After doing the KATHRYN exhibition at Tokyo's hidden gem Anagra...
As Osiris we were invited to take part in a shoot with Studio Voice magazine:

Being that I am not from Japan, and my Japanese is no way near native leveI, trying to extend my focus on real local talent has had it's highs and lows, but it feels good everytime you get recognition, so thanks again to Studio Voice.

Konida, Koko Miyagi, Roncy, BYM and SEM-KAI (and by extension Hibi Bliss) I salute for being such fun souls to be around, create and build with...and thank them for believing in each other, themselves and me - bromance aside in recent times we have been doing this:

BYM has a new video out.

Konida moved house.

Then made some house.

And celebrated it all by making this tune - HYPER 9 - NIGHTGAVETOMEbutImboy

Roncy has also extended himself to making tunes of late and this one features the ever talented Hibi Bliss, BUT is also an edit by SEM KAI, however Roncy shot the video himself (naturally).


All the Jazz aside though my favorite bike shop in Japan has now been listed on Time Out Tokyo.

Check out it here.