Very rarely do I come to you on a Saturday but Friday was just too busy for an update because:

We're currently at Cycle Mode exhibiting our fleet.

I must say our booth much like our bikes is simple yet stylish:

So far we're getting a great reaction from all the visitors; shops, exhibitors, press and customers. I am glad the subtle uniqueness of Cartel Bikes can clearly be seen among all the other bike brands and exhibitors!

More on Cycle Mode via the Monday update.

Last Thursday I spent the whole day in Gakugeidaigaku for a change.

I had to deliver some bike parts before lunchtime, had an interview with a magazine after that and in the evening a rehearsal session.

For lunch, the fish 'Teishoku' restaurant there got me again:

That's a big piece of Tuna shoulder seasoned with Cajun style herbs...amazing!

After lunch I had the interview which we. conducted at the park - very nice I must say.

Such a scenic park - which made for a great setting for the interview.

The park was close to where myself and BYM had to practice for our live showcase, and come evening time we did just that - a day well spent!

Btw the show went great but more about that on Monday!