Welcome to the Friday update, since we last met I got back some more shots from Nynno Bel-Air as outtakes from the shoot we did for IZMZ Magazine:

Do you like my socks?

The pictures made think it's once again time to dig into my pockets and upgrade some parts... and this time I have set my eyes on a new crank set, actually this one:

SRAM OMNIUM Track Crankset:

I need those extra gains when I am pedalling; especially when I sprint or going uphill, the SRAM should provide me with that plus more durability...check out the blog next week for more news.

Today is the first Friday of the month, and the final Water Works for 2015, but it's also our 2nd Anniversary!!!
Yup two years go fast and our time at Koara has also gone quick, I am soo glad that Koara is a part of our Cartel Network:

Koara from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.

They made a highly customized 'Avenue Lo' that features front and back 88mm Carbon Wheels:

Last night I was invited to play at a restaurant called 'Tavern' which specializes in Meat & Baked Bread.
Knowing that I was playing to an audience who needed ambiance, I dug out some of my Jazz/Funk favorites from the 70s & 80s:

I was also joined by Masa-san who was accompanying me on the Sax:

For my effort Tavern blessed me with a bunch of food including these jerked out chicken wings:

My favorite tune of the night (if I may say so myself) was this one:

Thank you to everyone at Tavern for making it a special and tasty night: