Welcome to the Monday update!
So last week I mentioned our 2016 bikes have arrived and with them a key change to our fleet.

That change will be the base color of our Avenue and Avenue Lo bikes, from black to matte black:

And since being delivered, have been embraced well according to our friends at Diner:

Why not beat the rest and get yours in 2015?

We also have one last thing in store for you all this year...

As we have alluded to before in our previous blog posts, our next collaboration project is almost finally ready to be presented, the project is with Swedish based Muro Scents.

A key factor behind working with other brands is finding our common ground, I dont need to elaborate on the meaning of this point, but with Muro that ground is solid.

Muro's ethos:

From various backgrounds we have come together with the common appreciation of quality based aesthetics in what we felt was a neglected market. We specialize in natural scents presented to you in a clean simple way. 
Inspire your surroundings 

The brand ethos really resonates with us here at Cartel:

The concept behind our bikes is simple; strip away anything that is unnecessary, breaking down the idea of a bicycle until only the required minimum parts are left, an idea proposed as a simple bicycle attached to a smooth silhouette frame.
Experience your road

Quality that meets simple and clean aesthetics.

The inspiration that scent can give to any space can truly have an impact on our senses and will influence the perception we have of that said space, and in the future the memory of it (smells that trigger memories).

With Cartel Bikes inspiration can be a two fold thing; coming from the visual presence of our bikes coupled with where they are able to take you:

Another important inspiration can be via another of one our senses, sound. Muro seem to have a similar appreciation of music to us, as music can definitely help to promote active lifestyle and thus contribute to you experience your road, furthermore we share similars tastes as the following will demonstrate:

This leaves us with only one question; WHAT IS THE COLLABORATION???

Stay tuned for more information...