So I have been really loving the new look and feel of my bike as I posted on our Instagram:

I promise you even making the smallest changes to your bike can make a world of difference.

Last weekend we enlisted the power of our resident photographer Daisuke Urano to shoot a bit more for the Deeper's Wear collaboration and also to shoot some NEW Cartel products (look out!).

I choose the area Kamiyacho for this shoot:

The area has some very impressive surprises like this new age temple:

It was like a huge Mario Turtle Shell, that is actually open doored (for the most part) both day and night, like a roofed open air theater.
Even though Kamiyacho is more of a commercial and tourist district (The Tokyo Tower is located there), it also has small residential pockets that seem to have been there for a while:

So we shot within some of those pockets and moved onto the Toranomon area which is where the Hotel Okura is located, and also the Swedish Embassy; and directly next to the embassy we found this car park, which was much more like an underground lair:

Anyway I am really looking forward to the results of our shoot!

Recently I have been listening to the sounds of Legowelt, well I say recently but I have been down with his music for years especially after I visited his website - looks awesome right?

The man is so damn technical, in a really 'Euro' vibes type of way:

Which makes people do this:


The next update will be on Friday, see you all then!