I guess we are working on opposites here at Cartel, the reason I say this is because we just got our latest poster back from the printers and it looks like this:

The original photo was taken by Daisuke Urano when we did a shoot back in May for Loop magazine:

Most of our Cartel Network friends have been carrying this poster:

Which we shot in December / January and our Cartel Network friends having been proudly displaying it ever since even through summer...

And now it's Winter they will being displaying the above poster reminding people that summer is never too far away, especially since we have warm weather for at least 7 months.

If you would like a copy of our poster please contact us at:


Yesterday our friends at Diner Tokyo sent me this set of pictures of a certain someone's 'Avenue Lo':

They are using Carbon Riser Handle bars with fi'zi:k grip tape.


Keeping the backside comfortable is this:


It's always those subtle customizations that make a major difference to you experiencing your road!

For me I have been I have been exploring the urban jungle myself and experiencing my own road in several ways:

From our instagram

This morning I was bombing down Omote Sando hills with the wind in my freshly cut hair, the hazy morning sunlight and the green to brown gradient of the autum leaves in my eyes.

All which compelled me to take this picture here:

Stopping briefly at the lights...

I felt like the king of the Urban Jungle, I guess this old spice is very effective:

Thank you Ayaka and Tarr!