You gotta love Autumn in Japan, the harvest comes around, the weather is still very warm but not at all humid, so you can enjoy a variety of different clothing (not just shorts and t-shirts - though that is still fine).

I tried to capture the Autumn mood with this shot from our instagram:

One week sure as hell does fly by, especially if you were able to enjoy the TOMIN day (Holiday for Tokyo residents), which I did by spending the day in Ueno with my family.

Though the weather was not that great we still managed to have a good day, which started when we found this Teishoku restaurant 'Kitchen Daiei':

It's a small restaurant that can only seat 6 people at one time, that serves quite a typical menu (which is not a bad thing at all!), the food was proper, but not only that, the chef/owner was really kind, maybe because the restaurant has been running for over 40 years that plus the pride he has in his area - as he was quick to recommend to us places visit complimented by a map:

As much as his suggestions were appreciated, we had already set our hearts on visiting Ueno Zoo; which on Tomin day is free for all Tokyo residents.

Which is a nice gesture but did make things a bit crowded and noisey leaving me feeling a bit drained, just like this here Anaconda:

Leaving Ueno Zoo we headed straight to a coffee shop, after which my family wanted to eat a few pieces of Kaiten Sushi, which I allowed them to do in peace, while I strolled around the vicinity...only to find another Tengu restaurant (ooo yeh!), and not being one to pass a good opportunity, decided to help myself to a Beer and some snacks...which soon turned into a full blown meal with drinks!

Moving onto today.

The good people at Monopo Tokyo invited me to be a part of their 'Powered by Tokyo' project, tapping into local residents knowledge of the city to help outsiders form a better idea of what Tokyo has on offer...I told them my recommendations revolve around the fact that I get around the city by bike or should by Cartel Bike, and that we also have our network:

So we started at Organic Table Lapaz

In case you did not know Lapaz serve this amazing salad that is definitely worth eating at least once a week:

Taking a quick break at Diner we soon headed to the Gohongi area to make a trip to Jazzy Sport:

Jazzy sport has been a big part of my DJ career in Japan, so I really wanted them to be a part of my Tokyo!

Returning back to Diner it was time to do some minor maintainence on my bike... well at least so I thought, because I thought I just had to change my tires which were worn out to a dangerous degree:

I am no mechanic but decided to try the process myself (with a little help) for the first time:

Which in itself was not that hard as I had a good instructor.

However in the process of the Tire change we discovered a few areas of my bike that needed attention, as the wheels were not rotating as smoothly as they should do.

So the good Doctor at Diner took a closer look:

We discovered the problem lied in the lack of lubrication of the bearings within the cog:

After a good clean out and a good dose of grease my wheels were back spinning properly, though this may not sound like a major incident, it was not the only area where my bike needed attention.

The point being the importance of REGULARY taking your bike apart to make sure all the components are running as should be!


Don't forger that every 1st Friday of month = Water Works !

Maybe see you there!