As you know I have been pushing our 2016 Avenue Lo bikes, as I am really eager to see how they will come out once people begin customizing them, I have come up with some ideas myself for the Matt Olive:

Brooks Green Leather Bar Tape:

Brooks Apple Green B17 Saddle:

Greddy Hub Nuts in Green:

Chris King NoThread Headset in Green:

Paul Love Brake Levers in Green:

And for that added cool a Green Brooks Trouser Strap:

Why not place your order just in time for Christmas?

For more information call - 03-6427-2745

Yesterday we went to the Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku:

We went there for the 'Tori No Ichi' festival, to specifically bring in good fortunes for 2016 and wow we were not the only ones:

Independant business owners and workers flocked to the Shrine to purchase highly decorated bamboo rakes that are said to bring you happiness and good fortune in business especially if you purchase a bigger one each year.

I bought my first one to help Osiris be even more successful in 2016:

Expect some new heat from Mexico ...SOON!