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Happy Monday one and all!
I hope your weekend was fulfilling, mine was pretty good if not busy (but what's new there?). 

Since the rain was pretty persistent Friday - Saturday, I had to make heavy use of this jacket (I know I have posted it before!) - a very rare item presented to me by Yung Lean. A jacket that is water resistant and has a reflective camoflage textile; that was allegedly developed for the United States Army for some infrared research:

SBE = Sad Boys Entertainment

Here is a flashback to when Yung Lean and Sadboyz were in Tokyo with me:

Friday night I was happy to see Visionist again after nearly two years:

Actually back in 2013 in was my Osiris and Diskotopia that invited him over for his debut:

To get an idea of his sound check his set on boiler room:

The highlight of the night...:

Saturday was a 'B Mission' but dinner tasted like this;

Moving onto Sunday the weather cleared up so I headed to Meiji Jingu Gaien:

The weather was simply gorgeous, with the hue of the sun light really complimenting the autumn foliage, but that mean't loads of people were out enjoying the scenery too, meaning our lunch trip to Shake Shack was foiled, so lunch ended up looking like this:

There was also a fair going on there, where I got to see this fair lady make use of a rifle!
:-) yeh that actually was the biggest highlight of my weekend!

See you on the Midweek update!