I say that because I guess is typical during March but since we are in April is a bit discouraging? I say that because I was giving it all the "Charlie big potatoes" about "how the riding season is upon us ... ":



Today's weather takes me back to many shoots - where I was dressed for spring or fall in the middle of winter, which is where some of you may find yourselves today or this week, so keep checking on the weather and don't get caught out there... for me, I guess it was too soon for my haircut (big shout out to Tilt for providing me with this sweater here).



I really wish the weather would be like the day I was shooting in Chigasaki.. it was almost like the power of the sun was being summoned by the gold 'Avenue Lo':



Talking of which you might remember this custom we shared with you on all on our Instagram...



Making use of that Diner / Encore combination (like my bike), but with the wheels switched so you can feel Encore's wheels pushing you, as opposed to the pull effect this setup has on my bike...




Finally, we switched the bullhorn handlebars for something different that is also practical - using these short-styled drop handlebars that allow it's rider to change hand positions quickly while riding.



For this and more custom options be sure to contact our friends at Diner - dinertokyo@gmail.com


Talking of bringing the sun out, I remember the time my family and I went to the USA!

For me and my sister, it was the first time in our lives, crossing the Atlantic ocean from a typically cold British winter, making my way over to Orlando, Florida where winter does not exist (at least not like it does for all my fellow Brits out there).


Why I mention this is because of my friend Devin Morrison... who has just dropped his latest album... he himself is actually from Orlando, Florida and descends from a line of talented musicians.



Devin Morrison - Bussin':



Though we only got to spend a limited amount of time with him, the times spent together were always fun with one of the highlights being my birthday jam last year - shout out to Fitz Ambro$e for all this though!!!