First things first we have been featured in Loop magazine's Vol.20 which happens to be a special issue:

On page 18 we have an advert for our latest 'Avenue Lo' bike which feature two new colors:

I will leave the specific color details up to your imagine but expect to see them on a cartel blog post near you soon!

On page 93 we have a one page spread for their 'best buy street bicycle catalog' feature:

Finally on page 127 to celebrate Loop's 20th issue one lucky reader will be able to win a bunch of goodies, including our Aqua blue Avenue Lo - you'll need a copy of the magazine to get your hands on that special QR code.

Yesterday, I took this picture for our instagram while bombing down Gaen-Nishi Dori, I captioned it 'Hands-free multi-tasking', more so because I was recovering from a killer hang-over than anything else:


On Friday I played at a pre-halloween party, where I was asked to play a strictly hiphop set...and for the first time ever I got paid like this:

lol who does this???

Oh since it was a pre-party by 21:30 I was done, which allowed me to catch up with these guys and some yakitori and that was Friday night - done.

On Saturday night I was invited to join the Eyescream flea market and DJ there as I blogged about on the last 'Friday update'.

This was the start of my corner (later my homie Taku added some of his bits):

This was Akeem-sans all 500円 corner:

And these supplies were supplied by my friends from the 'Supply Store':

The party seemed to be a huge success with several people in attendance and everyone in good spirits:

Things went pretty downhill after this... leading to that hang-over I mentioned above, I guess the only thing that made me feel human again was this picture my sister sent me last night:

And we move onto tonight: