)  - Bonenkai which was a lively affair, that climaxed at this moment where Beats, Dance and Tap came together:

We also closed up our group EXPO at Anagra this week.
The opening party was so much fun and I really appreciate all the people who came down to give there support.
I also want to thank photographer Kouichi Nakazawa for capturing this rare shot of me doing the 門sta thing:

That's all for today, but don't forget to check back in tomorrow for the Friday update!