Happy Monday!

If you have been following our instagram (yes it's becoming a thing now to start my posts in this way) you would have seen the following two shots:



Be sure to never miss a post:


Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the shoots I do, but here is a collaboration I got model for between BAL and SARCASTIC:

In case you did not know I have been modelling for BAL'S look book for the past 5 seasons, here is the video for the current A/W 2015 collection:

Last Friday as I mentioned briefly was Water Works and I must say adding these two gents was a great decision:



I also played with vinyl for the first-time since July and well I sucked but I will be practicing a lot harder and buying more records so expect the revenge of Tikini next month at Water Works, the highlight record I played Kanye's Flashing Lights:

Moving onto Sunday, myself and BYM had arranged to record music once again, and this time I brought my son along with me, as recently he has been concerning himself with my day to day runnings.   

It was like spending time with two sons:

We succesfully recorded another song but I had to rush back to the Westside to 1) Get my son home and 2) To DJ for one of my oldest homies ZEN-LA-ROCK, as it was his birthday party: 

As always it was a pleasure to be in his company and that of old friends, and just in case you missed it here is his latest music video for his single 'Moon' featuring G.Rina:

I also made some new friends who are also on the rise rappers from L.A and after the party we enjoyed a long Cipher together...much fun! 

Moving on to tonight I'll playing at Womb for the bi-monthly 'Feel' party:

FEEL MIX TAPE VOL.4 (10.5 FEEL @WOMB LOUNGE) by Kazuma Takahashi on Mixcloud

Once again hope to see you there.