As you may know I changed my handle bars over to Bullhorn bars about two weeks ago, and I am definitely not looking back, as the riding positions, weight and aesthetic of the bars provide really suit my riding style.


I took this shot for our instagram on Wednesday night and though not popular, I personally thought my bike resembled the menace of a Cape Buffalo:

My handle bars are DINER's original Carbon Matte Black Bullhorns which match my Carbon Matte Blacks forks:

But just last week Diner introduced their new Carbon Gloss Black Bullhorns:

I am sure their Bullhorn Handle Bars are a good match for any bike, but they go even better with our Avenue Lo with all Carbon custom parts by Diner:

'Avenue Lo' carbon edition available now at Diner call - 03-6427-2745 for more information.  

The spolight has been shining a little brighter for a number of reasons, one of those reasons being is that I was asked to put together an article for Dune Magazine about Apron Records.

One of the first blogs I made for Cartel was when I had just returned back from London, where I had spent considerable time with these three:

Funkineven, Brassfoot & Lord Tusk

The article outlines my time with them and our mutuals friends and also includes an interview with Funkineven and Brassfoot.

I hope to be back in London soon until then i'll allow the sounds of Funkineven's latest NTS show soothe me:

And as the weather cools down and we head toward winter, I thought it was a good time to start honing my production skills once again using this beast:

Lets see what I come up with!