Our collaboration with Deeper's Wear has been picked up by HOUYHNHNM as a news item, namely because this life spec wear is:

Water Resistant 

Extremely Flexible


The weekend was really action packed - Saturday:

I had a photo shoot to model for so rose early and put some good stuff into my body. 

The shoot was located in Otā city, one of the 23 special wards, located in the south of Tokyo, a ward I know little about - shooting in locations you'll only visit once in your lifetime, and enjoy the moments therein.

The Nissan Gloria...a car I love and has about as much allure as the car park I found it in.

From the depths of Otā city we drove to Ueno, another area I love, since it draws such diverse groups of people from the locals, to the foreign locals to the tourists!

Met an old friend there too!

Ueno is definitely charming...

After completing the shoot I headed over to Shimbashi for some track based action, and as I said in my instagram post - sometimes it's nice to watch others riding.

The world of KEIRIN is very deep and interesting:

After winning all of ¥0 I decided to celebrate by trying a Wasabi sour; look at all the optimism in my face.

Dashed hopes...Wasabi sour is NOT good!
The experience left me sour, so I went to drown my sorrows at a Taco joint around the corner where I tried this amazing Tequila.

Tokyo I love you...

Special thanks to Mr.Knox.

See you again at the midweek update!