It's a brand new day for us here at Cartel as we step into 2016, as you know we have been getting ready for our new line of 'Avenue Lo' and 'Avenue' bikes, and we are very happy to announce: 

Yup our bikes arrived today... 

This means that you can instantly purchase our bikes from our dealers across Japan RIGHT NOW!

Yes things just get better with time:

Another thing that caught my attention was this slightly conservative custom 'Avenue' put together by our friends at Diner for this customer: 

What caught my eye the most was the chain guard he had installed, not really my style, but I can see it being a practical option for those who commute to work therefore cannot afford to get 'dirty'. Coupled with these silver riser bars and that huge light make this avenue a stylish and practical commuter: 

Once again...remember Diner in Nishi Azabu is the best place to get your Cartel Bike customized.

Oh and we are about to ready to announce our next collaboration, the only hint I will give you is this:

Muro Scents - Nordic Musk Teaser from Muro Scents on Vimeo.

See you at the Friday update!