Welcome to the midweek update!

Starting off I am happy to let you know we have been picked up by Honyee.com news:

The weather has really set itself to 'WINTER MODE' the drop in temperature coupled with the precipitation has made things a bit trifling:

I have taken it all as omen, because tonight a special guest and old friend from London is paying us a visit:

Yup the dashing man in the middle 'Brassfoot', and it seems he's brought the weather with him too (cheers mate).

We've been friends since we were about 12, but importantly have been doing music since our late teens:

And started getting real recognition for it back in 2007 when we formed 'SPEXSAVERS', and BOON magazine paid us a visit in London for this page:

We also took that as an Omen and brought the 'Spexsavers' vibe to Japan back in 2007, but Brassfoot had to return back to the UK to handle some business at the end of 2010.

Returning back to Tokyo in 2012 where between him, me and someone else we established the name 'OSIRIS' which grew to become my label/brand.

Moving forward to last year he returned again for this low key event:

Then I really realized that my best friend had grown into being a real artist... I guess it's in his DNA:

Moving onto this year, where he blessed us with this mix:


11.27 @ WOMB
S-SENSE feat. DJ Brassfoot from London (BALTHAZAR LAUNCH PARTY)
OPEN : 23:00
DOOR:¥3,500 FLYER & MEMBER ¥3.000

Brassfoot (Apron Records / NCA / LONDON)
KZA (Force Of Nature)
Ryosuke (Lobust)
Grooveman Spot (Jazzy Sport)
Dubby (Organic Music)
Kateb (Onigiri Discotheque)
"Produced By Pot Of Gold & WACKWACK" 
ZEN-LA-ROCK (All Nude Inc)
DONSTA (Threepeeboys)
LAZYSAK (WackDownJam)
Lil Tony (Rokasen)
Since it's start in April 2015 S-SENSE has quickly gathered a cult like following, setting itself apart from other parties by the quality of the DJ's and Artists it's has been booking,
Starting with Soulection's Lakim & Whooligan back in April at Womb, then switching to some of Tokyo's finest trend setters last June at Air; one of the biggest highlights of the night was the free bike giveaway courtesy of Cartel Bikes.
Last S-sense we were joined by Detroit's Jay Daniel from Sound Signature, Wild Oats and London's Apron Records.
This time our special guest comes directly from London and Apron Records itself...
Introducing Brassfoot, who exploded onto Europe's dance music scene in 2014 after his debut on Apron Records and has quickly built a reputation for himself worldwide as one of London's rising stars. Joining us to celebrate the launch of his own brand Balthazar along with his friends from Pot Of Gold and WACKWACK.
Having that real raw London sound and vibe gained him attention from label UTTU, where his forthcoming 'AFTER DARK' EP will released very soon! Not just relying on established labels, Brassfoot recently started his own imprint NCA with JMS KHOSAH were they recently released a cassette tape entitled 'NCA001' which is receiving much critical acclaim across the web.
No stranger to Tokyo, Brassfoot lived and DJ'd in Tokyo under the name 'Spexsavers' from 2007-2010, so expect this S-SENSE to be a reunion of epic proportions as old friends and new come together under one groove. Sounds provided by KZA from Force of Nature, Grooveman Spot from Jazzy Sport, DJ Ryosuke from Lobust and of Future Terror fame, and finally Brassfoot's best friend and ex 'Spexsavers' DJ partner Mr.Tikini and more.
Remember If it's not S-SENSE it does not make sense, be sure not to miss this chance to be apart of one of Tokyo's most memorable nights!
Introducing: Brassfoot – Producer and DJ
Brassfoot, also known as Sugar Shoulder, is an artist from London, UK. 
Apron Records Artist
Associated Acts: Funkineven, Lord Tusk, Greg Beato, Seven Davis Jr., Jay Daniel and JMS Khosah.
Having first released a split EP with the enigmatic Lord Tusk on Apron (Space Invaders EP – Apron 11), in February 2015 Brassfoot released his first solo EP, again on Funkineven’s Apron Records imprint.
Gaining much critical acclaim even before it’s official release, the Apron EP was spearheaded by the record’s aggressively geared A2, ‘Serpentina’s Lust’. A violent Techno jam that has been co-signed most notably by fellow Londoner’s Benji B and Josey Rebelle. Placing a heavy-handed stamp on Brassfoot’s signature analogue groovebox sound, the 3 track Acid/Techno EP was a must have for many. All tracks were recorded live, mastered in an analogue studio and pressed onto vinyl.
Most recently, Brassfoot teamed up with JMS Khosah and formed NCA. The enigmatic duo combined their passion for live jams recorded directly to cassette tape and compiled a 50min foray into Acid House, Techno and even Hip Hop on NCA 001.
As an artist Brassfoot’s inspiration draws from many different influences, including dub reggae, lover’s rock, hardcore hip hop, NY House and Techno.
Brassfoot’s raw approach to music production is evident in his final product, with a very authentic vintage sound, reminiscent of early 90s Acid House.
Brassfoot has also brought together all his experiences of living in Japan into his love for art & design and established brand Balthazar International. Themed around the biblical character of an African King, Balthazar presents its wearers with a hidden gift within a gift.
Forthcoming releases:
After Dark EP / Vinyl / UTTU / Nov-Dec 2015
???? EP / CD / OSIRIS DCLXVI / Dec - Jan 2015/16
Runaway Slave EP/ Vinyl / Apron / Jan-Feb 2016
NCA 002 / Cassette Tape / NCA / Early 2016
Title TBC EP / Vinyl / ………… Records / Early 2016
tel: 03-5459-0039
20歳未満の方、 写真付き身分証明書をお持ちでない方のご入場はお断りさせて頂き ます。