We'll be making an appearance at Cycle Mode International bike festival this weekend:

Since we'll have our own booth there, 'Cycle Mode' have sent us a few invitation tickets to pass on that we have made available to anyone who would be interested in visiting: 

We've left the tickets with our friends at Diner in Nishi Azabu so if you'd like to come visit us, why not go pick up a ticket?

Last year for Osiris's 1st Anniversary we invited over UK's Rushmore to join us, as well as Brassfoot, good times were shared by all who attended that party, and since then we have kept the link. Furthermore earlier this year myself, Konida and B.Y.M recorded a song for Rushmore which he has featured on his latest mix as the final song (last 4 minutes):

In other news...
On Monday night I was invited to play at 'Slowly Neat Job' at Batica and was joined by my friend and artist Donnie, who made this amazing piece using only felt pens:

If that wasn't enough, I was also joined by another friend and artist 'Sick Town' who was putting this cool and complex piece together (it turned out to be a face btw!):

The party was dope and they did do a slow neat job of intoxicating me, so I took the chance to save and indulge myself by eating here:

OH man....:

Cheese goes so well with Ramen, add tomato and basil and my gosh!

The next day was a national holiday even for me so I decided to head out to Shinjuku since it's been a while.

I decided to hang on the west side as I wanted to check out some electronic shops, but before doing that, first things first had to get a lunch in and went for this 'Katsu' restaurant:

Yeh as much rice, cabbage and miso soup as you can stand.

huMan that was good!

Walking around the west side of Shinjuku you can't help but notice the skyscapers  most of which are accessible to the publc, but being a national holiday I thought the surest way I could catch a stunning view would by visiting the Keio Plaza Hotel and going all the way up here:

huMan was I right!