The final 'Water Works' of 2016 was a good one, if you were there, you will know that the vibes and music from start to finish were top notch as always, big thanks to CE's Toby Feltwell for putting down a heavy set...

Also thanks to our very special surprise guest who suddenly decided to get on the decks, DJ I AM SORRY from REZZETT:

I also want to send a big shout out to Avery Alan from Prom, for coming through and opening the night up!
Koala also got there latest poster:

And while we are on the subject of the Cartel Network I paid another visit to Febo last night:

They had already got themselves into the festive mood with Christmas carols on repeat and the tree you see above, I actually went over there to discuss some secret plans and to pass them on a poster too:

Honestly this is one of the best spots in Tokyo for EXCELLENT food, drink and vibes...hence why they are a part of our network.

This week will see the start of high activity for Osiris:

We will take part in an expo that will some exclusive goods like the following the hoodie and pants provided by Xion Tokyo:

And if that was not enough for you all, we also have made the following:

All will be available from this Friday at Angra in Hanzomon, and thereafter at Newstand in Shibuya  - the items have all been made in limited quantities so be sure to get there early to ensure you get yours.

From the 15th of December we will also be starting a new mix project series with our friends at Black Eye Patch:

In case you did not know our musical relationship goes back a little under a year now, when I made this mix for them:

I am also very proud to announce that we have secured our next release from Mexico's Omaar...and it is sounding very hot:

Stayed tuned for more info!