Our 2016 'Avenue Lo' bikes are causing quite a stir as once again we've been picked up Eyescream:

Remember the new colors are:

Mint Olive

Pepper White

You can find out more by giving us a call - 03-6427-2745

I have a question for you... what is TIKINIIZM?

Well maybe some answers can be had here at IZMZ magazine;

I have to thank Nynno Bel-air for the interview, the picture above and other shots within the article go have a peep by clicking on the image above.

As you know this post is coming to you on a Saturday as I've been taking time out to attend Brassfoot, as he was our special guest at S-Sense, and wow last night was a blast but since my phone died I could not capture much:

However here we are getting warmed up for S-Sense... where Brassfoot absolutely smashed it and made some memories: