Welcome to the midweek update.

Time flies so fast and it's already Wednesday not to mention December.

I have been here and there in the past few days:

And accidentally found this Botanical Garden in Shibuya... wow:

I also swung by Anagra as we are getting ready for our new osiris and blank project... more details of which are coming soon, but I can show you this much for now:

After Anagra it was time to close the Brassfoot energy... with one last 'OTSUKARE' celebration:

Looking back the past week has been a blur, but connecting with Brassfoot has been a pleasure, of course he is an old friend but seeing how far he has progressed and where he is now mentally was a blessing.

I enjoyed our low key night at Febo, as we definitely came into a higher understanding of each other and what has to be done, a moment which climaxed at this point:

The rest is history...I will miss you bro: