Greetings on a rainy Sunday!

To set the mood right I'll share with you what we have been listening too all day here at the Cartel HQ - so please listen and enjoy reading today's post:

The reason why this post comes to you this wet Sunday afternoon is due to mainly me taking time out to prepare for the group expo Osiris is holding at Anagra:

Yup we really had to dig deep to be able to bring this show to you:

Let me take you back to Thursday lunch time, where myself Mashirito from Beside the bag, and Mr.Yamamoto from Awesome Inc. decided to kick start our adventure with lunch at this Jamaican restaurant in Dogenzaka called Good Wood Terrace - I've known the GWT crew since they were located in Ikebukuro so get to order some specials like this:

After getting that power, we used it to move our products and equipment.
After temporarily storing our goods we had to head over to Koenji, on the way over there, I was so bent on getting some fruits into my system... in the liquid form:

I got some kind of raspberry and black vinegar mix, and using that power made it to Koenji where Mr.Yamamoto wanted to make a stop by a particular record store:

After running various other errands we decided to take a small break here:

Not sure what the name of this spot is, but it gave us the extra power needed to then collect our stuff and go on to Anagra, where we got everything set and planned for the rest Expo...Mashirito was very pleased:

Be ready for the Monday update where we will have news on some changes to our fleet!