So we spent three days in Makuhari Messe for Cycle Mode 2015 with the promise of spreading the Cartel name even further and wider.

I guess we got off to a good start via this video interview: 

I was very suprised by just how many people have an interest in cycling and bikes in general, as the show attracted such a wide variety of guests.

When I had a break I decided to take a look around at some other booths, especially those of makers we have some relation with like Novatec:

We use a Novatec hub for our 'Avenue Lo' models:

I also visited the Sugino booth as I am planning to change my crank set very soon and have had my eyes on their solutions for a while now, like this beauty here:

One of the nice things about Cycle Mode is that visitors have a chance to test ride many of the bikes on display (if they don't mind waiting!), making the show quite interactive:

This cycling machine below apparently had the power to turn man into beast, so we tried it out:

1) Easy

2) Applying the pressure now... go on son!

3) WHAT?!?!

Another highlight of spending time in Makuhari was visiting Sushi Yamato:

Really good sushi - I didn't know that Chiba was also renown for good sushi and other seafoods!

Standing on your feet for 22 hours over three days is quite tiring actually - so I want to say a big お疲れ様です to the Cartel team and other exhibitors. After the last day, returning back to Tokyo I knew I had to face the rain and go get some proper refreshment.

So equipped with my trusty reflective jacket...

I decided to hit Febo in Morishita:

My favorite place to eat Steak in Tokyo; my good friend and chef Take-san told me he prepared my steak for TWO hours - letting cook slowly and it tasted WAY better than it looks in this picture.

And what good is Steak without some good fries?!

Take-san told me to also have some red wine to bring out the flavor even more and it did:

This radish salad also hit the spot!

The desert had extremely high levels of richness and sweetness...but the clincher for me is the Rasberry sorbet slightly hidden by the mint leaf.

Yep life is good!

See you on Wednesday for the midweek update.