I hope you are enjoying the 3-day weekend (Japan).

Our weekend has been shorter than yours, but I still had a good run, Friday playing for the Dam-Funk show, Saturday spending all night with my friends at Febo and last night celebrating my friends marriage.

I grabbed this snap on Saturday for our instagram - with a catchy caption, so go and check it:

The caption and Friday's funk fuelled party got me feeling like this:

Yup and the synchronicity continues as on Saturday morning I woke up and remembered I had rented Star Wars episode 4:

I definitely agree that there is a force that runs through everything in the entire universe, the Chinese called CHI, the Japanese call KI and in Hindu tradition PRANA.

Later on that day, I ended up randomly visiting Mitsukoshi in Nihombashi and was taken back by this huge structure in the main hall:

On closer inspection I found this pattern within in the marble:

Yup a Torus, or a spiral of life as apparently everything in the Universe flows in this is way:

Which got me to thinking a bit about my journey up until now:

 At this point my thoughts are to simply keep on using my force to experience my road!