I've been keeping my movements to a minimal in recent times, as allow my body to adjust to the climate/season changes. 

Which is giving me a lot more time to check on other peoples movements, like my friends over at Goth Money Records:

We  will shortly be seeing there very first album release on CD via Break World Records, the album is entitled Gucci Racks and you can stream it below:

Personally, I have been following Goth Money Records since early 2012, and last year managed to put together this interview with them for Japanese site T.R.E.A.M

My personal favourite release from Goth Money has been and still is 'LUCKALEANNN - Flexican Mayor':

The inner city state side feeling contained within their music, reminds me of a Motorbike film I was introduced to by my friend Jesse Freeman called the '12 0'clock boys':

That inner city two wheel culture, always starts on push bikes with young riders having dreams of switching to their first 50cc motorbike. This kind of culture is not just unique to the USA, it really reminded me of what my some people would get upto (out of boredom?) in my neighborhood of Kings Cross, London back when I was growing up down to this current day.

Vice made a short documentary about a group of riders in the UK... but they mainly focused on Mopeds:


In fairness Mopeds are a better reflection of the London street reality, I guess due to dirt bike and super bike prices and licensing laws. However that has not stopped some people:


Anyway I can't see us making 'Cartel Motobikes' anytime in the near or far future... so I will be ready to roll out on my bike like:

Yes this shot also came from our Instagram 

See you on Friday!